Friday, December 08, 2006

Lots of Hand-Dyed Fabrics For Sale

Tonight's update of Mystery IX reveals that I somehow managed to cut the project off at the top of the photo... sigh. Anyhow, I started another corner and I managed to finish the steps at the top of the garden (not that you can see them - besides the photo being cut off, Blogger ate my first post and now won't upload photos, so I resorted to Photobucket).

I finished my first Christmas ornament today - I stitched one from the December issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine. The chart calls for tons of french knots, which I am loathe to do. But, she does offer an alternate idea of using Mill Hill 03003 beads... and it turns out I had them, so I used them insetad - very glad I did! I used a simple loop with the cording at the top for hanging, but when Mike took the photo he looped it like two bunny ears - no idea why... but I didn't create some kind of strange finishing technique, although it looks that way!

Red Berries

Rosewood Manor

White Opalescent Cashel Linen

DMC floss and Mill Hill Beads

Stitched 12/7/06 - 12/8/06

I am going to let go of quite a few hand dyed linens right now. PayPal is required. Shipping is $1.50 for one piece in the US, and I will give you a discount, of course, on shipping if you buy more than one. Good shipping rates outside of the US too - just leave a comment here or email me (see the About Me section in my sidebar for my email address) if you want any of these!

Back row left to right:
Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Blended Needle Enchanted Night 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 13" x 18", $12 -sold
Lakeside Linens Autumn Red 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 - sold
Front row left to right:
Country Stitch Kiwi Antiques Barley 35 ct linen, 18" x 26", $15 - sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17

Back row left to right:
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 27" x 36", -sold half, other half still available, 18" x 27" for $15
Sugar Maple Fabrics "Oddball" (lavender/grey) 32 ct Belfast Linen, 18" x 27", $15 - sold
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
Hidden Treasures Winter Sky 28 ct evenweave, 18" x 27", $10 -sold
Silkweaver Romantic Interlude 40 ct Newcastle Linen, 15" x 16", $10 -sold
Silkweaver Tuttie Fruitie 28 ct Cashel Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold

I took a photo of the little bit of snow we got this morning... our first snow of the season... but wouldn't you know, I cannot find where I stored it in my computer!

Stitched on today: Finished Red Berries ornament, and Mystery IX


Anonymous said...

Your ornament looks great Carol! The beads work really well. I often use beads instead of FKs or isolated xstitches and it's much easier.

Anne S said...

You did a great job of that ornie - I have to admit I've got that one printed off to stitch too, and was going to use beads as well ... forget the french knots! :D Awesome job - there's just no stopping you now! :D

Susimac said...

Love the ornie I like that one very much and yes I would use beads too and not knots.

Can I have the 40ct fabric please if its not already sold?

Kitty Couture said...

That's a fantastic ornie, Carol! Congrats :) Sorry I haven't been commenting lately - I was offline for most of the week. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Great job on the ornament! That's on my list to stitch as well, I think the design is so pretty. There were a lot of great charts in this months issue! I wish I had money in my PayPal acct to snatch up some of those yummy fabrics!

Andrea said...

Your ornament is very pretty, the beads look so much better than the FK would of done.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

I'd like your purple/gray and the other purple :) Total of $25
Please let me know!

mainely stitching said...

You have done an amazing job with the TGOSM ornie, Carol!! It's beautiful. As are your fabbies. Sigh. But I am going to be good!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, that is such a pretty ornie! I love how you finished it:)

stitcherw said...

I can't believe how fast mystery is growing and I love yur ornament the beads look great on it.

Carina said...

Carol, your onament look lovely--bunny ears and all! :) And I agree with you (and Anne)--french knots are so not worth it when you can use beads and get such a great effect!

Anonymous said...

Mystery IX is coming along quite nicely and that ornament is so sweet! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I love your little Christmas ornament!! You do the best job ever and inspire me to try to do one or more. I just love mine and it is an inspiration to me to try to learn to do them and get the finishing to work out for me. Debby

Sharon said...

Carol, your Christmas ornamnt is so pretty and looks great. The beads were a great idea instead of the french knots.