Friday, December 01, 2006

This is going to take a while...

Part 12 and the center of the design were released today, so the mystery has been fully revealed - very nice! Martina did seem to pull it all together well. Not sure yet about all those extra silks, but I see now that the grey ones will be used. Anyhow, it is going to take a while to finish this up this month. She gave us quite a lot to do. I started tonight with the center design - it looked like more fun than the border - oh yes, we get to go all the way around the design again... and add stairs above each pool. There is something that I just love that is going to go in that very center area still - I worked my way in to it tonight - tomorrow I hope to stitch that special little thing that Martina gave us for our center. I love it! You'll see...

I am going to keep in mind that M9 is going to take a while when I set my goals this month -
November Goals:
1. Finish Part 11 of Mystery IX - yes
2. Work on Paradigm Lost SAL with Jo - yes
3. Work on An Emblem of Love SAL with Karen - yes
4. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow SAL with Becky -yes, a little
5. Stitch some gifts - yes, finished 11 gifts this month
6. Work on Bordeaux Sampler SAL with Anne - yes
7. Work on Women of the Mayflower - yes
8. Work on Dianne's Neighborhood RR - sadly, no... still don't have a chart I like!
***I also put in some time this month on A Christmas Spirit and The Mermaid and the Sea

December Goals:
1. Finish Mystery IX
2. Work on Paradigm Lost SAL with Jo
3. Finish An Emblem of Love
4. Stitch some gifts
5. Work on Bordeaux Sampler SAL with Anne and Leslie
6. Finish Women of the Mayflower
7. Work on Dianne's Neighborhood RR
8. If at all possible, work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Feeling a little better today - thanks to those of you who sent me get well emails :-)

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Mystery IX


Anonymous said...

Looks just wonderful Carol. Can't wait to see the completed centre.

Annemarie said...

Yippie! The final part. I'm very curious as to what the border and the centre are going to look like!

monique said...


Anonymous said...

Great start to the center of the Mystery. I am going to try and get the center stitched up this evening...then on to the monsterous outer edges. I am so impressed that you have been able to keep up.

Stitcher said...

\Looking forward to seeing your progress Carol, as you are way in front of me, and Congrats on winning that christmas ornament. You lucky thing

Nicki said...

I love the centre bit so far so can't wait to see what finishes it off! One more month and it'll be done - I'm so impressed you've managed to stick with and complete both those huge Chatelaines! :)

Cathy B said...

This has been such a huge project - it really looks gorgeous though.

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Anne S said...

Trying to send you an email, but it keeps bouncing back again ... I'll try again later today :) Maybe I'd better have a chat to my ISP tomorrow to see if there's something they can check in their settings? No doubt it will eventually get through to you ... they usually do :)

Jenn said...

Your almost to the finish line with the piece Carol. I know you can do it!! :) You had some amazing finishes/goals for this month. Each and every one of your FOB's are beautiful and so perfect for the ladies who received them.

stitcherw said...

Looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you'll be adding. You're so close to being done, have you decided how you might finish it yet?

Nicole said...

Wow! I'm amazed that you are so good at sticking with your goals. You inspire me! :)