Monday, December 23, 2013

Recent Ornament Finishes

I have some Christmas Ornament finishes to share... glad to hear that the last of my ornament gifts arrived safe and sound near the end of last week... Marie, Margaret and I exchange ornaments annually, as do Katrina and I... here is what I made for them:
Star So Bright
Knotted Tree Needleart
2013 JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue
36 ct Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh Linen, CC, WDW and GAST Floss
Stitched for Marie
O Holy Night 
Knotted Tree Needleart
2013 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
36 ct Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh Linen, CC, WDW and GAST Floss
Stitched for Margaret

And for my tree, since DH loves the movie...
Bedford Falls Oranament
The Sampler Girl
36 ct Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh Linen, CC Floss

It is almost Christmas Eve in many places where this may be seen...  please have a joyous and safe holiday....  see you on the other side of Christmas, my friends :-)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beautiful Ornaments from Friends

Over the past couple of days, I have been the very, very lucky recipient of these beautiful ornaments from two more of my friends. Marie, Margaret and I exchange every year, and have for quite some time... this year's offerings for me are:
This JBW cat designs from Margaret. How cute is this? Margaret comes up every year for Celebration of Needlework and visits with me. She has been to my home and has seen my brood of kitties... this one sure looks like she had my Angus in mind. And the finishing is so perfect, as always. Another ornament to treasure, thank you Margaret... for the ornament and your neverending friendship.
And... from beloved Marie, this lovely winter scene. I need to figure out what pattern this one is... I know I have seen it, but where and by who? LOL It's a real beauty. Along with some fun goodies, Marie has sent me yet another treasure. Thank you too, Marie, not just for these gifts, but for your enduring friendship as well.

I truly am blessed.  Holiday Wishes to you all!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pretty Needleroll Ornament from Katrina

Received this beautiful LK needleroll ornament from my dear friend Katrina last night. I love it, and have caught myself admiring it several times It says Rejoice along the right side, and capturing a decent picture of that was difficult... a sweet treat for my tree that I will cherish forever! Thank you, dear friend!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stitcher's Choice Ornament from Jayne

Received this CCN ornament from Jayne for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Exchange a few days ago.  The colors are lovely and she did a really beautiful job with it.  It is up on the tree and am enjoying it a great deal. Thank you Jayne, Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For Karen and Brenda...

I received lots of good news yesterday, with ornaments shipped off having been received at their new homes.... always such a relief! First, Karen let me know that she received the ornament I sent to her for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Exchange. I made her a tiny one, as I have noticed in recent years that her Christmas trees have been quite wee...

Joyful Ornament
My Big Toe Designs
2013 JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue
R&R  Reproductions 40 ct Creme Brulee Linen, WDW Floss
Karen also received my annual Christmas Ornament that I make for her...

St. Nicholas Ornament
The Prairie Schooler
R&R Reproductions 40 ct Creme Brulee Linen, DMC Floss old, dear stitching friend, Brenda (no blog, darn, not yet at least...) has received a little something I stitched for her tree too...

Seven Pines Ornament
Little House Needleworks
Freebie in LHN Blog, forgot to grab the link
36 ct Dirty Edinburgh Linen, CC Floss

Monday, December 09, 2013

Great Mail Day!

It was snowing pretty heavily this morning, then it morphed into flurries, slush and next... ice.... heard the roads were bad, so why bother going into the office? As an extra treat, the mailman brought me a bundle of gifts today... and shortly DH will put the lights on the tree and my baskets of cross stitched ornaments will finally be hung... look, new ones arrived today just in time for that!
First up is a super adorable ornament from Ariane for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Ornament Exchange. Love it! Thank you so much Ariane. Such a pleasure to have you join our group so recently.

My dear, dear friend Karen also sent a package which contained this really cute CHS ornament which she says is a belated bday gift... and she sent me the full alphabet chart too, something I have coveted for the longest! See - she is a dear, dear friend. Wow!
And... she stitched this ornament for my tree this year... Karen does know I like my I can now take this off of my "to stitch" list...thank you Karen, love them both, and you, so very much!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

SV is Finished!

Put in the last stitch last night.  It is a dark, rainy autumn morning and I must be off to work very, very soon...  so this is the beset I could get to share right now....  when it is framed, will hope to get a better photo that will show the snowflakes better.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Halloween Exchange and Gifts for Friends

I received this really cute Prairie Schooler Halloween Tree ornament earlier this week from
. This was HoE's first Halloween Tree Ornament Exchange that will be running six times a year. I just love how Becky finished this with blanket stitch!!

Earlier today I finally received the good news from Katrina that the Christmas ornament I sent to her back on (I checked my receipt last night) November 1, finally arrived safe and sound in New Zealand! Whew!!!!
St. Nicholas Ornament
Prairie Schooler
36 ct Sand Edinburgh Linen, DMC Floss

And, great news from Andrea yesterday... she received an ornament I had stitched for her as well... hers arrived much quicker. Just waiting on one more overseas ornament to muddle its way through the holiday postal system now.
Holiday Spirit Ornament
Samplerbird Stitchery
Unknown Linen from Stash, CC Jelly Roll Floss and Mill Hill Beads
I am so very close now to finishing Santa's Village.  I had to take a day off to rip out a misplaced cafe table and some other parts...grrr.... truly want to get on it tonight, but still have three more ornaments to stitch. Therefore, going to take the responsible route, listen to my AudioNotch recordings for 90 mins (they are a therapy program for my tinnitus - must say I see some slight improvement and it is still early days), visit with Mike (DH) and start one of those three ornaments tonight.  Perhaps there will be a good movie to watch too.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Special Gift From a Friend.... And I Need Help From My Stitching Friends...


 I have received a wonderful surprise from my dear stitching friend, Andrea over the past weekend. It is always such a treat to receive a giftie from Andrea. Her finishing puts mine to shame, I truly must say. I had actually had an ornament all set to go to surprise her as well.... and it is officially on its way as of yesterday. Andrea has posted that this design is by Soed Idee (a free chart, link available in Andrea's blog) and is called Christmas Wreath. Thank you again, dear Andrea.

I really, really am hoping to get some help from one of my blog readers/stitching friends on this one. I purchased the JCS 2012 Halloween Collectors Issue because the above photo on the cover grabbed me. The ornament, however, is only pictured on the cover, there is not a chart for it in the issue. It is very clearly by Plum Street Samplers. I learned from Googling that it was at one time posted for free on the JCS website. Of course, I missed that. I asked around in a FB group, and it was suggested I email Paulette. I did, but she did not reply. Can anyone help me? Does anyone have this stored in their computer and would be willing to share? I have asked Paulette if it is even a freebie that can be shared any longer. As I said, no reply. I am pretty saddened that I bought the magazine for this and cannot even access the chart. Any real would surely be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

It is bitingly cold in New England now... with a warm up (slight) due tomorrow, bringing with it very heavy rain.  Wish me luck. We will be going to MIL's to take her to lunch in that horriffic weather tomorrow.  Something about it is bugging me....  does not feel like a good idea.  Oh well.  Will have to wait and see.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween Tree Ornament for Michelle

I learned today that Michelle has received the HoE Halloween Tree Ornament that I stitched up for her. Was getting worried as the USPS stated it was delivered on Monday, but got the news on the HoE blog today that it did arrive. I really wanted to keep this one, so I truly hope she enjoys it...
Spells Ornament
The Stitcherhood
2012 JCS Halloween Collectors Edition
28 ct Potato Annabelle, DMC Floss
Stitched 1*1

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Santa's Village Update

At last, a new update on Santa's Village.  I opted not to post when I finished Gingerbread Emporium as I just started stitching along into Elves' Workshop that same night...  I finished up through part 11 as the Red Sox were winning the World Series last night ;-)  Only one more part to go!!  Am ready for this one to end so that I can put some serious time back into And They Sinned...

Hope you are all well.  Cold and rainy here today....Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas Star Ornament for Melissa

I have heard that Melissa has received the latest HoE Christmas Ornament round from me. We were to select either an LHN, CCN or Just Nan Christmas ornament to stitch. I chose a JN freebie from very long ago that I have always wanted to stitch. Lacking enough petite gold beads to stitch it, though, I chose to use RG Petite Treasure Braid and use xstitch where the beads would have been.... I like the final effect.
Christmas Star Ornament
Just Nan
32 ct Antique Blue linen, DMC Floss, RG Petite Treasure Braid
Stay tuned for a huge update on Santa's Village sometime this week ;-)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

An exchange and a RAK from a friend - aka My Very Lucky Day!!!

I had an amazing lucky mail day today!  I received my HoE Runners Up Christmas Ornament Round from my dear, dear friend Marie today.  For this round, stitchers get to choose between Just Nan, LHN or CCN designs - all runners up in polls to choose themes earlier this year.  Marie chose LHN's Sheep Virtues "Hope" for me, I kinda think I know why...  and it is so bee-u-ti-ful! Thank you so much Marie, I shall cherish this and cannot wait to hang it.

Marie also sent along a RAK for me.  She knows I want to start a Halloween Tree, and Marie will soon be running a Halloween Tree exchange on HoE that runs the same as the Christmas Ornament one that I run.... come on over and join us if you are interested!  She stitched this cutie by M Designs from the 2012 JCS Halloween Issue...  and personalized the back, lest I never, ever forget my dear friend.  She sent some WDW and trims as well.  I feel so blessed.

Please enjoy a quick view here of some of the last summer Morning Glories on my porch... fall is settling itself in here in New Hampshire.

OK, time to gather my stuff up and stitch my ornament for the HoE Runners Up Christmas Round too!

Meanwhile, I am slugging along (as in slow like a slug) on SV's Gingerbread Emporium.  My headaches and back pains are tough of late, so sitting and stitching has been difficult, but I plan to get my back adjusted again and forge ahead!!

Happy Weekend, my friends!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Santa's Sleighworks

It took me absolutely forever and a day to stitch the ninth installment of Santa's Village, known as Santa's Sleighworks.  Anything that could get in my way, pretty much did.  We went to Montreal for a bit, and I chose not to bring this along (need my lamp, after all, and well... I was there to sightsee, eat and drink... and walk a whole lot!)...  then I stitched the red part of the sleigh only to see I started one stitch too low and had to riiiiip that out and re-do it.... but alas, here it is. Whew!  The next installment is already ordered and hopefully will be here soon.

In the meantime, stitching away on bits of And They Sinned, and also getting going on my Christmas Ornament gifts!

Hope all is well with all of you.... back to work tomorrow after a week's holiday!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

2013 Gingher Julia Scissors Available Here... Great Price

IN STOCK NOW - My DH has these super pretty new Gingher Designer Series scissors available for you now in both the 4" and 5" sizes... totally authentic, prices well below other sites or shops... $26.99 and $28.99 respectively.. check them out here: Mike and Carol's Internet Store - Gingher Julia Link

Note that the link says they are not available yet, but the scissors actually were released early and have been here for 2-3 weeks already.  Just remembered to post the info for you - great for holiday gifts!

2013 Gingher Emily Scissors are also available in both sizes as well...

***VERY SORRY - due to USPS and other international postal changes, Mike can no longer ship internationally. This is very, very disappointing to us, and we are very sorry.  US customers only. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament from Conny

I have just received a truly lovely exchange from Conny, one of HoE's newest members. She joined our Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament round, and what a treat - she stitched up this beautiful Santa, used a sweet holiday fabric for the backing, a sweet pair of ribbons and little red bells for her trim. I shall cherish this on my tree every year!
Santas and Snowmen Ornament
Prairie School, Book No. 51
32 ct Zweigart Linen and DMC Floss

Monday, August 19, 2013

Prairie Schooler Ornament for Nicole

I heard from Nicole today that she received the ornament I stitched for her for the HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange.  It was really fun to stitch this Santa from an "ancient" leaflet (copyright 1988) - I truly like their older designs better than their newer ones, in many cases.  So glad Nicole says she likes this one.  Sadly, I realized after I took the pic of the ornament hanging from a huge honeysuckle bush/tree that is against my back porch that some bits from the honeysuckle are on his face in two areas...  if you see them, they are not boo boos - lol.  I just hope I didn't send the ornament to her with those bits of dried honeysuckle plant on it!
  St. Nicholas Ornament
Prairie Schooler
28 ct Riviera French Country Linen, DMC Floss
I also personalized the back a bit for her. The dove and mistletoe are from a different Santa in the leaflet...

Hope everyone is having a lovely late summer (or spring in the 'other' hemisphere) - happy stitching to all... I best get started on more of SV part 9, as I see part 10 is about to be released.... I am lagging

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bat Buddy

I have heard from my dear friend Marie that she has received the little Halloween ornament that I stitched up for her new Halloween tree this past weekend. Marie is a very dear friend who is always so kind and thoughtful towards me. She understands my tinnitus as she has it as well. She is always there for me. And, she makes me gifties and I am a bit behind in gifting her! So... I made this guy for her.... now, I have only stitched on perforated paper but once in my life, and that was so many years ago. I found trimming the darn paper to be devilish...

Bat Buddy
Flowers 2 Flowers
JCS 2013 Annual Halloween Issue
28 ct Brown Perforated Paper, DMC Floss, Mill Hill Beads

Monday, July 29, 2013

Candy Cane Cottage... Distractions.... Friendship Exchange

At last, Candy Cane Cottage.  This one seemed to take me forever, even though it is a small cottage.  I feel myself dragging a little bit with this project, and need to get myself back on track.  I know that the main factor really is that my medical condition that was discovered 2 years and 4 months ago at this point, just is not truly improving.  My doctor did make what he calls a "radical" treatment change last week, but in all honesty, I feel no radical change (although today is not so terribly bad)...  my 50th bday is in two days and I told him I just wanted to wake up on that day and not have to think or worry about how I feel or what I have to deal with.... he grimaced and offered no hope of that... so, onward and keeping positive thoughts for myself, working towards acceptance.
And here is a general idea of how Santa's Village is looking now....  8 down, 4 to go!  The next is on its way to me now, so maybe I will get a start on it during this week off that I have.
Other than dealing with my pain and medical issue, I have had another serious distraction... my Kindle Fire HD just calls out to me  I have some awesome reads loaded up and deciding between reading and stitching, or just focusing on self care and good sitting position (neither stitching nor reading afford me that) so that I feel better are real daily challenges for  me :-)
Oh, and I learned earlier this week that Linda O. has received the HoE Friendship Exchange I stitched for her...

A Friend Pinkeep
Prairie Schooler
32 ct Vintage Country Cream Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm

This weekend brought the finish of House 7 of Santa's Village...

Christmas Tree Farm
And now here it is Houses 1 through 7, on my Q-Snap, therefore a bit wonky... Heard the next one will be here very shortly... lovin' this project! This particular house did seem to take me much longer than the others though. Not entirely sure I liked this one as much as the others.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament from Nicole

I have received this really wonderful little ornament from Nicole for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Round... I am so thrilled with it. Nicole personalized the back by stitching one of the little red gifts and her initials. This is the first time I have received from Nicole in HoE, and what a treat it is... I shall look forward to hanging this on my tree year after year :-)
Christmas Comes Ornament
Vivian Bales
Gift of Stitching Magazine, December 2007
32 ct Mushroom Lugana, DMC Floss

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament for Lynn

I received a nice email from Lynn today, letting me know that the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament I stitched for her has arrived safe and sound at her home.... really hope she enjoys, I had a hard time parting with this one. I have wondered for a while now how the center portion of this cute sampler would look as an ornament. Now I know, and I love the results!

Merry & Bright Christmas Ornament
Erynne Chard - free chart found HERE
Silkweaver 36 ct Solo Linen, WDW, CC and DMC Floss
Oh, and Happy Weekend to all - about to go enjoy my first taste of Moonshine - woot!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

De-Stashing Sale

Hello Dear Stitching Friends, I have decided to do a bit of de-stashing... I don't want to get rich on this, so I am doing my best to post reasonable, fair...even cheap... prices on these items. I accept PayPal, but if you want to pay by check or well concealed cash, can negotiate lower price (as you know PayPal takes a good percentage of payments for themselves)... I strongly prefer to sell only to US address, as the US Postal Service has jacked up international rates to the point where they are beyond reasonable. As an example, I paid $8.55 to send the blue and cream fabric below to Canada... cluelessly, I only charged the buyer $3.50... not her fault, just a life lesson.... so if you want any of these, shout out - we will talk price and postage, sound good??
JBW Designs - A Family Record Sampler
Lavender & Lace - Angel of Mercy (new in package) - SOLD
Fanta Cat  Designs - ...and other things (new in package) - SOLD
LHN - Blessed Ornament (new in package)
Just Nan - OOP - Christmas Joy

Cinnamon Heart Needlworks - Cranberry Village Sampler

Teresa Wentzler - Egyptian Sampler

Fanci That - Fall Harvest Time

Indigo Rose - Georgia Stewart
The Sweetheart Tree - Hearts 'n Hardanger

The Sampler Girl - Louisa's Sampler
The Stitching Parlor - Once Upon an Island
Cinnamon Heart Needleworks - Rabbit Garden
Valerie Pfeiffer - Special Branch - SOLD
Marjolein Bastin - Spring Bouquets - SOLD
HAED - Waiting for Neptune

Lizzie Kate - Talk Less Say More from larger Less = More - accidentally bought twice - has charm too

OK friends, if you want any of these, leave a comment or email me carol sutclife @ comcast . net (and just delete all spaces).... let me know what you think these are worth ;-)