Thursday, June 13, 2013

De-Stashing Sale

Hello Dear Stitching Friends, I have decided to do a bit of de-stashing... I don't want to get rich on this, so I am doing my best to post reasonable, fair...even cheap... prices on these items. I accept PayPal, but if you want to pay by check or well concealed cash, can negotiate lower price (as you know PayPal takes a good percentage of payments for themselves)... I strongly prefer to sell only to US address, as the US Postal Service has jacked up international rates to the point where they are beyond reasonable. As an example, I paid $8.55 to send the blue and cream fabric below to Canada... cluelessly, I only charged the buyer $3.50... not her fault, just a life lesson.... so if you want any of these, shout out - we will talk price and postage, sound good??
JBW Designs - A Family Record Sampler
Lavender & Lace - Angel of Mercy (new in package) - SOLD
Fanta Cat  Designs - ...and other things (new in package) - SOLD
LHN - Blessed Ornament (new in package)
Just Nan - OOP - Christmas Joy

Cinnamon Heart Needlworks - Cranberry Village Sampler

Teresa Wentzler - Egyptian Sampler

Fanci That - Fall Harvest Time

Indigo Rose - Georgia Stewart
The Sweetheart Tree - Hearts 'n Hardanger

The Sampler Girl - Louisa's Sampler
The Stitching Parlor - Once Upon an Island
Cinnamon Heart Needleworks - Rabbit Garden
Valerie Pfeiffer - Special Branch - SOLD
Marjolein Bastin - Spring Bouquets - SOLD
HAED - Waiting for Neptune

Lizzie Kate - Talk Less Say More from larger Less = More - accidentally bought twice - has charm too

OK friends, if you want any of these, leave a comment or email me carol sutclife @ comcast . net (and just delete all spaces).... let me know what you think these are worth ;-)


Marsha said...

I would love seasonal bouquets.

Quiltsmiles said...

Do you still have available the Talk Less~Say More and the Wentzler Nature charts available? Thanks for your time. Jane

Quiltsmiles said...

I goofed! Besides the Talk Less say more of Lizzie Kate it's the HAED Waiting for Neptune chart I'm interested in if they are available that is. Jane