Saturday, June 17, 2017

I am still here

Helloooooo, I am still here. I have been a busy needlewoman and have some things to share....
I feel quite accomplished to have finished, at long last, Block 3 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.  I still have nine big old blocks to go, several are very dense stitching..., but this beauty sure is worth it 😉
I also crocheted another big blanket since I last visited my blog.  This bright beauty was inspired by Cherry Heart (Sandra Paul).  It incorporates many squares from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book, and uses Sandra's pretty join and border (which finishes with Edie Eckman's Border 93).  I used Stylecraft Special DK in very bright colors to suit my niece Erin's palette... this is a gift for her... Jaffa, Tomato, Spice, Bright Green, Green, Kelly Green, Citron, Sunshine, Magenta, Aspen, Petrol and Teal with Graphite for the join and border.

I hope that all of my blogging pals are well. Come visit on Facebook, am always over there. Miss Amelia is popping in to tell you it is Sum, Sum, Summertime and she LOVES it! 🤗