Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my dear stitching friends! I know something looks really strange below... other than the photo being a bit overexposed because I just do not have this photography talent... I loved this little Oakhaven Yahoo Group freebie that came out last year... I started it at some point, got annoyed by the many color changes in the lettering, tucked it away... and just found it a few days ago while tidying up a little bit in my stash room. So, I managed to finish it last night, still in 2012, so I figure it's all good, right?
Happy New Year 2012
Oakhaven Designs
32 ct Silvery Moon Linen, DMC Floss
2012 was a mixed year for me. My NH psychotherapy practice, although is only one day a week, has begun to take off quite well. My MA practice continues to thrive. I am contracted with more health insurance companies than I can count, and as a result, I do get a really nice mix of different types of clients and issues to address. This year has brought more relationship and marriage counseling to my practice than ever before. My CE (continuing education) was off the charts this year. I seem to be addicted to continuing education. I think that points to my innate desire to get my doctorate, but my age and wanting to keep our finances stable as we spiral towards the last decade before retirement age keeps me from doing anything at all with that desire. The time has come to think about retirement planning, not spending $200-$300K on more education. It just cannot be. On the health front, well I still have my tinnitus and my really pain neck, shoulders and back. I have come to the conclusion that the two issues are likely not related. Still without any health insurance here, I do my best to make the most of any appt I do get with any doctor. It is unfortunate that my neck, shoulder and back issues likely come from stitching - as in very poor, curled up, leaning to the left posture when stitching. When I grip my stitching I feel pain for a bit, then it passes. Next day it is awful in my left wrist and hand. Huh. My tinnitus appears to be linked to my deviated septum and bone spur in my left nostril. Really, really need to see my ENT and see what we can do about it, and what that will cost. I have an orthotic for TMJ now, and my headaches are signficantly relieved by this, at times... the little electric shocks under my skin from menopause cause me great confusion re: my TMJ as at times the shocks (hormone decline) sometimes are like a starburst in back of my head or curl up as if from my jaws to the top of my head. That is that on the health front. It is why I do not stitch or blog much any longer. Am on Facebook, though. Nice to see some of you over there. In general, I have to pace myself better in all areas of my life. Hoping for the best for all of you in 2013!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Homespun Elegance Ornaments

Here is to hoping that all of my Christian friends had a lovely Christmas yesterday... I have a couple more ornaments that I finished up in the last few days..
Blessings To All Ornament
Homespun Elegance
Free chart Here- scroll down
40 ct Natural Linen, WDW, GAST and DMC Floss
Pomegranate Joy Ornament
Homespun Elegance
JCS 2012 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct R&R Reproductions Creek Bed Brown Linen, DMC, Crescent Colours, WDW Floss

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lots of Christmas Ornaments

I heard a couple of days ago from Jayne (cannot find her blog link now) that she received the ornament I stitched for her for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Exchange. I wanted to get it out to her as quickly as possible, so I only took a quick snap of it before I mailed it off to the UK... praying Jayne would take a nice photo and put it in the HoE or her own blog. Unfortunately, she did not... so all I have is my quick snap... sigh...
Christmas Eve Ornament
Pickle Barrel Designs
JCS 2012 Christmas Ornament Issue
36 ct Flax Linen, WDW Floss
And here is a photo I put up on Facebook today of the four lovelies I have received this month...
I received this beauty from my dear friend Margaret earlier this week. She says it is a Drawn Thread design. I am behind the times, I did not recognize it. Such a beautiful ornament, thank you Margaret... you are a love.

I also received this other beauty from Marie, another really dear friend, this week. Wow, she somehow found a Shepherd's Bush pattern I also was not familiar with. How beautiful are these ornaments, right??
And a much better shot of the sweet Drawn Thread ornament that Katrina sent to me too...
I have here a much better photo now of the beautiful Homespun Elegance ornament that I received from Lillie for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Ornament Exchange :-)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lovely Ornaments from Lovely Friends

I am so blessed to have these two new lovely ornaments on my tree - both stitched by very, very good stitching pals of mine! I apologize immediately for how very dark these photos are. I only just now had a chance to take the photos, and it is only 45 minutes from sunset here in New England, and it snowed last night and is rather dreary here today.... but here they are:
I received this lovely ornament from my old stiching pal Katrina today. I just love it. Katrina has blessed me with a new Christmas ornament for my tree for more years than I can count. I, of course, also stitch one for her. I always look so forward to what treat she will send each year. This year, a simply stunning Drawn Thread Santa for me! Wish you could see it in better light (maybe on Katrina's blog soon??)... thank you so much Katrina. Another one for me to cherish!
And, a few days ago, another beauty arrived! This one is from Lillie for the HoE Stitcher's Choice Christmas Ornament Exchange. I believe this one is by Homespun Elegance. Equally as stunning as the one from Katrina! Oh, she sent me some goodies too - some trims, tiny other ornaments... in a fit of cleaning, the trims went up to my stash room. Ooops!!! Maybe Lillie will put up a better photo of this on her blog soon too. I love, love, love my two new ornaments, and even more special they are from my friends!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tiny Stocking Ornament Attempts

OK.... so I attempted to make my first pair of JBW teeny, tiny Christmas stocking ornaments.... geesh, wish cutting out a template was easier for me to do... some of that skill, some don't. Drove myself nuts yesterday.... here are my results...
Chalet with Snowflakes
JBW Designs
32 ct White Belfast Linen, DMC 4210
JBW Designs
32 ct White Belfast Linen, DMC 4201
Both stitch 1*1

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Gift for Katrina

Heard last night that Katrina has received the little Christmas ornament that I stitched up for her... perhaps my longest running stitching/blogging pal, we trade ornaments annually.... even if we do not have much contact during the year. She says this wee one is on her little girl's tree, and I am tickled by that idea!! I am also remarkably surprised at how quickly the postal service got this from NH to New Zealand... a week!
Greetings from New Hampshire Ornament
Lindy Jane Designs
40 ct Natural Linen, DMC and WDW Floss

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Tree

It's in the "Cat Room" this year.... figured the Dyson next to the old worn out love seat was a nice touch ;-) Beau was lying there on the end of that love seat, but didn't make it into the shot... but somehow the vac did. Life is grand.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Ornament

I was thinking of trying something new this year... one ornament per year that celebrates that year, be it just a wee thing like this one or one that is "Happy New Year" themed (I did start one of those for 2012, but the color changes are making me nuts, maybe I will get it done in time??) -
2012 Ornament
Balades et Broderies par Carmela - chart found here
Lakeside Linens 32 ct Vintage Autumn Gold Linen, DMC 115

Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting ready to decorate the tree.... favorite time of the year. But.... first must check all my lights. Last year we had a couple of strings that did not light and looked awful. Just itching to get these hung though :-) Stitching pals, recognize any you stitched for me here??

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving... and more ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US friends - may you enjoy the company of loved ones and enjoy the bounty of life
Woodsy Winter Ornament
Blue Ribbon Designs
JCS 2012 Christmas Ornament Preview Issue
R&R Reproductions 40 ct Mockingbird Linen, WDW Floss
Home for the Holidays Ornament
Little House Needleworks
2005 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
40 ct Natural Linen, DMC Floss

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift stitching...

Getting my gifts ready that have to travel far... stitched another of these... it's ready to go today - whew!
Greetings from New Hampshire Ornament
Lindy Jane Designs
30 ct Medium Exempler Speckled 739 Jache Linen, DMC Floss

Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Christmas Freebie Ornament

Carol of iStitch Designs asked me a few days ago if I had the time to stitch up her Christmas freebie for her... sure, I told her... now she has the photo and it is linked in her blog, so I can share it...
2012 Christmas Freebie Ornament
iStitch Designs - link found here
32 ct Olive Green Belfast Linen, WDW in Bordeaux and Blue Spruce
Stitched one over one

Alphabet Mitten Ornament

Hey Friends.... how is autumn treating you/or spring in the southern hemisphere? Saw the first snowflake for us on the weather map this am.... next Saturday night... flurries, big snow, nothing? Who knows, but the winter ride begins. Going to need to get the snow tires put on the Camaro this week! Anyhow... I finished this wee one up last week and never took it outside to photograph it. The struggles of centering the other mitten ornament were nothing compared to this one. The fingertips of this mitten are not as clearly defined as the other... I did my best, and again, am cool with it... I think.... ;-)
Alphabet Mitten Ornament
JBW Designs
32 ct Purely Primitive Belfast Linen, DMC 115
Stitched one over one
Have another wee finish, but cannot quite share it yet. Stitched a freebie model for a designer, and will post it after she gets it and reviews it/posts the chart/etc.... Have a great Sunday everyone - and to my US friends, my your favored NFL team win today! And..... who shall be the first to stitch up one of these cuties?? Looks knit to me, but I think I will try it using crochet...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Holidays Mitten Ornament

Did the finishing on another Christmas ornament today. I received the chart for this one from my friend Marie shortly after Celebration of Needlework in April.... every year, I ogle JBW's miniature Christmas tree that they bring to their booth. It is loaded with little over one ornaments of Judith's designs. Marie heard me say I am going to make one (or more of them) someday, and she threw down the gauntlet by sending me the Red Mittens I leaflet... I stitched it up quickly, but then... hemmed and hawed over finishing it. Today I was looking at a scrapbooking template I often use for finishing and thought... "hmmmm, maybe this tiny oval work for that mitten??" - so I gave it a go.... I kept struggling, wanting to center it, only to finally realize... duh... the thumb on the left side of the mitten throws the design off center. OK, I am cool with it! Here is my effort!!
Happy Holidays Mitten Ornament
JBW Designs
32 ct Purely Primitive Belfast Linen, Home Sweet Home hand dyed floss in Ruby
Stitched one over one
OK, Marie.... challenge accepted :-)  Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.  We are expecting a warm up tomorrow and a bigger one on Monday - woo hoo!  Yard work - lol!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Some new Christmas ornaments for my tree :-)

Had some down time yesterday, so I did the finishing on two ornaments from my "to be finished" pile... and now I have two more for the tree this year :-)
Do You Hear? Ornament
Shepherd's Bush
2012 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Basketweave Linen, WDW, CC and GAST Floss
Ladybug Santa Ornament
Just Nan
32 ct Amsterdam Blue Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, RG Petite Treasure Braid
On to a few more soon.... hope everyone is well and survived Sandy just fine... we had wind and a little rain here in southern New Hampshire... no damage, no power loss. For sure, we were lucky here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hometown Christmas Ornament for Gabi

At long last, my HoE Hometown Christmas ornament has arrived safe and sound with Gabi in Australia...
Greetings from New Hampshire Ornament
Lindy Jane Designs
32 ct Taupe Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, Kreinik #4 Braid
So very glad it survived its extra long journey half way around the world.... the little gold bead on the ornament shows approximately where I live...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hometown Christmas Ornament from Edgar

I have received this really cute ornament from Edgar for the HoE Hometown Christmas Ornament Exchange.... it spells out the word Florida and has such cute Floridian motifs - I just love it! Thank you soooo much Edgar, another one I shall always cherish! Now, if my ornament that I stitched for this exchange and mailed far, far away would just arrive.... sigh...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gingher Emily is Here!

Brand new, just released.... the Gingher Emily Scissors are here!  The 5" will be here in a day or two, all are shipping on Tuesday.... if you did not already get your paid, Mike has them at
Unless you are inclined to want ecigarettes, scroll past all of that and down to scissors - grab your pair while they are still here!

Monday, August 20, 2012

BBD Ornament from Kay

I recently received my HoE BBD Christmas Ornament exchange from Kay - I just love the colors and that sweet button she used to attach the hanger!  Thank you so much Kay :-)  I cannot wait for Christmas so that I can hang it on my tree :-)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Gift and Love and Joy

I received a lovely birthday gift from dear Marie earlier this week.  I cannot really find words for this and it has taken me a few days to figure out what to say....  my birthday just doesn't really happen.  Mike gives me little gifts and lets me do whatever I want on my birthday and the days around it - already he has gifted me with a Pandora gift card and a Kindle gift card...  a box awaits me on the kitchen counter for tomorrow.  My family does nothing really for my birthday.  So, this stunning little treat made me tearful.  I was remembered by someone other than my husband.  I know, that is kind of pathetic.  I used to stitch for everyone whose blogs I read. Then I fell so ill and fell by the wayside... but Marie remembered me... she is such a doll and a dear friend... and how pretty is this??
I meant to put the front of the needlebook up first, but Blogger's revisions still confuse me since I do not blog often any longer... she says this is a Merrily Beams design called Trifles... thank you again Marie, you are very special to me and I already treasure this...

 I also took some time this afternoon, as I am off for the week, to finish off an ornament that I actually stitched a good 3-5 months ago... wow, it has been forever since I did a pillow finish like this :-) Of course, I had to run outside and hang it one of my Christmas catci that are "summering" on the back porch... just seemed like the thing to do...
Love and Joy Ornament
JBW Designs
JCS 2011 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique White Belfast Linen, WDW Floss
Stitched one over one
Enjoy your week, everyone!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

HoE Ornament Exchanges

I sent off two HoE ornament exchanges on Monday, and both arrived at their destinations today....

First is one I stitched for Lisa - her partner bailed on the group and left Lisa hanging with nothing.  Same person also failed to thank her sender for stitching for her.... this is no young woman we are talking about here, it is utterly shameful.  However, while I have no idea how to resolve the issue for the lady who stitched for the person who up and disappeared, I loved stitching a replacement for Lisa... the theme was Christmas Birds.  I had this chart and supplies tucked aside to stitch for myself, so I just grabbed it up and made it for her...
Balades et Broderies par Carmela
32 ct Smokey Pearl Belfast Linen, CC Floss
I also heard from Becky today that she received the ornament I stitched for her for the Blackbird Designs Ornament exchange.  This is the same design I did stitch for myself a couple of weeks back.... but for Becky I made the ornament a little smaller and tied it with a cranberry bow instead... same blackbird fabric in the back... hope she likes it!

Peace Ornament
Blackbird Designs
JCS 2009 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique Almond Belfast Linen, WDW, GAST and CC Floss
It's almost the weekend - enjoy everyone!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Must "Bee" Christmas Ornament

Just finished doing the finishing on this wee little ornament I stitched a few months back - it is designed by one of our fellow bloggers and she offers up her chart for free :-) I think it is sooo cute!
Must "Bee" Christmas Ornament
Diana Owensby - chart is here
32 ct Autumn Fields Belfast Linen, CC Belle Soie Silk, TG SNC Silk
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! This little finish was a fun break from mowing the lawn, balancing the checkbook.... now time to read and watch some baseball soon... And thank you all for the kind words regarding the loss of Gig. I spoke to our vet yesterday because Ava needed a med refill. She asked how we were doing. I told her we felt quite guilty, as we did not pick up on his increased vocalizations and a few other symptoms. She told us that since he never showed a heart murmur this was impossible to detect, and his disease was so far advanced when we found it that we should not let ourselves feel guilty, she feels we take very good care of our cats. I appreciated hearing that, but still.... feeling so guilty...

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Peace Ornament

Tonight I was able to do the finishing on a little Christmas ornament that I have had in the works for the past week or so. There has been so little time for stitching lately, but I did get this wee one done...

Peace Ornament
Blackbird Designs
JCS 2009 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique Almond Belfast Linen, WDW, GAST and CC Floss
I couldn't resist using this fabric for the back.... I have had this fabric in my stash for several years now, and knew I wanted to use it for finishing Blackbird Designs projects....  I personally think it is so cute!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beautiful Exchange and very sad news to share

Today I received this really lovely ornament from Joke for the HoE XMas Birds Christmas Ornament Exchange.  I really love it.  This is Winter Song by Primrose Needleworks from the JCS 2011 Christmas Ornament Issue.  I had it on my "to do" list, but am thrilled to remove it now that I have this perfect one from Joke.  I am going to love displaying this every year - thank you again Joke :-)
And the sad news....  here is my Gig.  Gig was born on February 28, 2001 and is a Cream Exotic Persian.  I took this photo of him last Tuesday while we were waiting for his vet to come in and talk to me.  I was bored and did not realize at the time how important this photo would be to me.  He and I were waiting because he had spent the previous night at the emergency vet, having seen his regular vet the evening before.  Gig had developed  a limp and I took him in for a wellness check.  What we learned was that he had an enlarged heart and pulmonary edema.  He was sent to the emergency vet for overnight stabilization - lasix (a diuretic to draw the fluid away from his heart) and oxygen to stabilize his breathing.  I picked him up in the AM and was sent back to our regular vet, which was when I took this photo. She shared with me that his bloodwork was excellent, and he needed an ultrasound the next day.  That did not go well.  Gig never showed as having a heart murmur, so none of the vets in the practice ever picked up that he had heart disease.  But he did - and it was fairly advanced.  The worst of it was that he showed evidence in his left atrium of blood thickening and was at risk of throwing a clot.  He came home from his ultrasound on Wednesday and deteriorated rapidly.  He suddenly just could not walk.  His right hind leg would buckle under him.  You see, I had taken him to an emergency vet 3-4 weeks ago after we saw him open mouth breathing very heavily at bedtime one night.  I immediately got dressed and had Mike put him in his carrier.  We discovered that while panting, he had wet our bed.  That vet had no clue what was wrong as he had stabilized by the time I got there and his heart sounded normal.  Well, that was a fateful night for Gig.  He had thrown a clot right then and there - so much for risk, the damage was already done.

Yesterday I drove him to his vet and he was euthanized.  It had to be done.  He was miserable and not ambulatory.  I spent four days syringe feeding him food and water.  The meds he had to take were tough on him.  He gave up.  He had no chance.  We spent Sunday saying goodbye to him.  I stayed with him while he passed.  He passed with grace and was so beautiful in his death.  He simply lay peacefully, his eyes dilated and my vet whispered "I love you Gig" and then "He's gone now."  Many kisses later, I left.  Tears came later, I know he is at peace now.  He will come home by way of ashes in a week or two.  We are very sad here.  This was very sudden.  I really miss my little boy who always slept tucked up against my hip in our bed.  I miss his deep throaty voice. I just plain old miss him.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flora McSample Love Ornament

Flora McSample Love Ornament

Lizzie Kate

40 ct Dirty Newcastle Linen, WDW Floss

Stitchedd for Karen for HoE Christmas Birds Ornament Exchange

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Peace On Earth Ornament

Finally, a day when I am home, it is not raining and it is daylight out... I finished this ornament off last weekend and now I can share it. It took me a few months of off and on stitching to get this one done... but am thrilled with the results.
Peace on Earth
Barbara Ana Designs
32 ct Silkweaver Solo Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, Kreinik #4 Braid
Happy weekend to all!!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Joy Ornament

It's a cloudy morning following a very rainy day. Not sure when the sun will re-emerge, so going to have to go with this photo for now... Finished up an ornament I started about a year ago when Margaret gifted me with her used chart when she visited for Celebration of Needlework in 2011... I finally dug out the right beads for it earlier this week, and was able to get this finish done last night... I just love this one.
Joy Ornament
Little House Needleworks
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC Floss, Mill Hill Petite Seed Beads

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prairie Schooler Freebie Snowman Ornament

Enjoying my week off from work with another finish.... have a small pile of stitched ornaments, just now working my way through finishing them... this is last night's effort...
Prairie Schooler Freebie Snowman Ornament
Prairie Schooler
32 ct Sage Lugana, DMC Floss
About to rain here (we need it), so my iPhone did not take the best of photos... ah well :-) Hope you are all well!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Flora McSample Peace Ornament

I spent part of last night finishing off some ornaments that have been waiting around.... one is for an exchange, and I also finished this one (several more still to come as I have this week off from work)...
Flora McSample Peace Ornament
Lizzie Kate
40 ct Dirty Newcastle Linen, WDW Floss
Hope everyone has been well! For those who are still around and visit my blog once in a while, my tinnitus seems to be under some control. Migraines are gone, back and neck are improving with TMJ treatment. Off of dairy and using twice daily sinus rinses to thin mucous.... tinnitus still kind of loud in the morning because lying down revs it up a bit, but then it clears (most days) to a quiet humm that I often do not even notice.... hope my long journey is coming to an end... Off to do huge landscaping and gardening stuff for the week... and some ornament finishing... Loving memorial thoughts to my USAF father in law who passed away in 2009... enjoy your Memorial Day everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Prairie Schooler from Janet

I just received this super pretty bellpull from Janet today for the HoE Prairie School Christmas Ornament Exchange.  I don't really think this is an ornament and truly doubt I can put it on my tree....  but is sure it lovely!  Thank you Janet!!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Christmas Alphabet "Mike" Ornament

I have the day off today, so I took out my finishing supplies while my husband was getting his business orders ready to go to the post office.... and I finished off an ornament I made for him for this year...
Christmas Alphabet "Mike" Ornament
Prairie Schooler
32 ct Sage Lugana, DMC Floss

... Counting the days down now to Celebration of Needlework!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Prairie Schooler Ornament for Kathy

Got the good news today that Kathy has received the Prairie Schooler Christmas Ornament I stitched for her for HoE...  I had fun stitching up her name, and am now working on one for my husband, Mike!  Very glad you like it, Kathy... enjoy!

Christmas Alphabet "Kathy" Ornament
Prairie Schooler
R&R Reproductions 28 ct Flax Fields Linen, DMC Floss
Stitched one-over-one

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Little Christmas Ornament

I had a great weekend stitching and finishing up a couple of Christmas ornaments.... one is for the HoE Prairie Schooler Ornament Exchange, so I just cannot show it yet.... but the other is yet another that I dug out of the pile of old, old charts that I have been wanting to stitch... I bought this one back in 1997 when it was a new release... figured it was about time to stitch it up!
Little Christmas Ornament
Bent Creek
R&R Reproductions 40 ct Mockingbird Linen, DMC Floss

Possible record temps in the 60's tomorrow! Too bad I came down with a head cold last night... have an early AM neuromuscular dentist appt.... suppose if I chug a bit of DayQuil before I go, he won't notice my cold? I would hate to have to cancel this adjustment appointment... gulp!!