Saturday, September 28, 2013

An exchange and a RAK from a friend - aka My Very Lucky Day!!!

I had an amazing lucky mail day today!  I received my HoE Runners Up Christmas Ornament Round from my dear, dear friend Marie today.  For this round, stitchers get to choose between Just Nan, LHN or CCN designs - all runners up in polls to choose themes earlier this year.  Marie chose LHN's Sheep Virtues "Hope" for me, I kinda think I know why...  and it is so bee-u-ti-ful! Thank you so much Marie, I shall cherish this and cannot wait to hang it.

Marie also sent along a RAK for me.  She knows I want to start a Halloween Tree, and Marie will soon be running a Halloween Tree exchange on HoE that runs the same as the Christmas Ornament one that I run.... come on over and join us if you are interested!  She stitched this cutie by M Designs from the 2012 JCS Halloween Issue...  and personalized the back, lest I never, ever forget my dear friend.  She sent some WDW and trims as well.  I feel so blessed.

Please enjoy a quick view here of some of the last summer Morning Glories on my porch... fall is settling itself in here in New Hampshire.

OK, time to gather my stuff up and stitch my ornament for the HoE Runners Up Christmas Round too!

Meanwhile, I am slugging along (as in slow like a slug) on SV's Gingerbread Emporium.  My headaches and back pains are tough of late, so sitting and stitching has been difficult, but I plan to get my back adjusted again and forge ahead!!

Happy Weekend, my friends!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Santa's Sleighworks

It took me absolutely forever and a day to stitch the ninth installment of Santa's Village, known as Santa's Sleighworks.  Anything that could get in my way, pretty much did.  We went to Montreal for a bit, and I chose not to bring this along (need my lamp, after all, and well... I was there to sightsee, eat and drink... and walk a whole lot!)...  then I stitched the red part of the sleigh only to see I started one stitch too low and had to riiiiip that out and re-do it.... but alas, here it is. Whew!  The next installment is already ordered and hopefully will be here soon.

In the meantime, stitching away on bits of And They Sinned, and also getting going on my Christmas Ornament gifts!

Hope all is well with all of you.... back to work tomorrow after a week's holiday!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

2013 Gingher Julia Scissors Available Here... Great Price

IN STOCK NOW - My DH has these super pretty new Gingher Designer Series scissors available for you now in both the 4" and 5" sizes... totally authentic, prices well below other sites or shops... $26.99 and $28.99 respectively.. check them out here: Mike and Carol's Internet Store - Gingher Julia Link

Note that the link says they are not available yet, but the scissors actually were released early and have been here for 2-3 weeks already.  Just remembered to post the info for you - great for holiday gifts!

2013 Gingher Emily Scissors are also available in both sizes as well...

***VERY SORRY - due to USPS and other international postal changes, Mike can no longer ship internationally. This is very, very disappointing to us, and we are very sorry.  US customers only.