Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mystery Meadow Blanket

Yes, here I am again, two days in a row.  I have another new finish to share. This is my DROPS Mystery Meadow Blanket (CAL), and if you are not familiar with it, you can still take your own stab at it here. It was a fun crochet a long, however it is from a Dutch yarn company and the English directions were a bit wonky. Glad they had diagrams to go by, and sadly, they wanted us to start in middle of rounds and I am start at the corners crocheter, so I had to study and prepare each week to find my starting point in the directions.

The blanket is a bit smaller than I had hoped it would be.  I used Stylecraft Special DK and Stylecraft Life DK for mine, and upped my hook to 3.50.  That was a good move, but do designers forget some of us are tall?  LOL.  I chose my colors from a link I had found on Pinterest...

...lovely Stylecraft Special DK in Parchment, Mocha, Sage, Pale Rose, Parma Violet, Grape, Cream, Soft Peach and Storm Blue, plus Stylecraft Life DK in Ice Blue and Mint. I think it is a pretty Victorian, feminine combo.

I do love how this came out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BoHo Chic

I haven't been on here in forever. Truth be told, I am all messed up with taking photos from my phone and trying to blog. It is hard for So I uploaded the photo and am using the desktop computer in my office. It is OK, the boss does not mind. I am my boss ;-) So... I have tons to share, but for today I have this cute BoHo pillow I started over the weekend and finished last night while watching the MLB Home Run Derby. I love, love, love this pillow.
Back view...
Front view...

 I got the idea from this site. I didn't have any variegated DK yarn in my stash, but I have tons of scrap DK from my many projects. So I ordered up six of the seven available colors of Hayfield Bonus Buzz DK from Deramores... I passed on the one that looked like camouflage on the site.... the yarn arrived on Saturday and I decided to try a pillow. The squares were so fun to make. Many of them are so very bright! The Hayfield Buzz I used are Mingle, Jig, Scoot, Sizzle, Cherry Pop and Tie Dye. Meanwhile, the Stylecraft Special DK yarn was numerous: Claret, Burgundy, Fondant, Bright Pink, Pale Rose, Shrimp, Apricot, Copper, Spice, Citron, Gold, Meadow, Grass Green, Pistachio, Lime, Cypress, Bottle, Lobelia, Storm Blue, Lavender, Boysenberry, Fuschia Purple, Parma Violet, Silver, Mocha, Stone, Cream, Dark Brown, Duck Egg, Grape, Aspen, Pomegranate... it is a burst of color!