Friday, April 24, 2009

Woodland Exchange from Chris

I received this HoE Woodland Exchange from Chris - she stitched a pretty pinkeep for me, and also sent me a UK stitching mag, some Anchor Marlitt floss, some Jayne's Attic hand dyed evenweave, a little dog kit...and some Cadbury Eggs that just never made it into the photo ;-) Thanks Chris!

Stitched on lately: I just managed to finish my HoE Woodland Exchange late last night and will be mailing it today (the deadline day!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Autumn Exchange for Cathy

I heard from Cathy today that she has received my well-overdue Autumn Exchange - whew! I was quite late with getting this out due to my nutty work schedule of late. Autumn?? Well, it is autumn in Australia - weird stitching autumn in spring :-) I noticed everything I photograph on this windowsill is coming out looking quite crooked lately - must be me (has to be!) and my body angle?? Yikes!

Autumn Tree Pinkeep
The Trilogy
32 ct Natural Pearl Linen, WDW and GAST Floss, Buttons by The Trilogy

... And the rest of the goodies for Cathy - now to really start thinking about my upcoming Winter Exchange for her - I surely don't want to be late with that!!

Stitched on this week: Started HoE Woodland Walk Exchange

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finished Terry's Halloween RR

I finished up Terry's Halloween RR tonight, just in time for the next mailing date, which is Tuesday. I apologize that my photos do not show her fabric off well - in real life, her Silkweaver belfast solo is very vibrant. I took this photo under lights in my finished basement without using my flash, and the end result is that her fabric looks gray/lavender rather than lilac/peach/gray... Anyhow, her RR was starting to look a lot like a Halloween neighborhood to me, with a resident witch, so I chose to continue that theme and stick with the same colors the other stitchers have been using (the design I originally planned to use was far too bright). So, I chose this:
Happy Halloween
Shepherd's Bush - in All Through The Year, 1996
Silkeaver 32 ct Solo Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Here is how Terry's RR is looking as of tonight - it goes off to Edgar in the morning. I sure hope Terry likes my addition - I had great fun stitching this little design.

Stitched on today: Finished Terry's Halloween RR

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christmas Ornament from Amy

I received my final ornament for this round of the Christmas Ornament Swap today. This one is from Amy - the first one she sent to me was lost in the mail, never to surface at all. And Amy is so sweet, she chose to stitch me a second one, and it was so worth the wait! This is a Mary Garry design, and I believe it is from her Skating Party chart. So nice! Thank you sooo much Amy. This was great fun, and I am so happy I signed up for a second year in this swap. Now it is Amy's turn to receive next month and I am already dreaming up what I may stitch for her...

Stitched on this week: Still stitching on Terry's Halloween Round Robin

Friday, April 17, 2009

Christmas Ornament for Julianne

Julianne is the lucky recipient in the Christmas Ornament Swap this month, and she sent me a lovely email this morning to let me know that she has received my ornament for her. I really love how this one came out, and I am so glad that she likes it!

Cranberry Christmas Ornament
Prairie Schooler
JCS 2007 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Putty Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Stitched on this week: Started Terry's Halloween Round Robin - mailed Autumn Exchange to Cathy K. on 4/13/09

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Exchange from Cathy K.

I received this lovely Spring Exchange from Cathy earlier this week, and just managed to take a photo so that I can share. I am not at all sure that Cathy is even receiving my emails right now (I have many email issues lately!!), and I really want to thank her for this pretty exchange. She stitched me this great pinkeep and the absolutely adorable little biscornu (Cathy, I really love tiny biscornus - thank you!!) - plus, as always, all these fabulous extras!! Thank you Cathy!!!! (My exchange for Cathy - Autumn as she is in Australia) is three weeks late, but finally leaving here tomorrow - whew!!).

Stitched on this week: Finished Christmas Ornament for Julianne for Christmas Ornament Swap (DH has to buy a mailer for it tomorrow, though), and finished Autumn Exchange for Cathy K.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Belated Birthday Gift for Joan

Joan has let me know a few days ago that she received my little birthday gift for her - late, late, late - I am so late with everything these days. I noticed last night that now that the baseball season has started up again, I actually find myself stitching! I cannot read or do office paperwork during games... but stitching works! Maybe I will catch up soon??
Farmer's Alphabet J Fob
Prairie Schooler
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC Floss

Stitched on this week: Stitched on Christmas Ornament for Julianne for Christmas Ornament Swap, and stitched on Autumn Exchange for Cathy K.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Biscornu Exchange for Cari

I heard late last night that Cari has received the HoE Biscornu Exchange that I sent to her. I was not in this exchange, but was the coordinator. Cari's sender disappeared from the blogosphere and Cari never received an exchange, so I put one together for her.

Love Biscornu
Debbie Draper Designs
28 ct Light Mocha Cashel Linen, Valdani Floss in Waterlilies

...And here is the rest of the stuff I was able to gather up for her... glad you like it Cari, and yes, the Valdani floss is excellent to stitch with!

Stitched on this week: Finished a gift for a friend