Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Sampler Ornament

I've been keeping myself busy with my personal goal to stitch as many Christmas ornaments as I can this year. Last night I did the finishing on this ornament that I had actually stitched earlier this month... I backed it with Silkweaver 40 ct Morning Dew linen, but did not manage to get any of that in the photo... it turned out to be really delicate, I just love this one...

Winter Sampler Ornament
Little House Needleworks
Just Cross Stitch 2009 Christmas Ornament Issue
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Basketweave Linen, Crescent Colours Floss
Backed with Silkweaver 40 ct Morning Dew Linen

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Noel 2008 Ornament

After seeing the gorgeous ornament that Tracy D. stitched for Sonda over on HoE, I just knew I had to make this one for myself! I had fun choosing my colors, as the ornament is charted in pastels and I wanted holiday bold colors... here is my end result...

Noel 2008 Christmas Ornament
Macha Creations
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, November 2008
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, Crescent Colours Floss in Cupid, Balsam Fir, St. Bernard, Eve's Leaves, Bejeweled and Finley Gold

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HoE Reindeer Ornament from Gabi

Yesterday, I received a little packet from Australia.... in it was this gorgeous Blue Ribbon Designs ornament from Gabi. I love it! I have stitched BRD ornaments as gifts, but now I finally have one for my own tree...

She even personalized the back reflecting the year and the exchange group.... how sweet is this?? Thank you so much Gabi. I sure will treasure this always...

Ack... another very snowy morning yet again... the 3rd snowiest January on record in Boston... OK, I am 45 minutes north of Boston, but it counts! Praying for a drier February so I can get back to working full time again!

Enjoy your day -

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

HoE Reindeer Round from Cindy

Today I received my Reindeer Round ornament from Cindy for the HoE Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange. It appears she used at least some portion of one of Daffycat's free reindeer charts... not sure which one, will have to look and compare. Very cute, thanks Cindy!

I somehow messed up while setting up the partners for this round. I either overlooked Cindy's request email or never got it.... she caught the oversight after partners were exchanged, and we decided to swap with each other... while I also have an original partner for the group... so I am doing two rounds... will keep you posted re: what I sent and what I receive to/from my other partner(s)... confused? You are not alone :-)


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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mistletoe Reindeer Ornament... and a new start!

I mentioned in my last post that I had stitched the companion ornament to the one that I sent off in the HoE Reindeer Round Exchange... and here it is... this one I am keeping for my tree. I love Daffycat's delicate reindeer freebies! One left to stitch (Jingle Bell Reindeer)...

Mistletoe Reindeer Ornament
Daffycat Designs - chart available here
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC Floss

I also started a new project late last night... Since we had yet another snow storm this morning, I was free to stay home and work on it for a bit. This Praiseworthy Stitches sampler in the new Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011) called to me as soon as my issue arrived... as New England native who is suffering through a brutally snowy January, this fits, and so I had to start it...

I am stitching this on Silkweaver 32 ct Sudden Storm Belfast Linen. The fabric of the model is bluer, but since I live where it snows a lot, I know that when it snows, the sky is grey like this, not often is is very blue.... nor is the sun smiling or really even out at that time, but we have to give PS artistic license for that one ;-)

If you are planning to stitch this sampler, please note some chart errors that I found - first of all, your fabric needs to be at least 15" x 24" - I am using a FQ - the chart calls for much smaller fabric. Also.... the symbols for the algerian eyelets (for the trees) in Cucumber and Endive Sampler Threads are reversed.... the symbols for the flag on the lighthouse and the little red bands atop the chimneys on the house are all coded for Cinnamon Sampler Thread, while the model clearly shows they are all stitched in Cherry Wine Sampler Thread.... makes me wonder how many other errors there will be, so keep an eye out as you stitch!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Reindeer Ornament for Cindy

I heard today that Cindy has received the little ornament I made for her for the HoE Reindeer Round for the perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange in HoE. I loved how this came out, and then made one using its companion chart for myself. Once I get a photo of that, I will share it... for now, here is the one I sent to Cindy...

Holly Reindeer
Daffycat Designs - design available HERE
36 ct Flax Linen, DMC Floss

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Holly Berries Mini Biscornu Ornament

Another little finish over the weekend...

Holly Berries Mini Biscornu Ornament
Cherished Stitches
Just Cross Stitch 2008 Christmas Ornament Issue
Silkweaver 36 ct Heritage Linen, Thread Gatherer Silk, Mill Hill Beads

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackwork Star Ornament

I finished up a couple of ornaments yesterday. One is for an exchange, so I certainly cannot share a photo yet, but I can share this one now...

Blackwork Star Ornament
Serendipity Designs
Just Cross Stitch 1998 Christmas Ornament Issue
32 ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, DMC 115

Saturday, January 08, 2011

First Finish of the Year

I have my first finish of the year... now that the holiday break has passed, I am back to work and well, slower on the stitching again. I suppose I am not the only one in that boat :-) Anyhow... my first finish is another Christmas ornament...

Christmas Comes Ornament
Vivian Bales
The Gift of Stitching Magazine, December 2007
28 ct Antique Ivory Cashel Linen, DMC Floss

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