Saturday, January 22, 2011

HoE Reindeer Round from Cindy

Today I received my Reindeer Round ornament from Cindy for the HoE Perpetual Christmas Ornament Exchange. It appears she used at least some portion of one of Daffycat's free reindeer charts... not sure which one, will have to look and compare. Very cute, thanks Cindy!

I somehow messed up while setting up the partners for this round. I either overlooked Cindy's request email or never got it.... she caught the oversight after partners were exchanged, and we decided to swap with each other... while I also have an original partner for the group... so I am doing two rounds... will keep you posted re: what I sent and what I receive to/from my other partner(s)... confused? You are not alone :-)


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Daffycat said...

Very cute ornament! I love the beaded edging!

That one is my Mistletoe Reindeer without the 'toe and border!

Mary said...

Very cute!

Karin said...

Great exchange - I love how colourful the extras are!

Kathy A. said...

Dear Carol 0 It is so nice to see you blogging a little more. I have missed your newsy posts. I look forward to more. Your exchanges are wonderful.