Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Treats

I received this adorable exchange from Lisette for the HoE Halloween Exchange - she stitched up a goodie bag for me using a design by Helga Mandl. I love it! I am working on a good way to display it now. She also sent me an October breast cancer awareness bracelet, as well as a bag of Halloween licorice treats - those are half eaten now, and just did not make it into the photo ;-) Thanks Lisette, great exchange!
And, today I received a Halloween surprise from my dear friend Margaret - she stitched up the sweetest little Halloween biscornu - the back has spiders on it :-) She wrote in her card that is an unknown online freebie - I wonder if I have this one stored somewhere, as it is just too cute! She also sent fantastic fabrics, MH beads, and God love her - M&M's! What a treat! Oh, and look at the homemade card too! And... that great ribbon she wrapped it all in for me.... what a dear friend I have, thank you so much!! {{{HUGS}}}

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Currently Stitching: Family Reunion Sampler, a gift, starting HoE Fall Exchange