Sunday, October 23, 2011

Started my Christmas Ornament stitching...

OK, it is autumn in the western hemisphere, so I have started my non-exchange Christmas Ornament stitching... starting with two from the JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, of course..

The First Day Ornament
Plum Street Samplers
JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, July/August 2011
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Basketweave Linen
CC Belle Soie Cranberry Silk and Valdani Floss in Muddy Monet

Baa Baa Birdie
Miss Crescent's Crowne Designs
JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, July/August 2011
Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Howling at the Moon lugana (stitched one over one)
Crescent Colours Floss

Sooo... OK.... whoever put the pin in the left side of the head of some voodoo doll of me, please, I beg you.... please remove it! It had to have been inserted around March 15, 2011. Since then, the left side of my head has been screaming and hissing. Yep, there are days with hints of relief... the chiropractor provides most of that. But honestly, I think he is just trying to work around that pin that the voodoo witch put in the doll :-( If I must make amends with someone to have it removed, please let me know - before I start to lose hearing in my left ear, pleaaaase....

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

HoE Words of Christmas Ornament Exchange for Erin

I heard today from Erin that she has received the HoE Words of Christmas Ornament that I stitched for her. I have always wanted to stitch this particular design, and was thrilled to get a chance to use it for this exchange.
Joy*Love*Peace Ornament
From Merry's Heart (Merry Cox)
Just Cross Stitch 10th Anniversary Christmas Ornament Collection
30 ct Medium Exampler Speckled 739 Jache Linen
TG SNC Silk, Carol Waterlilies and Weeks Dye Works Floss

... and the psychotherapist in me just LOVES this Angry Birds cartoon... :-)

Quiet ear! Yes, almost completely quiet! Last night my chiropractor adjusted by Axis (C2) vertebrae instead of my Atlas (C1 vertebrae) after I told him my ear screams the day after C1 ajdustment.... every.single.time. We opted to go one vertebrae lower this time, and we either got lucky for now, or we found the track we need to be on! Unfortunately, caught a nasty head cold from my clients this week, though.

And... tomorrow is my first day with my first client in my new New Hampshire sublet office - wonder if the couple will show??

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