Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Santa's Village 1-3

Tonight I finished the first three parts of CCN's Santa's Village.  I always say this, but I really mean it...  I need to learn how to take better photos.  This is the best in a series of four tries...  dark at one end, overexposed at the other...  And since it is dark out and I do not have a light box, this photo was simply taken on my kitchen table.  The snowflakes do show up quite nicely on this Misty Rain linen (Lakeside Linens, 40 ct)...  I couldn't resist the linen because this is the color or our winter sky here in New England... so anyhow, looking forward to Part 4 now - that's not here yet, so off to stitch on something else tonight!

Friday, March 08, 2013

I actually finished something that is not an ornament...

Hard to believe, yet it is true. I finished stitching something that is not a Christmas ornament... I had started Earth Sampler in early 2011 shortly after its designer, Lisa Roswell, died tragically. I wanted to stitch this in her memory. I chugged along and was making rapid progress, and then the dreaded (and still ever present) tinnitus set in. I struggled through the numbers at the bottom and part of the hand, but just could not focus and stitch when the tinnitus was so new, so loud, so painful and causing migraines... Almost exactly two years later, I have come to some level of acceptance and it has improved some (no more migraines thanks to neuromuscular dentist) - I came across this sampler earlier this week and all I had left to stitch was four fingers! So, I got right on that... and now I actually have a finish to share.

Earth Sampler
The Primitive Needle
Lakeside Linens 40 ct Pear Linen, WDW and GAST Floss
Sadly, I cannot seem to get a photo that shows the true, beautiful color of the Pear linen. It is still "winter" here despite meteorlogical spring.... no chance to get any good natural daylight yet.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Shepherd's Bush Ornament for Karen

I awoke this morning to read that Karen has received the Shepherd's Bush Christmas Ornament that I stitched for her for the HoE Shepherd's Bush Christmas Ornament Exchange.  You are very welcome Karen, it was such a pleasure to stitch for you!  So very, very glad that the USPS helped to have it arrive safely with you in Oz :-)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Tropical Quaker

I am trying to get my stitching legs back....  Last night I dug out Tropical Quaker by WDC Designs from an issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine.  I had done the first three motifs at some point last year.  Was able to get quite a bit done last night.  I had to put Santa's Village aside for a little bit to let my SAL mate do some catching up.  I am using Weeks Dye Works 30 ct Parchment Linen and the called for HDF silk package for this....  loving the colors so much.  My iPhone pic does not do it any justice at all...

Happy Monday, folks.  I am taking a mental health day today.  Probably off to luch at Olive Garden with Mike, relax, clean the hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining room....  later read or stitch...  hope you are all well!