Friday, June 30, 2006

Half way through the year

Well, since for some reason I decided to be responsible at work lately and write progress notes and treatment plans, call in treatment authorizations and things like that, and I haven't been stitching much at work in the past couple of weeks. So.... I brought the Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler home with me tonight and I plan to fit it in during the weekend to get it done. I stitched the better part of the center section tonight. Now all I have left to do is to stitch a few more flowers and then toss my initials into the center... I still really love the colors of the Vikki Clayton silks in this sampler!

The year is half over now! Hard to believe!!!! I thought about checking in now on my stitching goals for 2006, but I cannot find them posted anywhere - LOL!!

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Just had to visit Mermaid Heaven this month too

It seems that Mermaid Heaven only gets my attention one day a month lately. That is pretty sad, especially considering how much I love this design and it is a fun stitch. MTM has really eaten up my time, and I will be glad to eventually be able to devote much more time to Mermaid Heaven and several other pieces :-)

I wanted to thank Michelle - after reading recently in my blog that I like many things related to Noah's Ark, she surprised me with this little giftie - isn't it cute?? :-) I thanked her personally, but want to thank her again here :-) It's called The Real Noah's Ark by Bestitched.

Changing from Mermaids of the Deep Blue to Mermaid Heaven did not harm the Red Sox's luck at all tonight. They did manage their 12th straight win.... that is four sweeps in a row against the National League! Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets. We all know they have to lose a game sometime, but the winning streak has been pretty fun :-)

Q. What do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

A. I generally just adopt my used charts out. I will either come across someone as I am doing a project who expresses enough interest in the design to want the chart, or I post here in my blog that the chart is available for adoption - they don't even last five minutes after I post that! I don't bother to trade for anything. I just prefer to see them go to good homes. There are a few I keep. But I don't file them any differently than my others. I am sorely lacking a good filing system anyhow.... I don't think four large boxes of charts really counts as a filing system, now does it? LOL

Stitched on today: Mermaid Heaven.... no stitching at work for a few days now, just cannot find the time - amazing considering it is summertime and a few folks have cancelled to enjoy free time/school vacation, etc... so I wonder where my time is going if not into stitching? Hmmm.....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lucky Mermaids

It was really nice to spend another evening with the mermaids tonight :-) They seem to be bringing some very good luck to the Red Sox right now (they won their 11th straight game in a row tonight), so I am wondering if I should give them another night tomorrow?? LOL!! I am inclined to put time in on Mermaid Heaven, though. We'll just have to see...
This is for Carissa ~ this is my floss toss for Ellen Chester's An Emblem of Love, which we will start as a SAL together in mid-July on Mondays. Anyone want to join us?? My fabric is Lakeside Linens 40 ct Vintage Bittersweet. Hard to describe this color - it is a cream linen with a rose tone to it, but you really wouldn't call it a "pink linen."

I got another new chart today - I am getting smarter now about buying Blackbird Designs charts before they discontinue them.... they sure go out of print quickly!! I love this Christmas sampler, Blessings Be Thine. I am not a big fan of Christmas stitching, but I just couldn't resist! I dug through my stash of fabrics and found a perfect piece for this. I will use my Acorns & Chestnuts belfast linen by Sugar Maple Fabrics. I almost put needle and thread to the linen tonight, but I reminded (and scolded) myself that I just cannot do that right now! My sidebar here in my blog will surely show you why - way, way too many WIPS going right now!!

Stitched on today: Mermaids of the Deep Blue

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mermaids of the Deep Blue :-)

I am really happy that I had a chance to work on the mermaids again tonight :-) Granted, I pretty much spent the whole evening stitching with DMC 905.... lots and lots of green! Had to be done though - LOL!! Maybe I will stick with them tomorrow too.

I wanted to share this nice new Blackbird Designs chart I got yesterday... how unique! This is stitched on three different small cuts of 30 ct fabric, sewn together and given some fun top stitching at each seam to make it look like, well, what it is called, "Flea Market Souvenir". Now, this will push my boundaries a bit... I have zero finishing talents and do not own a sewing machine... wish me luck when I get around to this one!!

And, of course, it is New DVD Release Tuesday - one for each of us today - Failure to Launch for me, and Ultraviolet for Mike, our resident sci-fi lover.

Stitched on today: Mermaids of the Deep Blue

Monday, June 26, 2006

Kingdom Sampler Update

Here is this week's Kingdom Sampler SAL update :-) I know Nikki can't work on it tonight due to a commitment, but she will be at it tomorrow - I look forward to checking her blog on Wednesday morning to enjoy her progress too. This is such a fun (and quick) stitch.

Q. Have you ever used a magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it helpful?

A. No, I haven't hit that milestone yet...

I found this little surprise beauty blooming by my front door a couple of days ago. I have no idea what the name of this rose is... this is one of those $3-$4 roses you buy at WalMart, and you pretty much don't expect it to survive the New Hampshire winter... so, you figure, bye bye rose! But, that didn't happen this year... they all came back... so, this is a nice surprise! I wish I had saved its name now! (***Added 6/27 - I looked it up, it's my Korde's Perfecta - excellent!!)

And, these are Mike's pots of nasturtiums that are hanging on the post where the birdfeeders once were (before the infamous bear found them). I had bought the packet of seeds in early spring and put them in the kitchen drawer. My plan was to plant them in pots on the deck after threat of frost so that I could have them climbing on the rungs of the deck. But Mike came across them first and put them in some old hanging pots from last year that originally had impatiens in them. He didn't even change the dirt. But, he sure got some nice pots of nasturtiums! Meanwhile, I bought new seeds, as well as morning glory seeds, and have my deck vines started now (although you may recall that the bear ate the first group of morning glory seedlings that night when he tore the yard apart - before we met him in the daylight) - no sign of him since. Anyhow... I think Mike is kind of proud of his colorful little nasturtiums.

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler and Kingdom Sampler

Sunday, June 25, 2006

HOHRH House 4 Finished :-)

This is a bit of a mini finish for me - some of you know this, but it has taken me just about forever to stitch this one house block - but today I got it done! And yes, I do like the color scheme better now than I did when I first started it. All that mish-mash down by the lawn still looks strange, but the house makes up for it - LOL!

To those who asked yesterday, yes, this is a Vicki Clayton conversion - one of her earlier conversions. I've received a lot of requests for this color conversion, so I created a blog for it and it is linked in my sidebar for you. That way you can grab it when you want it, and I don't have to keep retyping that long list for everyone :-) Vicki will package it up for you if you send her the list.

Instead of starting House 3, I decided to put a little time in on Women of the Mayflower for a couple of hours tonight :-) I just love this sampler. I wish some of the colors were as intense as they appear on the model, but that is the way it goes with hand dyed fibers. I had to special order the fibers as they are not sold locally, so they came in sight unseen. I don't really feel inclined to make changes. I can live with it. I ran out of time though - will have to finish filling in the "1620" box next time!

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Women of the Mayflower

Saturday, June 24, 2006

MTM Part 9 is (finally) finished - all buildings are done!

What a relief! This has been a long haul - for the past four months those of us stitching MTM have had to stitch a long, detailed row of buildings each month... now, I am finally done with those! For the next three months, we will be working on the border... hmmmmm...

Annette had expressed an interest in seeing the Jessica stitches... this picture looked blurry on the scanner, I think I cropped it down too close. But, let's see if Blogger makes it look any better??

I got great news in the mailbox today :-) My registration for LTD's 18th Century Historical German Garden class went through for CATS in September! Woo Hoo!! And, I talked with Mike - we will probably now stay through Friday night instead of through Thursday :-) (What I cannot figure out, though, is why the class is an 18th C. garden, but if you buy the chart or kit elsewhere it is a 17th C. garden - LOL!!)

Now, off to stitch on one of my projects on which I have fallen woefully behind... now, that leaves me a lot of choices!
I chose to work on the much neglected Houses of Hawk Run Hollow tonight. I am really glad that I did - have to get it done so I can stitch Village of Hawk Run Hollow, right?? Anyhow... almost done now with House 4! Just have to add the little bit of tree, its leaves and the other apple....and then the border around the block.... it has taken me forever to stitch this house block, so I will also be relieved when it is done!

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Friday, June 23, 2006

Almost there... not quite yet... but really soon!

It's my own fault, really. If I hadn't taken forever to get myself started tonight, I would have finished Part 9 of MTM.... but I did get very close. I could have finished, really. But instead, I have opted not to stitch the four jessica stitches in the big center building (they form what are supposed to be the stained glass windows) tonight - it is late and I want to stitch those with a fresher mind. They aren't difficult, but they look stupid if you do them wrong - LOL! So, I will do them tomorrow evening. We have plans during the day to visit Mike's mother. It will, of course, be a tremendous relief to be done with these buildings. It's already a relief!

I got up earlier than Mike this morning, and I put a little bit of time in on Harvest Moon while the house was so quiet. I really love this sampler :-)

Some things I have been noticing about stitching bloggers.... 1) they are generous people, always looking to share with others; 2) almost all have an affinity for Carriage House Samplings; 3) many of us have a stack of Little House Needleworks charts, with Coffee Menu on the "must stitch" list - LOL! Just my frequent observations.... :-)

Stitched on today: Harvest Moon and Medieval Town Mandala

Thursday, June 22, 2006

All the x's are finally done

Now down to the rest of the backstitching and specialty stitches... that shouldn't take long, but I did leave all of those silly eyelet stitch windows to do on the big central building. I like that part the least... will continue to forge on, almost done now!

Thank you to those who sent birthday wishes to Mike :-) He turned 46 today - and opted for a quiet birthday. He got plenty of nice gifts, and he got to choose all the plans for the day.... errands he wanted to run, out to lunch together, things like that.... The weekend isn't over, of course, so who knows if he has any other plans. He had a fleeting thought of going down to Boston today to catch a Red Sox game, until he was reminded that they had the night off tonight - oh well.

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Four days off now... aaaahhhhh

First things first, it is this old project again... one more terra cotta colored house with big black windows and green doors to stitch... then plenty of backstitching, rhodes stitches, satin stitching and jessicas to stitch.. then I will be done with buildings - yes! Soon, I think, soon!

I have the next four days off from work - and am so looking forward to it. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday, and we agreed I would take time off in case he wants to do anything... I have no clue what tomorrow will bring... will we be here? travel somewhere? Who knows, he is quiet about it so far. Then Friday is my late father's birthday, which is a solemn day for me... and then the weekend. As you can imagine, I am looking forward to this break now.

I have some office news, at last. Mike found a new office for me. He took photos and I will see if I can locate them and share them. The building is literally diagonally across the street from my current swampy office (boy, the mold stink almost overwhelmed me there again today). We are looking at a July 8th (or so) move... there is one small issue to get resolved in the next day or two - a document the insurance company I am contracted with will need... other than that, all seems fine. It is apparently a very large office.... well, it sounds like it will be good and I will get those photos soon :-) I wrote up my termination letter for the current landlord today, but am holding that until that small issue gets resolved... a tiny bit of limbo here...

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler and Medieval Town Mandala

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Garden Spot Sampler is finished

***I was able to get this finished at work today :-)***

Garden Spot Sampler

Samplers and Such

R&R Reproductions 40 ct Creme Brulee Linen

Hand-Dyed Fibers Silk Conversion

Started 9/20/05 - Finished 6/20/06

Tuesday SAL with Jo


Wow, Barbara got busy today on my Neighborhood RR - that lady doesn't waste any time :-) I love her start! She is also telling me she is nervous - hope she relaxes, I know I will love whatever she adds, and I already love this Elizabeth's Designs start! Thanks B! I was also thrilled today to receive Veronica's RR. Now I can begin to start thinking of a fun addition to her RR too - hers is very, very delicate. I spent 90 minutes tonight looking at charts and beginning to formulate some ideas for her.


So... with the SAL project completed during the daytime today, I had no excuse not to go right back to work on MTM again tonight... And am getting closer to the corner now :-) Wow, my WIPS folder for this project on my computer is getting huge now - almost as big as last year's garden file already LOL!

And, it was New DVD Release Tuesday - got a creepy one, The Hills Have Eyes - LOL, wanna come over this weekend and watch with me??

OK, so now that I am 40+, my metabolism and I are at constant battle... today I received my order from Amazon which contains Ultrametabolism - I have been on a low and/or controlled carb diet for over four years now. The write ups I have read on this book have pointed me this way - a possible good adjunct to my existing controlled diet... and I loved this author's previous book, Ultraprevention. I am pretty excited about this - I just have to find time to read it now. In the order, was a cool cross stitch book too - one with the gorgeous Double Band Sampler in it: Olwyn's Treasured Samplers - Karen saw the Double Band Sampler (partially pictured on the cover) done up at a needlework show in Australia a few months back and simply raved about it - she put a pic of that work somewhere in her blog... I was very excited to get the book!! There are not many double band samplers in existence, so it's uniqueness is very appealing.

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler (yay, finished!) and Medieval Town Mandala

Monday, June 19, 2006

Annemarie totally made my day! My week! My month! Thank you so much, my friend!

Here is why Annemarie has me filled with glee today! I got to see a picture of how my Neighborhood RR looked when it arrived at Barb's house yesterday! (Thank you Barb, for the great photo!). I love, love, love everything Annemarie put in her block! She did an amazing job - and can you believe, she was stressed out and worrying the whole time? Nobody is going to believe Annemarie anymore when she says she is worried about these RR blocks - LOL! And, I am sure you have noticed that she added a little black bear - I am sure that is in honour of the backyard guest we had here on Friday afternoon! I love how the cat sits atop the roof of the house, well out of harm's way - she stitched me a smart kitty! Annemarie, you are THE BEST! Thank you so much!
Tonight was Kingdom Sampler SAL night with Nikki, and once again this one was fun to stitch. It is giving me a nice distraction from MTM, that's for sure! I love how quickly this one is moving along.

I decided to treat myself to a little early birthday present today - before these got sold out. I ordered the Just Nan Exclusive, Noah's Sampler Reborn, from The Silver Needle today. I just couldn't resist this one! I generally cannot resist much that has the Noah's Ark theme, so you can see how this just had to end up here in my hands.... LOL

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler and Kingdom Sampler

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Too hot - stayed inside to stitch :-)

As I had guessed that it would, Harvest Moon has taken my interst of late. I plugged away at it for a bit more today. It is simply too hot to be outside for long (although I did manage to finally plant my gladiola bulbs while it was still morning and a bit cooler out... I got a pretty cultivar named Priscilla this year, I just hope I didn't plant them too late!!). Anyhow, I stayed downstairs in the cool finished basement and stitched while watching NASCAR - I got this much more done. This has been tricky. It is probably because I haven't stitched a SB band sampler in a while. I kept forgetting to read the last line of each band's directions - the part where they tell you how many threads to go in to start the band. I did quite a bit of frogging (yesterday too) - arrgh, totally my own fault! But I am half way done with this old UFO now! I will pick up MTM later tonight when the Red Sox game comes on :-)
And, here is tonight's update on MTM.... I am nearing the end of the row of buildings, but.... I do then still have to go back and backstitch here and there, as well as add most of the specialty stitches still...

I have some more garden pictures to share. They are from within the past week, and I discovered them sitting on my desktop here.... Bumblebee Delite intermediate bearded iris, Gull's Wing siberian Iris, Pink Haze siberian iris, and a pretty purple and white tall bearded iris... I need to look up its name.

Stitched on today: Harvest Moon and Medieval Town Mandala

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rescuing another old UFO

I had an urge to dig out this old UFO, Harvest Moon by Shepherd's Bush, earlier today while I was watching baseball. I can't remember when I started this sampler, but I do think it was after we moved into this house in 2001. I had forgotten how fun a band sampler can be when you want a little break here and there from other things. So, I will keep this downstairs now by my stitching chair and pick it up when I need "a change." The way I have been feeling lately, that means it will get done pretty quickly now! I love this sampler, and have no idea why I didn't finish it when I first started it. I had only stitched down to the pink satin stitching prior to today...
And then, of course, back to MTM tonight. Sorry this photo is horribly overexposed. Still moving along on my mission to finish Part 9 before the month ends :-) Oh, I can't wait to be done with stitching these buildings!!

Oh, Summer is here now - it is so nice and hot! I love it when it is hot! No new bear news today. I enjoyed stitching in our finished basement tonight - it is very cool down here, and I enjoyed two very funny DVDs - The Producers and The Pink Panther - I just loved them both :-)

Stitched on today: Harvest Moon and Medieval Town Mandala

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bear Sighting

After awakening from a little nap this afternoon, I went into the back bathroom to watch chipmunks in the lawn through the window with Ava (my littlest kitty). Suddenly, I saw a big furry black leg start to amble around from behind my cherry tree.... our bear came to visit us... in the daylight! I hollered to Mike who brought the camera. Here is one of the shots of her/him taken from the side kitchen window. The plant you see hanging is now on the metal post that used to hold the birdfeeders. The bear was stymied and got no food. He/she did not seem to mind hearing us talking through the window. My cats were not bothered to see it either (they probably see it often!!). Then the bear ambled up the front slope of our yard, across the street and up the path that trucks dug out over a year ago to haul out some trees from the land across the street from us. All speculation is now officially over - we have a bear! I am glad we were not outside! We will figure out what to do now. (Maybe I will just stitch Long Dog Samplers' Do Bears? in its honor! LOL)

The first step I have taken is to do a whole lot of research on black bears. What I have learned is positive and simple. They are not known to be aggressive. If they are fed, they become habituated and lose their bear-like behaviors (which isn't good, meaning it could become aggressive!). So, all temptations must be removed (and have been). He or she will wander over 100-200 miles, depending on its gender (males apparently wander further). If we encounter the bear outdoors, we are to stand our ground. Make noise so he or she knows we are there and it will likely depart. I don't wish to encounter the bear, but now I know what to do.... There is no information to be found on my state's wildlife sites that indicate that a bear minding its own business should be reported. That would only lead to harmful, likely lethal, consequences for the poor beast. We sure don't want that! So, for now, education and taking a wait and see stance is what we plan to do.

Several of you have emailed me asking me why we have not called the authorities. Well, what good would that do for the bear? After all, it is just a bear doing its thing as a bear and has not harmed anyone. If the authorities are called, it will be harmed. And the websites I read suggested that bears simply need to be left alone, not to upset them and they will not harm you... as an animal lover who does not even like to kill insects, this works out well for me... This, after all, is life in the woods... except until now life in the woods has meant deer, for the most part :-)
In stitching news... well, there isn't much. I got a really late start tonight on stitching. Not sure why, just wasn't feeling ready until late... but I worked a lot on the big center house. Once that is done, it will feel like I have turned the corner on Part 9 :-)

I was really happy today to learn that Sugar Maple Fabrics has reopened her Treat of the Month (Mindy's version of Fabric of the Month)! I signed right up for the fat quarters of linen each month - and gave her my preference list. I signed up for this over a year ago, received my first shipment... with a note in it saying this was her last month doing TOTM...what a let down... well, it is back and I am thrilled!

In other good news, I faxed my registration for the Liz Turner Diehl class at CATS in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, first thing at 8:45 AM...first day of registration. I had an email in to them about something else, and yesterday I got a reply about my question... and an extra note that my registration was received, all looked "great" and confirmation letters were going out next week... I hope that means I will be in the class :-) I also hope that Leslie gets in the class too (I am sure she will - she was right on it with getting her registration faxed out too - how cool!)

Stitched on today: Medieval Town Mandala

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am all over the place today

Somehow, I worked on four different projects today, which was unusual... I started off early today by finishing off my little surprise project... then moved on during the day to get some really decent progress made on Quaker Garden.... Do any of you feel I don't work when I am at the office?? LOL! OK, my job is a little cushy... Tonight, I was not feeling in the mood for MTM, so I picked up Women of the Mayflower for a bit. I managed to stitch the square with the 1620 in it (still needs to be filled in with light gold).... but my conscience got the best of me...

... I know I really want to get Part 9 of MTM done as quickly as reasonably possible this month, and it is the 15th already... so I put Women of the Mayflower away and worked on MTM again tonight...

Q. How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

A. I don't think I really understand this question, so by looking at it I am ruling out that it means how many cross stitch charts do I have... the second half of the question makes no sense if it means charts.... so, it must be technique books. I don't own any.

Today is my twins' 4th birthday - my twins, that is, are Lily and Anouk... granted, these are pretty lousy photos... but I wanted to show you just how thrilled my little girls are to be celebrating their birthday today - LOL! Lily is the one in the photo on the left and Anouk (with sleep in her eyes) is the pic below - Blogger refused to upload this one, had to go with Photobucket! Happy Birthday Girlies!

Thank you to all of you for your concern about my office. I am not on a lease there. Somehow, I ended up being a month to month cash renter... so, I don't know really what my rights are, what his rights are, does it work in my favor or his?? What I can assure you is that I won't be paying my rent until there is some resolution. He is offering to move me back across the hall to my old smaller office once the alarm company currently occupying that space leaves at the end of the month. Oh, whooppee! The small office again! He will be refacing the front of the building in July - assuming now in his magical way that that is the problem causing the leak... I dunno. So, while I wait for news of a new office elsewhere, I plan to move my sofa and loveseat, coffee table, etc over to the small office and leave my computer, phone and such in the leaky office. The leak is nowhere near that equipment, but moving the phone yet again is soooo expensive with the phone company... so that is the plan right now... oh, the stink in that room, it is coming back to me as I type this. I worked in Lawrence today - nice, dry, not smelly office :-)

Stitched on today: finished up little surprise project, Quaker Garden, Women of the Mayflower and Medieval Town Mandala

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The (Toxic) Swamp

This isn't the swamp :-) I put some more time in on MTM. I decided to photograph it in full, as it makes me feel like I accomplished more. Anyhow, here it is as of tonight...

The Swamp is my Haverhill office. I was shocked by the horrible state it was in when I arrived there this morning. Clearly, the lovely landlord has not been there in days. It stank soooo badly! I had four big plastic buckets of standing water in them on my floor - water that came in from the old, scummy ceiling. Oh gosh, I want to get out of there so badly! He hasn't put in new ceiling tiles either. What a site! I took photos on my cell phone, but they are simply too depressing to even look at... I wish the new office's rental agent would get in gear and call Mike back with some info!!

Stitched on today: Surprise project at work (almost there now) and Medieval Town Mandala

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's a garden theme today!

First, of course, since it is Tuesday, here is my weekly update for the Garden Spot Sampler SAL...
It is finally dry enough around here, post NH Monsoon that we had over the last few days, to take some pictures of some of my irises! I haven't shared any in a while. I have many, but am abritrarily limiting myself to three photos today. Here is a pink tall bearded iris, whose name totally escapes me...(Of course, I went and looked it up - it is Grateful Citizen)

This little pretty is currently greeting our mailman at the mailbox... and if I remember correctly, it is called Patina... but who knows, I could be way off about that! I really love the color combination in this one :-) I think Mike took an especially good photo of this iris... kudos to him! (Yep, looked it up - it's Patina!)

And, I haven't seen this pic in a few days - just came across it in my recent garden photo file that Mike makes for me... hmmm, is it a good photo? This is my tried and true Echo de France tall bearded iris... survived the stomping by the bear when he pulled the birdfeeder out of the bathroom window just above it... this lady blooms every year! Most of my irises seem to skip a year or two between blooms (except for the heirloom irises, they bloom consistently too)... OK, that is today's flower show! LOL

OK... I lied! I decided to also share this fourth photo. This is a siberian iris called Summer Skies. I got it on ebay two years ago. It wasn't ready to bloom last year. I love this one! I have never seen it anywhere before, so I only just added it to the database over at Dave's Garden (cool gardening site! link is in my sidebar...)... it is like little periwinkle blue and white butterflies, more delicate that most siberian irises :-)

New DVD Release Tuesday! We got The Pink Panther. I've been dying to see this one... hope to find a day without baseball soon so that I can watch it - I have tons of DVDs backed up because baseball is on almost every night :-)

Stitched on today: Garden Spot Sampler

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kingdom Sampler Update

Tonight is the second night of the Kingdom Sampler SAL... here is where I got up to tonight. It may look like an awful lot, but it is important to note that all of that blue is done in half stitch :-) This sampler will actually be a fairly quick stitch since there is a whole lot of half stitching in it... but I think it is so cute :-)

Some people are idiots. Cannot say that more simply enough. I was driving home tonight up Interstate 93 in New Hampshire, which is a twisty two lane highway. I was in the left lane driving a large Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I was driving alongside a WalMart semi-trailer. And suddenly I heard a roar, only to see that some idiot on a motorcycle decided to take the teeny tiny space between myself and the huge truck and make it into a third lane! I was just amazed at how stupid he was! Geesh! And, then to learn today that the Ben Roethlesberger (I cannot spell his name), the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers also happened to be in a serious motorcycle accident today - no helmet, serious head injuries!! - geesh, come on. I hope he will be well, though. I am a NE Patriots fan, but wish no harm on anyone!

Blessings to those in Florida tonight, as they face the first tropical storm and/or hurricane of the season in the early morning (already!!).

Oh, rummaging through the DVD Dump Bin at WalMart yielded Dave today - that's a fun one :-)

Stitched on today: Quaker Garden and Kingdom Sampler