Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, it's something... and Gingher Heaven

Mike and I had a lot of running around to do today, so stitching time was limited. We went to Massachusetts this evening and had a wonderful belated birthday dinner with my Mom. She and I split a bottle of wine... this also limited my stitching today - LOL. I did, however, manage to stitch a gift for a friend... and I managed to finish the fence in the bottom right corner of Mystery IX... but those urns... not after drinking wine! They will wait until tomorrow!
And, I am in Gingher Heaven today! Joann Fabrics had all of their Ginghers at 50% off today. I had been eyeing these Amanda Designer Series 4" Embroidery Scissors for a while now... and the sale came along and with some luck I was able to get them today - the last pair! They are bright and so pretty! My collection is growing now! In a short couple of months, I have been able to get Lanell, Jamie, Alyssa, Julia (have to wait until Christmas for these - Mike wrapped them and put them under the tree - what a tease!!), Olivia and Amanda... Like I said recently, I really don't need this addiction! Anyhow, here you go - meet the new member of my scissor family! I can't wait until the Olivias come in from ebay... after Christmas I will post a picture of the entire "family" - LOL!

I still have some lovely hand-dyed fabrics for sale - the ones still available are listed below, and you can scroll down to yesterday's entry to see their photos.

Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 -sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 18" x 27", $15
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
Silkweaver Tuttie Fruitie 28 ct Cashel Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold

Thank you to everyone who left comments and emails about my first Christmas ornament :-) I really appreciate the support! I already posted it off to a friend yesterday - I hope she likes it!!

Stitched on today: Started and finished a gift, and Mystery IX


Anne S said...

Yay, I'm glad to hear you'll be posting a piccie of them all together - I can't wait to see them all! :D Glad to hear you had a wonderful night out ... come to think about it, I might just chuck a bottle of Chardonnay into the fridge and join you in the belated festivities tonight ;) It's a great thing that I stocked up on wine while I was flatting with Fraze - there's still some left to drink now it's a non-essential ... makes life much more fun! ;) LOL

Kitty Couture said...

Can't wait to see your whole collection, Carol! I'm developing a similar addiction to Liberty fabrics with equally scrumptious names... Have only invested in 2, but who tells what 2007 shall bring? LOL!
How exciting that you are onto your final "round" on Mystery IX :D

Have a great Sunday!

mainely stitching said...

Oh, those are such beautiful scissors!! ENJOY! :)

Lnanaa said...

I love seeing your progress on your Mystery IX. I t's really beautiful and I would love to make something like that one day. I can't wait to see it finish. The scissor is really cute.

You sound like you had a nice time with your mom. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Carol that you provide a lovely home for the orphan Gighers ;o) I'm anxious to see the family portrait too!

I'm late on posting about your 1st Christmas ornament ~ lovely! I would have done the beads too...I use them whenever a french knot is called for.....I have a whole collection of Mill Hill beads because of this reason! LOL!
And when I saw the picture, I thought what you say is the hanger was really like the ornament was all tied up like a Christmas present! LOL! I was thinking I should do a ornie finish like that! LOL!

Katrina said...

oh Carol, please stop posting pics of these pretty scissors, its too tempting for me especially since we can't buy them in NZ!! LOL.

sounds like a lovely time with your Mum, wine and stitching - good combination :)

Love your first ornie too, well done on another lovely finish.

Trish said...

Mystery IX is pretty awesome!!!

Cathy B said...

Oh dear - what have I started? LOL They are really cute scissors though. I also recently purchased Cheetah at I'd like to find a pair of Olivia - will probably have to resort to Ebay too.

Cathy B said...

Actually - it is Sophia that I'm trying to find. It's a beautiful red floral pattern!


Anonymous said...

I am interested in Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 18" x 27", $15
but i dont have paypal thou