Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ornaments Galore!

I am enjoying doing the beading on Mystery IX! Wow, there really are a lot of gold beads to go on this. I know I said this when I finished Medieval Town Mandala a couple of months ago, but I feel it again today - boy, I really don't like those Swarovski crystals that Martina adds to these big projects. I know they are crystal, but to me they just look like pieces of plastic stitched onto my pretty samplers! Oh well, to each his own taste! I am sure there are people who like those. I can live with them, but would never choose to add them. Coming down the homestretch :-)
Katrina sent me an envelope full of little packages recently, and she OK'd for me to open the "small square one" - so I did! Look at this gorgeous Elizabeth's Designs ornament she sent me! She sent me a different Elizabeth's Designs ornament last year - she knows how much we both love ED! I love it, Katrina! Thank you!! (Sorry this photo came out blurry - I wish I had noticed that before I downloaded it!).
And, a gift from Margaret arrived today! I adore this! She sent me Jeannette Douglas' needleroll from a recent JCS ornament issue! It is stitched so beautifully! I have a goal to learn how to make needlerolls in 2007, and ironically, this is the one I was going to stitch first! Oh Margaret, thank you!!
And.... it didn't end there! Look at this stunning, gorgeous, perfectly executed hardanger heart from Von! How perfect is her work?? She is my Hardanger Idol, that is for sure!! Thank you Von!!! All three ornaments are so very proudly displayed on our tree right now! (I wish I could get a good photo of our tree - we display it in our upstairs foyer, because it looks so pretty through the big window above our front door when we do that - but I can never get a good photo of my tree there! I will ask Mike to give it a try - it is looking so beautiful with stitched ornaments from my friends, and some wonderfully adorable handmade ornaments from some of the children I see in therapy - so cute, would love to share that!).

Angus Update: He is behaving well and reportedly doing well with his catheter. We have no news on blood levels or kidney values today. He is due to get off the catheter tomorrow evening. I told them not to rush with that, although am a bit worried - as of 5 PM tonight his bill was a bit over $1,300 already. Thanks so much for all the prayers for him! I will probably list some wonderful fabrics and stash for sale again soon. I am hoping to help defray some of his expenses that way... every little bit will help!!

Wow, it is almost Christmas Eve already! We will be spending much of the day at my brother's house in Bradford, Massachusetts tomorrow.... I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Mystery IX


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing it finished and I am with you on the cristals.
All the ornaments look beautifull that you have received

Rowyn said...

You have some really pretty gifts there. It is good to hear that Angus is doing well, although you and Mike might need some medical treatment when you get the final bill! Have a very Merry Christmas.

mainely stitching said...

What gorgeous ornaments! I would LOVE to see your tree - tell Mike to get busy! LOL!

Here, they actually have insurance for pets ... maybe they do everywhere, but it seemed so typically Dutch when I first heard about it. Our first dog was a purebred and they suggested we insure him ....

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous ornaments - lucky you!

Good news about Angus - we have the option for pet insurance over here too. Hope the bill doesn't run too high!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous ornaments! Glad to hear Angus is doing well! Hope he comes home soon!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carol!
I wish you all the best and it has just been splendid coming to know you this year! :D

Michelle said...

Mystery 9 is looking amazing. I can't wait to see it finally finished...just beautiful! Big hugs still to Angus, I hope he gets all sorted out and gets to come home soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ornaments! I love them.

If you can find the time... would you mind showing me the back of a needleroll? I am making one right now, and was never sure how the back was supposed to look? It doesn't have to be right now or anything, but sometime, I'd appreciate it :D

Have a Merry Christmas Carol :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely ornaments. Lucky you! I hope Angus can get rid of the catheter soon and come home! Merry Christmas to you and Mike!