Friday, December 15, 2006

Does anyone know...?

For a little while tonight, I thought I had finished the third corner and was getting ready to start the last set of steps... and then I remembered I still had to stitch the little urns! Oh well... soon enough, I am sure!

I have been wondering about a few ladies I used to stitch round robins with years ago - I have totally lost touch with them, but was wondering if anyone who reads my blog knows any of these ladies? And if so, do you have email or snail mail addresses for them? I will list the ones whose names come immediately to mind... may list more later, just have to think about them and remember some last names still... Any help would be so appreciated, they are lovely people, and thanks in advance!
***Laurie Earl in Utah
***Verneil Chaouch in Minnesota
***Vicki Hand in Florida
***Lynda Huffman in California
***Cecilia Swanson in Indiana....

I still have some gorgeous fabrics for sale... I am seeking PayPal as payment - shipping is very low, $1.50 for one piece in the US and will set a low price for multiples or for non-US shipping - not looking to make money on you - just letting fabrics go to help out a good can see photos of the fabrics here - still available are:
Silkweaver Morning Dew 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17 -sold
Silkweaver Golden Promise 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 26", $17
Lakeside Linens Misty Rain 36 ct Edinburgh Linen, 18" x 27", $17 -sold
Sugar Maple Fabrics Atlantis 28 ct Jubilee, 18" x 27", $15
R&R Reproductions Fanci Blue 32 ct linen, 12" x 21.5", $12
I was in the dollar store today, and looky what I found - +1.00 readers... the strength my optometrist suggested I use when stitching now - at least if I am also watching TV and want to be able to focus quicker when looking up from my stitching. I only paid $1.00 for these... they are lightweight cadet blue plastic and far from fashionable - LOL! But, only Mike sees me wearing them anyhow! Not sure I like them, though. I didn't find them to be helpful - not yet at least, maybe I need to adjust. I see just fine when I stitch. I stitched a lot today on 40 ct without needing any help... I guess I am just not aware of any eye strain when it happens. But, anyhow, I figured it only cost me $1.00 to experiment :-)

Stitched on today: Finished a gift, and Mystery IX

PS - why do so many call fabrics "fabbies"? What's wrong with the word "fabric"?


lena-lou said...

Have you ever thought you might just get dry eyes Carol? Mine get dry and do a similar thing and I definately don't need glasses so I use artificial tears and they really help, just a thought for if the readers don't help and you feel your vision is OK for stitching.

Anna van Schurman said...

There is nothing wrong with the word fabric. People. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

Nicole said...

I use readers all the time for stitching - especially when I'm stitching on higher counts. I got a couple pairs at Target not too long ago when they had them in their $1 section. Are you going to start that big tree chart (sorry can't remember the name right now)? I think it is so pretty!! I don't call fabric "fabbie," I call it fabric or linen. P.S. I love your Emblem of Love, it turned out so pretty and your making great progress on your Mystery. I admire you so much for your perseverance!!

Barbara said...

Dry eyes also bother me (reading Helen's comment). Visine is a must-have in our house.

Your Mystery is gorgeous!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh nearly there on your Chatelaine Carol - its looking great!

And... I have to admit that sometimes I have a very bad habit of making slang words so I have probably wrote or said fabbie in the past! *dont smack me please!*


Kath said...

Haven't you been a busy beaver then!! I love all your wee fobs, just very cute.

Go with the specs too... I wear mine - porescription and darned expensive too - pretty much all the time now. Can't thread a needle with out them.....

Old age, aint it grand!

Hope that you find your friends too.

Anonymous said...

Carol-I was in a birthday floss group with Verneil. I haven't heard from her in a few years. The group broke up and many of us lost touch.