Monday, July 11, 2005

A big decision about Catherine Agnes... :-(

I am going to restart this piece. I added the next motif onto it this afternoon and realized something I thought I had noticed yesterday... the reticello/cut work motif is not placed quite right. Now the motif below it does not line up evenly. This is surely not good enough for me. So, in the next few days I will reorder the linen and give it a new start.... good thing I had not gotten that far along, and I am pretty sure I figured out what went wrong too, so next time should be OK.
And, this evening I put in a couple of hours on 17th Century Irish Garden... no problems with this one :-)
I just received the Gold & Jewels 28 ct gilded lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics via their ebay auctions.... and all I can say is... WOW! What stunning fabric! It looks exactly like the pic I posted of it a few days ago (July 3rd).... so.... I went back to ebay and ordered a fat quarter of their Silvery Impressionism 28 ct Lugana... I am sure this will be lovely, as I am using their Impressionism Cashel for Mermaid Heaven and think it is the most wonderful colors! I am now so very excited to see this new piece with the silver in it :-)
I also received all of this lovely stash from Stitching Bits & Bobs :-) ... ... and all of these gorgeous hand dyed fabrics were in the package too - Silkweaver 32 ct Romantic Interlude lugana, Picture This Plus 28 ct Crystal Meditation lugana, Sugar Maple Fabrics 32 ct Merfolk's Morn lugana and Sugar Maple Fabrics 28 ct Summer's End lugana.... pretty yummy stuff... and I got a free gift too - two skeins of Kreinik Milkpaints, as well as a nice small cut of a neutral evenweave and several nice charms, all in a cute little plastic purse shaped container... so cute!! Love it! Bobbie does a great job with her shop!

I took a whole bunch of new garden photos today, but am too tired to take them off my camera. I spent the last 3 1/2 hours watching the Home Run Derby on ESPN... this is an event held annually the night before the MLB All-Star Game. As usual, I just loved it! Congratulations to Bobby Abreu, what a massive win! And, congrats to Boston's own David Ortiz... he also broke the record in Round 1 :-)

***Edited to add in today's garden pics - Julie asked if I could post one long photo of my garden, but I cannot... sorry. My garden is massive. It goes all the way around my house, around my walkway, up my driveway, around my mailbox... and then another side garden as well.... one big pic will show tons of green with a tiny flower here and there - it sure does not all bloom at once like in a painting - LOL!
Daylily: Chance EncounterDaylily: Always AfternoonDaylily: Seminole RubyDaylily: Painter's SplashDaylily: Bette Davis EyesDaylily: English WitchDaylily: Clinch Mountain Aurora...And a blurry photo of the bloom on my passion flower vine... thrilled to see it bloom. I have to overwinter this in my kitchen due to our harsh winters... and boy does it make a mess with its leaves dropping... and then the cats move them all over the place... argh... sweeping all the time! But when it blooms, it is all worth it :-)

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden and Catherine Agnes


Katrina said...

I just loovvee seeing all your new stash Catol, especially since I've got to be a good girl between now & our wedding in October and not spend too much on stitching supplies!

thanks for the conversions for the Celtic Ladies too. Now you've got me thinking about which Celtic Autumn one to use, lol. uuummmm, decisions, decisions.

Julie said...

Your photos of blooms are really lovely but do you think you could post a long shot of your whole garden so we can see them all together?

Gill said...

Sorry to hear about your Catherine Agnes, but I understand how you feel. If its not right, you will never be happy with it.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you have to restart something you have done so much on but, once its finished,you will be happy that you restarted. I wanted to thank you in pointing out to me that the DMC floss is so much cheaper in USA. I am now checking where I can buy the floss and have it sent over. Can you suggest a Online store that has good service and deals with DMC? Yesterday I paid €0.96 for one skein (that would be 0.76USD).

Shelleen said...

Sorry that you can't fix Catherine Agnes. Must be frustrating.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear that you've got to restart CA :( It was looking so nice as well. Hopefully it won't take you too long to restitch.