Saturday, July 16, 2005

An Earth Angel Update

Mike has a friend up from New York this weekend. Off they went for a boys' day in Boston today - I happily passed on that so I could get some gardening and stitching done in peace - loved every minute of it!! I worked on Earth Angel a bit this evening, and now her wings are really starting to take their shape - and I think they are the prettiest things!! I have a tiny bit more of this shading color to do, and then next time I can add the little bit of darker shading that is still needed at the tops of her wings, and then it is all white from there on.... I don't know if I will take a break from the wings to work on the flowers and ribbons, or just get the wings out of the way first... it will be about a week now before that decision gets made as she gets put away now. Can you even see the work I did tonight? I have a hard time photographing light stitching :-) It was really weird today too, because if you scroll down to my photos of my garden, you will see that a daylily named Earth Angel bloomed today too - kismet!

Oh, I just saw I am high bidder for a lovely fat quarter of 28 ct Summer Romance Jubilee by Sugar Maple Fabrics... oh, and speaking of Sugar Maple Fabrics, I contacted the owner, Mindy, and I am now officially in their Treat of the Month Club, and have made my payment for the July installment. Yay! Can't wait to see what pretties I will get.... and now it is time to ditch the fiber clubs for a while :-) They were great, but just not meeting my desires right now :-)

Another booming day in the garden. I took way too many new photos to post here, so I selected a random variety to put into Photobucket... here is what came out :-)
Daylily: Strutter's Ball
Daylily: Fairy FirecrackerDaylily: Earth Angel (hmmm...sounds like something I am stitching!!)Daylily: Jan JohnsonDaylily: Femme De JoieDaylily: Charming HeartDaylily: Buttered PopcornDaylily: Mokan BouquetDaylily: Bandit ManDaylily: Rose TalismanDaylily: Magic Carpet RideDaylily: MalachiDaylily: Open HearthDaylily: Hobbit
Oh, I heard some good Red Sox news today! Gabe Kapler is returning to the team!! He is one of my favorite outfielders, but is not one of the starters. Over the winter, he opted to sign with the Japan league. With Jay Payton being cut a week or so ago, we have the opening available, and apparently Gabe wanted to return - because he is coming back now!! Yay! Oh, and Johnny Damon extended his hitting streak to 28 games today! Go Johnny! ***And... THANK YOU Seattle Mariners for beating the Baltimore Orioles today, leaving us alone in first place still! Whew! Holding on for at least one more day to that slot - LOL!!!!

Stitched on today: Earth Angel


karensff said...

Earth Angel is looking gorgeous.

BeckySC said...

She looks awesome! I can see your progress! WOW, she is gonna be so beautiful! You're getting close :)

More pretties today! Your Garden must be a happy one :) :) I love all your pics!

hugs :)

Shelleen said...

Earth Angel is just coming along beautifully. Keep up the great progress.

Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Carol, I ADORE Earth Angel. I think you should work on her everyday :) Lots of pretties frrom your garden too. I love some of the names the lilies have e.g. Hot Buttered Popcorn! Enjoy your Sunday

Dawn said...

Earth Angel is coming along great! I also love the pictures of your flowers.

Kathy said...

Hey Carol, wow she is looking fabulous a always looking forward to seeing her finished.

Glad you liked my wips lol.

Hugs xxxxx