Thursday, July 07, 2005

My prayers to my British friends...

My thoughts and prayers are with all my dear friends in the UK right now... may God bless you and keep you from harm.... please drop in, if you can, and let us all know you and yours are OK.... thank you!
Well, I felt some pressure today to keep going on Legends of the Dragons as my SAL mate just won't seem to slow down and let me keep up... so I finished the backstitching on Majesty this afternoon... but it has to go away now because I have other stitching plans for later this evening. I wish I did not feel this pressure, and hopefully soon I will not let it get to me. But for now, I still struggle to keep up. I am a fast stitcher, and I know this, but I am doing 12 projects right now and still trying to keep up with someone who is only doing a small number of projects... silly me!
And then I worked for the rest of the evening on Earth Angel. I focused on the first shading color in her wings, and this is about 2/3 of that part completed now. It is not as tough to do as it looks :-) I think her wings will move along quite nicely now.
I ordered a fat quarter of this pretty Planetarium 28 ct jobelan from a shop I just learned of on the Needle & Thread Bulletin Board: Stitcher's Dream - they came highly recommended, so I decided to give it a go - I will let you all know how it worked out! I was psyched that they take PayPal!

Some garden photos from yesterday and today - there are a few this time, so I made them smaller :-)

I received the latest issue of Stitcher's World today: Unfortunately, not very impressed.... nothing in it of any real style this time around... oh well :-(

Stitched on today: Story Time, Legends of the Dragons and Earth Angel


tkdchick said...


Stitcher's Dream has a lot of fabrics I really like. I can't wait to hear how they work out.

Karen said...

Thanks for the good wishes - I don't live near London and as far as I know, none of our friends and family are involved but yesterday's events have still affected me. My thoughts are with everyone caught up in this horrible situation.

Rowyn said...

I haven't been too impressed with Stitchers World since they changed the format.

Earth Angel is beautiful. How London could do with an Earth Angel right now!

Nicole said...

Majesty looks great :) To help with your pressure I will not stitch Legends until next wednesday or thursday (around your SAL day), that way I can make progress on Blackwork dragon at lunch time next week and quilt this weekend. You are a very fast stitcher, soon it will be me working to keep up with you!

I checked out Stitcher's Dream, the fabrics are very nice, unfortunately I'm still trying to be good but I've bookmarked that site for sure, thanks!

Isabelle said...

Hi Carol,

Sorry for not commenting for a while... I've been online very little those days.
I looked at all your latest pictures - stitching, flowers, fabrics... Everything amazing and gorgeous! You are a quick stitcher. Just a fw day's absence on my part and you've progressed so much on various projects!

Just mailed out your Birthday gifts... I hope the parcel gets to you before I leave for Ireland next Friday. I'd love to know it's safe at your place before I'm off!