Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesdays are for dragons...., of course, I went to work on Legends of the Dragons. I just have some more backstitching to do in his wings, and I might do that at work sometime this week so I can kind of catch up with Nikki. Unlike Nikki, though, I am not really looking forward to having border to do again... :-) I am glad to be done with Majesty's wings. As you can see, they are really colorful. Well, I would stitch a color and think I am done, get a new color on my needle and realized I had missed a patch of the previous color... and this just kept happening over and over again - stubborn little dragon - LOL!

Q. Do you think that you stitch neater on Evenweave than you do on Aida
cloth? If so, why?

A. Wow, I can barely even recall the days of stitching on aida. However, I doubt my stitching is neater on evenweave (or linen) than it was on aida... it is about the same... except fractional stitches are more even, I imgaine, on evenweave or linen :-) If the question today were, do you like to stitch on evenweave better than aida, then I would have to say "YES!" But that is not the question.... so I will stop chattering away about that...

I picked up the floss today for Celtic Spring... little by little I am getting the whole series kitted up so I will be good to go....

I forgot last night to mention that I got two MLI charts on ebay for great deals... Secret Santa and Spiritdancer... I figured they would be fun to have in my stash for those low prices.

It was a bit damp, kind of drizzly, when I got home this afternoon. I took garden photos but may retry tomorrow to see if the weather is better. Otherwise, I still have some pretties from today to post tomorrow....

Red Sox 7, Rangers 4 - Matt Clement pitched 8 2/3 innings... sure wish he was left out there for that last batter to make it a complete game... he deserved that, great job! And, what is this? Curt Schilling is going to finish his rehab as the closer in the bullpen while Keith Foulke is on the DL?? Amazing... interesting...hmmm...

Stitched on today: Story Time, finally for a little while at work again today... and Legends of the Dragons


Unknown said...

Majesty looks GREAT! I'm so excited you're all caught up. I just finished backstitching Magic last night, not sure when I'll work on the border, maybe a little tonight if my friend comes over to stitch because it doesnt' take too much though. 2 down and only 1 to go... I'm so excited!

BeckySC said...

Hi Carol,
LOTD looks awesome! I love the colors!
Angel of Love is looking wonderful too!

WOW, your new fabbies are wonderful and I bet it did feel like Christmas :)!!

As always, your garden pretties are just lovely!

As for Terry, he is about the same-he underwent surgery and now has a VERY long road of recovery ahead of him. It will be a lot of stress on his wife and family, as they will have to do most everything for him, as he will be in a full body cast. Continued prayers for them all would be so appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful stitching, stash and garden with us!