Friday, July 22, 2005

Still going with Petal Fairy....

I kept working on Petal Fairy tonight. I figured I am so far behind in the Celtic Band Sampler SAL, since I joined it late, that I would just put it aside for this one week.... I kind of missed doing it tonight, but it felt good to keep this fairy going.
Here are the two Sugar Maple Fabrics handpainted fabrics I received today - on the left is Ink Belfast, and on the right is Silvery Impressionism Metallic Lugana.... nice :-) And, I used the "save your receipts" program at the LNS today and was able to get Sunflower House as my freebie - also got a skein of GAST I need for that, the Burnished Gold Silk 'n Colors for Un Petit Paradis and all the beads for Celtic Spring (so now that is completely kitted and ready to go at my whim....) The belfast came in today for Catherine Agnes so I can restart that one anytime now too - and I got in a card of Petite Treasure Braid for the new Passione Ricamo chart :-)

I found a UFO while I was up in my stitching stuff tonight - Lanarte's Girl with Cat - I totally forgot about this! I started in either before we sold our house in Derry in 2000 or while we were renting in 2001...??? Love it, and have to get it into the rotation soon! It is so delicate. I will post a pic of what I have done soon...

Another big day of daylilies:
But first... an out of focus shot of one small area of the garden in the back - lots of daylilies blooming here - and apparently some activity around there today as I see the squirrel feeder is all askew...hmmm... :-)
Daylily: PanochaDaylily: Hunter's TorchDaylily: Cameron QuartzDaylily: Sweet SurpriseDaylily: American IndianDaylily: Forbidden CityDaylily: Siloam President BarnesDaylily: Longfield's PrideDaylily: Siloam David KirchhoffDaylily: Dashing DoubleDaylily: Frances JoinerDaylily: Carolyn CriswellDaylily: Red RibbonsDaylily: Gloria Hite BestDaylily: Siloam New ToyDaylily: Royal RobeDaylily: Calypso DancerDaylily: Tangerine TwistDaylily: Night BeaconDaylily: Bill CrockerDaylily: La MerDaylily: Stand Up DoubleDaylily: BrutusDaylily: Frosty BeautyDaylily: Water WheelDaylily: TrahlytaDaylily: Betty WoodsDaylily: Etched in GoldDaylily: Priscilla's RainbowDaylily: OutrageousDaylily: Siloam Angel's VoiceDaylily: Calgary StampedeDaylily: Fruit LoopsDaylily: Prairie Blue EyesDaylily: Siloam Ethel SmithDaylily: Little Fat Dazzler (very irridescent, doesn't show up)Daylily: Little FredDaylily: Indy Waltz TimeDaylily: Jason Mark

Stitched on today: Story Time and Petal Fairy


Anonymous said...

Petal Fairy is coming along so fast. She is really beautiful.

What a nice surprise to find 'Girl with Cat'. She is, like you say, so delicate. I love the Lanarte projects, they all seem to have that air of serenity with them. One I'd love to do in the future is 'Horse and Flowers' also known as 'Spring Ride'.

Beautiful Daylilies again. My favourite today has to be Red Ribbons. It's so different to the others with it's long thin petals. So pretty :o)

Kathy said...

Wow she is coming along lovely, and lovely way to start the dat with all those lovely flowers.

hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Petal Fairy is moving right along and you will be done with it soon.