Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A lot of daylily photos, a huge thank you & an early birthday treat!

And, today was Legends of the Dragons - more knotwork, but didn't do any of the backstitching still :-)
I am really excited about this! I made a decision and talked to Mike, and he had no problems with this birthday choice of mine - I signed up for and ordered the kit for Chatelaine's Medieval Town Mandala online class starting on 10/1/05. I really enjoyed doing Mystery VI, so I think this one will be extra fun. I think I read somewhere in Dani's blog that she is also doing this class, so that will make it even more fun :-) Everything is all ordered up, so now I just have to wait - LOL!!
Heaven Lee Creations sent me my FOTM invoice today - and it was already marked to tell me I will be receiving Vanilla Sky 32 ct jobelan this month - looks neat, so I paid the invoice... can't wait to see it in when it comes in :-)Meanwhile, my July FOTM from Silkweaver came in today - this one is really pretty - a greyish, greenish stone type of color... wonderful neutral background!

And, I was shown yet again today that stitching friends are the best friends!! Thank you, Jenn, for the copy of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" that I received in the mail today! I love it and I will read it!! Jenn wants me to know that I am never too old to read Harry Potter. You are the sweetest, really love you! I feel very spoilt :-)

Q. Have you ever done a color conversion? If so, what did you think about
your results and would you do it again? If not, would you like to try

A. No, I have never been brave enough to come up with my own color conversion for anything. I have substituted a fiber here and there.... sometimes I add beads instead of metallics as I am on L&L's Earth Angel.... but along with not being brave I often feel that the designer puts so much into a project and I never want to second guess her (or him....).... Yet, having said that... I plan to stitch L&L's Celtic Autumn and Celtic Christmas using conversions by Victoria's Needle...

OK, are you ready?? I took 66 new photos in my garden today! No, I am not posting them all - although I would love to! Instead, I have selected most of the ones I can name.... not even all of those.... I will save the others until I can find their names (for now...). You will see in some that the very hot and dry temps here today affected the ability of some of the red and purple blooms to retain the pure color :-( Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful feedback about my garden! I think that by next summer I will be able to meet my goal of being able to divide some of the plants (many are finally getting to be huge) and begin to sell on ebay.... and outright to friends too :-)
Daylily: Lullaby BabyDaylily: Oomph PahDaylily: Rocket CityDaylily: Feather DownDaylily: Swedish GirlDaylily: Champagne TaffyDaylily: Siloam Ury WinnifordDaylily: PatternsDaylily: Morning SunshineDaylily: Mae GrahamDaylily: Black EyeDaylily: Hamlet (faded by sun and heat)Daylily: Jedi Irish SpringDaylily: Double Pom PomDaylily: Gypsy LaceDaylily: Critic's ChoiceDaylily: Driving Me WildDaylily: Rainbow SkiesDaylily: Yazoo Jim Terry (usually doubles, didn't today)Daylily: Vintage WineDaylily: Mickey MarcotteDaylily: CondillaDaylily: Tom WiseDaylily: Little PeanutDaylily: Dark AngelDaylily: Little Witching HourDaylily: Black PlushDaylily: Red RumDaylily: DauntlessDaylily: Purple Waters

Red Sox 9, Devil Rays 4 - day game today, had to listen on the radio when I could at work...

Stitched on today: Legends of the Dragons


Jenn said...


I'm glad you are happy with the book. I thought you might think it was stupid of me to send it. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Medieval Town Mandala is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your WIP of it.

karensff said...

I read in your previous post that you weren't sure which project to concentrate on now that a few were nearing completion. I agree with the others when they say petal fairy. She is the prettiest and I can't wait to see her finished. I hope you enjoy the first Harry Potter book. I just finished the latest one and I am tempted to read all the others again.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how an online class works... Medieval town is beautifull - as always a great choice. I went to the designers site and discovered, if I remember correctly, she lives in my hometown in Germany (I left Germany when I was 10 to live in Portugal). Very interesting.
Her embroideries are awsome.

I still haven't found out what "a mistery" means". I notice she does "misteries". Have no clue.

Nicole said...

Legends looks great :) Sure makes me wish I had time to work on this again. Hopefully I can pull it out tonight for a little while.

Beautiful flowers. I can't believe what we see here isn't even all of them, your gardens must be huge!

tkdchick said...

Hey Carol, Legeneds is looking great! Yes I'm serioiusly considering Medeival Mandala and I would have bought it too if Cindy had the kits ready when I visited her at the beginning of the month. So I will wait until closer to October to order but I'm pretty sure I will be doing this unless there's some financial catastrophe. This piece is a considerable investment!

Gill said...

Medieval Town Mandala looks absolutely gorgeous, I'm sure you'll have many hours of enjoyment stitching it.
Legends of the Dragons is looking good!

Cathy said...

Carol, I always love the pictures of your garden. I would happily eat up all 66 pictures! I have such a black thumb, I can't grow anything but weeds. I am sure you will love Harry Potter. I don't know anyone who has read it who hasn't. Can't wait to hear what you think!

Christine Doyle said...

I can't wait to see your progress on the Chatelaine piece, Carol! I love her designs but as yet have not had the courage or the $$ to pick one up.

...and 66 pictures of lilies!! Wow! They look incredible and I love looking at them daily. I wish I could see the entire garden and sit and sip a tea amongst the blooms.