Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A sweet dilemma

Tonight it was time to work on Petal Fairy, and I finally realized she is getting pretty close to a happy dance! This presents a really sweet dilemma for me... suddenly, I have at least three projects all nearing happy dances - Petal Fairy, Miracle Butterfly and even Earth Angel.... so what do I do? If I were not rotation stitching, one of these would be done this weekend :-) I have to decide which of these will take priority like Fairy Flora did when it was nearing its end... what a sweet dilemma :-)
Please meet the latest acquisition to my stash collection.... Ink Belfast (fat quarter) by Sugar Maple Fabrics.... the sale over at The Avid Stitcher continues - nobody else is scooping up these gorgeous fabrics at these great prices, so if no one else wants them, I will adopt them :-) I can see several great possibilities for Ink :-)

I still have to try to research the names of most of the daylilies in bloom today... but many of today's blooms are:
OK, not a daylily - this is a little twig of a hydrangea I planted in 2001 - nice little bloom this year :-)Daylily: Pandora's BoxDaylily: LookDaylily: Constant CommentDaylily: Peaches and CreamDaylily: Xia XiangDaylily: Root BeerDaylily: Bubbling Brown SugarDaylily: Camden BallerinaDaylily: Bone ChinaDaylily: Lavender DealDaylily: Phenomenal Phoenix

Red Sox 5, Devil Rays 2.... something good to say today :-)

It's New DVD Release Tuesday! This time it is Constantine for Mike... but he couldn't watch it tonight - I hogged the TV for the Red Sox game :-)

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy... still no time to stitch at work, but really going to try to get some time tomorrow (my days in Haverhill, MA - Wednesdays and Fridays- tend to be slower than are my three Lawrence, MA days)


Dawn said...

I love that color! You have some of the prettiest fabrics I have seen.

Kiwi Jo said...

It's so good of you to give unwanted fabric a loving home :)

Kathy said...

Wow what a lovely colour.

I have changed my fabric too for CW, will put a pic up when I get a chance. Its more blue than grey now. Can't wait to start it lol.

Hugs xxxxx

Butterfly Amy said...

That fabric is gorgeous!!

And I think you should stitch on Petal Fairy! Shes so beautiful and I can't wait to see her finished!

Happy Stitching

Bea said...

Carol, I hope you'll finish your Petal Fairy. It's my favourite one and I can't wait for seeing it!

Anonymous said...

You continue to surprise me with the garden photos. They are lovely to look at.


Kathy said...

Wow Carol you are a busy bee lol. Hmmmm to have a dilemma like would be lovely lol. AS you know I have 2 on the go, will have to get craking if I am to get anywhere near finishing them soon lol.

What beautiful flowers as always.

Hugs xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't be able to put Petal Fairy away if she was that close. She's beautiful!

I love the daylily called 'Look' the colour is gorgeous. This has to be my favourite so for.

Shelleen said...

Petal Fairy is just gorgeous! I have my happy shoes waiting :-)

tkdchick said...

What a deilemma! I love finishing a project! Put all the names in a hat and draw one out and that's the one you'll finish!!!!