Saturday, July 23, 2005

An exhausting day - Mike threw me an early birthday party (my birthday is not until next Sunday) with my brother and his family, and many of Mike's family here all day.... my mom couldn't make it because her water heater broke down and she was awaiting the plumber, and my sister is in London on business. So, lots of beer today... finally some time to settle down and stitch.... so I will post my progress pic and my garden pics as an edit tomorrow :-) Don't want to waste any of my stitching time right now doing other things :-)
***OK, here is my edit - I know this is a blurry picture of my little bit of progress on Petal Fairy, but it truly is the best I could do at 1 AM :-) Not much, but figured I would still share it....

The garden was lovely for the party today - I got sooooo many compliments from my friends and family that came by... and my SIL wants divisions of most of these daylilies now. I told her sure, but first she really must bring me some divisions of her lily of the valley that are soooo hardy - her mom gave her cuttings years ago from her garden on Cape Cod - those are the ones I want :-)
Daylily: Mardi Gras ParadeDaylily: Ed MurrayDaylily: Fresh AromaDaylily: Mahogany MagicDaylily: Orchid CandyDaylily: Trahlyta (better than previous picture)Daylily: Bimini RunDaylily: Chinese Temple FlowerDaylily: Brief EnchantmentDaylily: Sunshine LovelyDaylily: Siloam William PryorDaylily: Anne-EvanDaylily: Siloam Royal PrinceDaylily: Wild OneA rose with a lost name... thought the plant had died :-)Daylily: Pixie BeautyDaylily: Radiant GreetingsDaylily: Gamester

Red Sox 3, White Sox 0

Stitched on today: Petal Fairy


Kathy said...


Hope you had a lovely day.

luv n' hugs xxxxxx

karensff said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day.

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, Petal is going to be finished in no time by the looks of things!

oooh, a birthday party, hope you had a fantastic time. (So does that mean you get celebrate all over again on the 31st?, lol.