Friday, October 27, 2006

Reached a Goal, Linen For Sale, and a RAK

I met my goal for tonight - I finished the last of the small ponds on Mystery IX, Part 10. With a lot of rain and wind forecasted for the weekend, I am holing myself up to work on this until it is finished. I have some very small spring bulbs that we bought to support the cute little girls across the street (one of those school selling for funds deals) that I hope I can plant tomorrow (weather permitting), and on Sunday I will be happy to deal with the trick or treaters... but other than that, I am not dealing with anyone or anything. I need the alone time in a big way.

I worked a lot on a gift this afternoon, and it was a lot of fun! But I cannot finish it yet, because I need a Mill Hill Treasure for it. I went to the LNS today, and I remember looking at the rack of MH Treasures when I first got there, but then I forgot to go back and choose one for the project -duh! Since I don't know when I will be near an LNS again, at least not in time to get this out, I did find what I needed on ebay from a very reliable ebay store that sells needlework supplies. I buy all my Anchor floss from her regularly and she ships fast. So, I got what I needed, plus a couple of skeins of Crescent Colours that I couldn't get while I was out today... so once the treasure comes in, I will be good to do the finishing :-)
I was RAK'd by my good friend, Karen! She is so sweet - what a nice treat! She sent me Just Nan's limited edition Horrified! with Whimzi Frame. Aw :-) I took the picture at this odd angle to show that the frame is attached to the chart.
I have this really, really pretty Silkweaver Solo for sale, if anybody would like it! It is a beautiful blue and purple blend. It is 28 ct Cashel linen and is 18" x 18", the cost is only $10 and shipping in the US is $1.00. If out of the US, still cheap shipping :-) I have a few more to put up, but it is late right now and I only have a photo of this one so far - I will get the others up tomorrow. Email me or leave me a comment here if you want to claim this one! ---sold
Daylily: Siloam Double Rose (with bugs)

Stitched on today: a gift for a friend, and Mystery IX


Nicki said...

You're nearly there on this part! Sounds like you need a few hugs and some of those treats for yourself - never mind the trick and treaters :)

Heather said...

Mystery looks stunning Carol, keep up the wonderful work.

What a lovely giftie from Karen. I have that one on its way from Laurel's Stitchery.

Our trick or treaters don't come until the actual day, not sure if I'm ready for them or not, but we'll make do with what we have here.

Vonna said...

Lovely Carol! You amaze me!

Karoline said...

WTG Carol you're almost there

Jenn said...

Mystery is looking great Carol! Keep up the good work on it. I know it's getting to you. *hugs*

Mmmm your fabric you have up for sale is so pretty. I wish I had a pattern that would go on it so I could snag it from you but, I don't.

Have fun with the trick or treaters. We don't get any at the condo but, I'm looking forward to next year when we will at the house.

Kip said...

OOh I love that fabbie - if no ones taken it yet I have something that would look great on it, so I would love to buy it

Annemarie said...

Nearly there, Carol! I would love to just sit and stitch all weekend. No trick or treaters here!

Anonymous said...

You have rain & we have wind. Both are good excuses to stay in.

Mystery IX is looking great - very interesting with all the detail.

Sweet of Karen!

Enjoy your week-end

Nicole said...

It looks like someone else already wants the fabric, but if it doesn't work out i'm definitely interested :)

I can't believe how fast you can work on the Mystery - if it's not finished this weekend you will definitely finish by the end of the month (because that's so far off *wink*) :)

I hope you've enjoyed the rainy stitchy day. I did lots of studying.