Saturday, October 07, 2006

Double Header Day

I had some time to stitch earlier today while we were waiting for a call to pick up Mike's car, which was in for some service. I didn't feel like getting M9 out that early and going through the laborious process of getting it set up on the Q-Snaps, only to have to dismantle it when the call came in. I dug through my WIP bag for something small that was not already committed to a certain day... and ended up with Women of the Mayflower :-) I realized today that I need to get more serious about finishing this since I already put the date on the sampler. It is October already - gulp - must get moving on it!
Later, I did get back to M9. I finished the top pool (minus the beads and center crystal) and stitched the green hedge... I hope that tomorrow while I watch football I can do the corner pool by the hedge. Then, after all of this work, I will be only 1/4 finished with Part 10. I do love how this looks now. It is getting that nice look of finally coming together now, and the colors are just amazing!
I had recently sent a DVD off to Missy - an extra in my collection, and she volunteered to adopt it. Today I got a surprise package from her - she crocheted this sweet dish cloth for me, sent along some pretty threads and a nice variety of tea bags! You may notice the Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf is opened. I drank it right away! There is an autumn chill in the air, and when I was bringing in the mail, I was thinking of making some coffee to warm up. Instead I drank the lovely tea - thanks Missy! You guessed right, I do love tea! My prayers to Missy during this sad time in her life as well - she is such a sweetie :-)

I stayed up last night and read the rest of the article on the Haverhill Claw Hammer Murder. Mrs. Ellis did not pass away until March 7, 1931. However, she never regained consciousness in the hospital. It was discovered that one item was missing from the home after the murder - a wrist watch belonging to the victim. A 17-year-old high school student, who was also a paperboy, brought it to the police station. As they interrogated him, his stories kept changing. Initially he said he found it in a snow bank near the home. Not sure how his story changed, but he was charged and convicted with the murder. Very sad. And, that is pretty much what I learned about the murder that took place in my office building some 75 years ago.

Daylily: Mae Graham

Stitched on today: Women of the Mayflower and Mystery IX


Anonymous said...

Both pieces are coming along nicely, Carol. I too like the way M9 is coming together. I was a bit skeptical when it was just up to the triangular gardens, but I have really liked the last few parts (despite the time factor:))

KarenV said...

I love WOTM Carol - it's looking really pretty!

Interesting story about your new office - glad you managed to find out the story!

Annemarie said...

Thanks to your story, I feel like picking up 'The Needlewoman's Murder Mystery' again. Not good!
Mystery IX is turning into a real stunner! And so is WOTM. Although I worry about your sanity: do you actually want to have this finished before January 1st?

stitcherw said...

You have some so many lovely pieces, the colors in M9 are really beautiful. The colors in Violets and Lace are very pretty too, I read about you SAL on Katrina's site.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks wonderful. I love Women of the Mayflower. Those colors are great!! Mystery IX is coming along nicely also.

Karoline said...

WoTM and M9 are both looking lovely Carol

Anonymous said...

I love and miss those vanilla teas!! You have done a great progress on your M9 and the small piece is very cute, looks like is almost done :)

Barbara said...

I want to have a stitching day like this!

WOTM looks fabulous, as does M9 (which makes me think of British spies and highways).

Your historical murder is interesting. It's fascinating, the things just under the surface of our everyday lives, isn't it?

Oh, great gifties!! :)

AnneS said...

Your 'office murder' is intriguing :) M.IX is looking good, you're right it really is coming together now with those pools and borders. I really love the Violets & Lace sampler you're stitching with Katrina, it's really pretty :) Good luck getting WOTM finished before year end ... I'm sure with your turbo needles you'll manage it just fine :D

Concetta said...

Mystery IX is so beautiful... I adore seeing your progress on it. I think I'll definitely have to buy this chart before it ends. :)

Von said...

M9 is one design I'd love to see in person - the colors must be amazing!!

Your office building murder story is fascinating and there must be many other stories waiting to be uncovered. That is one thing I envy you in the NE for - all the history that has happened there. My town is not quite a hundred years old and there aren't many old homes here. Walla Walla, 50 miles away, is much older and has some glorious Victorian homes.

Missy said...

I love seeing your progress on M9 and WOTM. Both coming along great!

Glad that the package arrived safely and that you enjoyed the tea!