Sunday, October 01, 2006

Even Sparklier Mermaids...And Goal Review

I beaded for a long, long time today - while watching NASCAR, the New England Patriots, the Red Sox... even Friday's episode of Men in Trees (love that show!) on the DVR... but still not done. I am now down to beading the flippers on their tails and then I will be done! But I have to bead those in hand - the project outgrew my big Q-Snap, and it is too wide to use my Q-Snap with the extenders. I have found beading in hand to take much longer than with the Q-Snap, and they beads do not fall in line as well either. So, it is going to take me a bit of time still to finish.

It is the first of the month, so time for my goal review :-)
September Goals:
1. Finish Medieval Town Mandala - yes
2. Finish Part 9 of Mystery IX - yes
3. Work on Paradigm Lost SAL with Jo - yes
4. Work on Mermaids of the Deep Blue - yes
5. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - yes
6. Work on Bordeaux Sampler SAL with Anne - yes
7. Work on Blessings Be Thine - yes
8. Work on Emblem of Love SAL with Karen - yes
9. Start Violet and Lace Sampler SAL with Katrina - no, we decided to wait until October
10. Work on Women of the Mayflower SAL - yes
11. Finish Veronica's Neighborhood RR and post to Annemarie by the 9/15 posting date - yes, it is safe in The Netherlands now
12. Work on Mermaid Heaven - yes
**Also attended CATS and took 17th C. German Garden class with Liz Turner Diehl, and I revived another UFO - Mermaid and the Sea

October Goals:
1. Finish Part 10 of Mystery IX
2. Finish Mermaids of the Deep Blue
3. Work on Paradigm Lost SAL with Jo
4. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
5. Work on Bordeaux Sampler SAL with Anne
6. Work on Blessings Be Thine
7. Work on Emblem of Love SAL with Karen
8. Start Violet and Lace Sampler SAL with Katrina
9. Work on Women of the Mayflower SAL
10. Work on Dianne's Neighborhood RR - pick charts
11. Work on Mermaid Heaven
12. Work on Angel of Love
13. Work on Mermaid and the Sea

This may be a bit of a tall order for October, as Part 10 of Mystery IX is rather large this month. But it looks like it will be pretty - we get to add some pools to the garden now :-) And speaking of Martina, I think it is wonderful that she submitted a new little mandala garden, Lavender Garden, to this month's issue of The Gift of Stitching Magazine! Not only is it a pretty garden that I now want to stitch, but it is also a wonderful way for stitchers who have been attracted to her designs to get a chance to try a small one out and see how they like it! Great idea! (The whole issue of The Gift of Stitching is wonderful this month - I also love the design from Rosewood Manor!).

It is a bit of a sad day today - I have been praying for two different stitching friends who are dealing now with some losses. I am worried about them both, they are very special to me and two of my friends are very sad tonight, and will be for a while. I am here for them, and I hope that they know it! ;-)

I am two weeks behind on SBQ, have to take a photo of the cute gift from Su, and also of a special RAK from Becky - I will try to get to those SBQ's, and I hope it isn't raining tomorrow so I can go outside and get relatively decent photos of my gifties to share!
Daylily: Indy Waltz Time

Stitched on today: Mermaids of the Deep Blue

**********I don't know about the rest of you, but my Blogrolling is virtually empty - I figured folks were being quiet - turns out I have been missing out on a lot of good posts by my friends! Sorry I have been absent - Blogrolling tricked me!!!!


M said...

But by golly they're beautiful!

Barbara said...

Your mermaids are stunning. Good luck with the rest of the beading!

I've also had a "quiet" blogrolling weekend so thanks for the heads-up that blogrolling is being tricksy. I'll check blogs today. :)

I hope your friends are doing okay. ((((hugs!))))

Anonymous said...

My blog rolling has almost stopped working completely this week. Very, very few people will now show *new* next to their name. I don't know what's going on.

Mermaids are just lovely. I can't believeh ow much the beading has added to them (they were so pretty even without the beading). It will be nice to see them completely done.

bunnyhead said...

I just figured out yesterday that my blogrolling has been not working either. Grr! Very annoying! Congrats on your goals!

Judith said...

They will be beautifull when finished.
I have the same problem with blogrolling.I also thought everyone was quiet :-)

Jenn said...

I don't think it's BlogRolling. It's Blogger. Cause I'm having the same problem with BlogLines, and it's only the Blogger feeds that aren't updating. It's also a frequent problem, happening AT LEAST once a month and sometimes even more than that.

Kendra said...

Yup, my blogrolling isn't working right, either. I've gone for several days without any "NEW" notices in my list, only to discover that I've missed a lot of posts when I've checked out the blogs in my list.
Frustrating to say the least...but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having problems!

Anna van Schurman said...

Don't let my mother see these fabulous mermaids...I'd be working on them for the rest of my life. (She has hinted that she'd like one for her long has it taken you?)

Anonymous said...

Your mermaids must be dazzling in person if the picture looks this nice! Fan(fin)tastic job!

Michelle said...

Blogrolling tricked me too...I just though everyone was away or being quiet. Your WIPs all look lovely, you will be done with Mermaids in no time.

Wendy said...

Gorgeous stitching and beading on your Mermaids ~ they are awesome!

Same problem with blogrolling for me too.

Your October goal list looks very inspiring. I can't quite bring myself to make a list...:-P

Barb said...

jThe mermaids are beautiful. Good luck on your goals for Oct.

AnneS said...

Mermaids look stunning :) And thanks for the heads up on the blogs :D Looking forward to seeing your gifties!