Friday, October 06, 2006

Working on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Although I thought for a while today that I would have liked to have used my time tonight on Mystery IX (considering I just cannot see getting Part 10 done easily this month - if at all). But, working on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow as a SAL with Becky on Fridays is meaningful to me. So, I stuck with HOHRH :-) I managed to finally fill in all of the house on Block 3, and started the post for the birdhouse on the left. Hopefully next week I can finish this block and then will get to decide which block to work on next. SALing this with Becky on Fridays is such a good thing - I started HOHRH in January of 2005 and am just approaching 1/3 done - this SAL is keeping me focused on getting this done :-) I will try to figure out other times to get Part 10 of Mystery 9 done instead.

OK, I got more info on the "Haverhill Claw Hammer Murder" today. I caught up with my landlords and they gave me a huge file of info on the house and the murder for me to look through and copy. The details of the murder were in there in a very old issue of "True Detective Mysteries." I want to see if I can find this issue on ebay - all I have, though, is that it is a December issue. The magazine, oddly, did not show the year anywhere. It is from the 1930's though. And, I do know what the cover looks like, so I can at least go by that!

I still have to read all of the info I copied, but so far I know this. The victim was Mrs. Clara E.C. Ellis, a society woman who, it turns out, is related to Lucy, my landlady, somehow. The murder was committed on February 26, 1931. It was first considered to have been a suicide. Mrs. Ellis was not yet dead when she was found by one of her servants. She died at the hospital (thus, the house likely is not haunted - at least that is my theory). Figuring out who committed the murder was difficult for the detectives... and that is the part I am up to now, so I will update you as I get more info. I got a lot of emails about this, so I will keep you informed. I plan to read the literature this weekend :-) Oh, the house was also part of the Underground Railroad! This is a seperate bit of history, but was also in the folder. The house was built around 1840, and I have photocopies of several photos of the house during various time periods... the murder, the Underground Railroad era and more recently. It's kind of fun to learn such things about my new office building. Oh, and it appears from what I have read so far that the murderer may have gotten into the house through the door to the sunporch - that door is directly behind my back when I sit at my desk - shiver!!!
Daylily: Bess Ross

We are likely to get our first frost tonight... sigh... my geraniums, begonias and nasturtiums will soon die. I dislike this time of year for its killing properties in the garden.

My Kingdom Sampler is back from the framer now - it came out so nice. Mike was too tired to take a good photo of it tonight, so I will ask him to do so tomorrow and will then post it. And, I enjoyed a nice visit with Sue this afternoon too.

Stitched on today: Houses of Hawk Run Hollow


Barbara said...

What a rich history! Wow!

Your HoHRH looks wonderful. I'm glad you worked on it yesterday. ;)

Did you get the frost? Mom said they had one this week up in northern Maine. Brr!

Anonymous said...

HoHRH looks so nice. Glad to see your putting regular time in on this piece now :).

The history of the building you're in is so cool and intriguing.

Love your pic of the flower. Does Mike really take all these pics? They look so professional. Maybe he needs to get into a different line of work :)

It was fun visiting with you yesterday too.

Anonymous said...

HoHRH is looking fantastic. You will be on to a new block in no time. I am looking forward to seeing which on you choose:)

Kip said...

Wow that sounds great, I love old buildings especially when they have histories like that!

Karoline said...

HoHRH is looking lovely Carol. Your new office building has a very interesting history, I'm looking forward to hearing more

Tracy Baby said...

Wow what an amazing story! I cant wait to hear more.I live in the oldest house in the suburb I live in ,it is a bit over 100 years old ,which is old in NZ .The beams in my house originally came from a boat and are all hand finished, i love feeling that living here connects me to the past.No ghosts though LOL

Nicki said...

HOHRH looks great :) And what an interesting story do far about the murder. How great to know so much about the history of the building!

choko said...

Nice chart and nice coloer!!
Will you push forward a stitch with a friend?I am very envious of it. Because it is important that a hobby agrees, and a person can be on the circumference.When do you do a stitch to linen?

Cindy said...

Ok, first of all . . . I would have to consider moving so that your back is not facing that door! lol! Really it is just awesome what you are finding out about this murder. HoHRH is looking fantastic!!!!

Jenn said...

HoHRH is looking good.

Thanks for the info on the Haverhill Claw Hammer Murder. I'd looked on line after you mentioned it and I couldn't find anything either BUT I did find out that a lof of famous people have come from Haverhill.