Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mike's Store is Open... Ginghers, anyone??

Mike and I wanted you to all know that his online store is now OPEN! He has many wonderful Gingher scissors now in stock - many styles and sizes. He also has great rotary cutters and other items. Please check it out here!! Currently, Mike is only accepting PayPal. We hope you will find something you like - best Gingher prices around!! Thank you!

I received a beautiful Christmas Ornament Exchange from Heather today from the USEBB. She stitched me the cutest bird ornament - I love it! And included this gorgeous kit by The Sweetheart Tree and some fantastic fibers. Thank you so much, Heather!! (I apologize for the shot of the toilet paper holder in the photo! It was 22F here when I took the photo and I didn't feel like going outside to get the good light.... used the bathroom windowsill instead!).

I also received this gorgeous PIF gift from Jenna today - isn't it beautiful! Jenna's stitching is just so perfect! And I love how she used this Just Nan design to make a sweet biscornu...
Isn't the back beautiful too? Thank you so much Jenna! It has pride of place in my basket of biscornus now!

My wonderful mail did not end there! Just look at this little sweet needlebook from Helen! The best way to show it was using a slideshow, starting with how beautifully wrapped it was when it arrived! Helen designed this little cutie herself! I think she should publish her design and finishing instructions. It is just so sweet. I cannot stop looking at it! Thank you Helen!! Wow, I am blown away by this!! (Psst... I am wrong! The design is by C'Mon Monde :-) Helen designed the finishing... which I still think she should publish!!).

I didn't stitch much today - too busy doing other things, like taking my mother to lunch for her birthday.. I did start a gift, and put some stitches into the border of Serenity...

Goal Review Time!
November Goals:
1. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -yes
2. Continue to work on Victoria's Quaker -yes, and I finished it
3. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace -yes
4. Continue to work on Spring Ride - yes
5. Finish Deb's Neighborhood Round Robin and send to Nikki -yes, and Nikki has it
6. Stitch some gifts - yes, I stitched 7 gifts, 1 return CE Exchange gift and one PIF
7. Finish Autumn Exchange and send to Myrna - yes, and Myrna has received it
8. Stitch USEBB Eye of the Needle Exchange and mail out by 11/17 - yes, and Nancy has received it
9. Stitch SBEBB LHN Exchange and mail out by 11/17 -yes, and Aniza has received it
10. Stitch SBEBB Rabbit's Big Day Exchange and mail out by 11/30 -yes, managed to get it in the mail just on time yesterday
11. Stitch SBEBB Christmas Ornament Exchange and mail out by 12/1 -yes, and it is already in the mail
12. Stitch USEBB Christmas Ornament Exchange and mail out by 12/1 - yes, and Marie has received it
13. Stitch Simone's Ornament Exchange and mail out by 12/1 -yes, and Catherine has received it

December Goals:
1. Continue to work on Serenity
2. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
3. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace
4. Start A Christmas Quaker on Christmas Eve
5. Stitch and send Crazy Exchange I signed up for a month ago...
6. Stitch and finish Stitchers Lottery entry by 12/31
7. Stitch and send Crazy Exchange Christmas Exchange
8. Stitch some gifts
9. Start Fair & Square blocks for Laura
10. Stitch and send Stitching Bloggers Christmas Exchange to Natty
11. Start Lauren's Neighborhood Round Robin
12. Stitch at least one PIF

OK, that's enough for today!

Stitched on today: Started a gift, and Serenity **Mailed out a gift today


Heather said...

Look at all you fun mail! I am glad you like it Carol, it was fun to stitch the little bird for you! Have a Merry Christmas :D

Shelleen said...

great package in the mail and you did a great job on your November goals, good luck with your December goals. I also listed mine yesterday.

Jennifer said...

I just love that birdie ornament. My DH is working on a Valerie Pfeiffer - so cute!

And Helen and Jenna both did fantastic jobs. What a lucky girl you are!

stitcherw said...

What wonderful mail you received, they all look fantastic. You did a great job on your Nov. goals too, good luck with your Dec. ones.

Susimac said...

What a wonderful array of gifts and exchanges you have received, truely lovely.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a great mail day too! Such lovely gifts

staci said...

Really beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

You amaze me at how much you accomplished in Nov, WOW!

Marika said...

What a wonderful gifts !! You are lucky lady !!
I just made an order in your brand new shop !! Everything went smoothly and I am anxious to wait my first Gingers arrival. ;-)

Susan said...

Your stitching and stuff look lovely! I am so glad I saw that your shop was up-I have already gone and bought a pair of scissors!

Sylvie said...

I love the birdie ornament, it is so cute!

Hazel said...

Great ornie. Lovely biscornu and gift from Helen. You did very well lol. Congrats on your new store. Well done with your goals and hope you do just as well with this month's. xx

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Wow so many wonderful things. The little chickadee is just adorable. A pretty biscornu and a fabulous finish on the needlebook. Lucky lady. Your progress was amazing for November and December seems like it will be full of stitching too. Have fun.

Kitty Couture said...

Wishing Mike all the best in his new venture! This is so exciting!

The bird ornament is gorgeous - and those designs by V. Pfeiffer take quite some time to stitch!
Jenna's biscornu is beautiful as well... As for Helen's needlebook... Exquisite! What great mail you had!

I am, as always, in absolute awe at all you accomplished in November. Hats off to you!

mainely stitching said...

WOW! What wonderful mail, what talented friends, what an exciting new venture for Mike ... and your mom's birthday, too! You've had a jam-packed weekend! :D

Sally said...

You have received some gorgeous mail Carol! Everything is just so beautiful.

Arthemise said...

Tell Mike congrats!

Karin said...

Gorgeous exchanges! I'll have to check out the store soon.

Mãe da Rita said...

Hello, I'm from Portugal and I love your works, specially MTM and The Forest. I wanna know how do you manage to do a Tin, do you cut it? I asked Betty Bee but she didn't answeared me and I saw that she´s ill :( I had never saw a biscornus and ì've tried to do one, I love it! unfortunatelly, i' ve only a little time because of my baby daugther.. Have a good week!Mª João

Katrina said...

They are all super Carol, bet it was lots of fun opening up these parcels :)

Nic said...

What lovely gifts you've had!

And well done on your achievements on your goals :o)

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous mail you have gotten! Wow! Good luck with your December goals. I ordered Christmas Quaker the other day. I am just (not so) patiently waiting for it to arrive ;)

Lynn said...

The mailman was really good to you! I love the bird ornament and that is the sweetest needlebook!
I must tell you how much I'm enjoying your stitch of Serenity.
It looks like a fun stitch.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you've gotten some fantastic parcels lately!

Michelle said...

Congrats to Mike on his new venture! I'll have to go check it out!