Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas Hearts Ornament

Well, OK, I am still stitching Christmas ornaments on a pretty regular basis here. I figure it is because it still very much looks like Christmas here. While my pals and family down south are happily reporting to me (all the time) that spring has arrived for them, it is still ultra snowy, very cold and oh so icy here in NH. I am home today due to severe ice this morning. I heard there were 12 rollover accidents between here and the Massachusetts border this morning, at the height of the morning commute. Glad I did stay home! I would have rolled or been stuck behind a rollover for most of the morning anyhow... hurry up Spring, this is getting to be pretty cruel and unusual punishment for us New Englanders now...

So, here is what I stitched this weekend, and just now did the finishing... a gentle reminder to myself of just how much I hate working with Kreinik blending filament!

Christmas Hearts Ornament
Just Nan - chart available HERE
32 ct Flax Belfast Linen, DMC Floss, Kreinik Blending Filament, SJ Designs Beads

Several of you have asked for details on the 1999 JCS Ornament Issue I have available... it is not officially sold yet. I offered to the first stitcher who asked, and now she has not gotten back to me. I will offer to the next in line tonight if she does not reply to my email...thanks for the strong interest in the magazine, and I hope to get it off to its new owner soooo soon!

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Currently Stitching: a Christmas ornament, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, and Winter at Beacon House


Lynn said...

Lovely ornament!
I dislike using any of the metallics but if I have to I've found it's easier to work with the Rainbow Gallery threads. I'm seem to have better luck with them than the Kreiniks.
That ice arrived here this morning as well. I wasn't expecting it and my morning commute was a nightmare!

Erin said...

oh, Carol, that ornament is just gorgeous!! I'm such a sucker for Just Nan designs.

We got 10+ inches of snow here on Friday, today it was 50 and raining, tonight it is supposed to freeze again and tomorrow they're calling for snow. Should make the morning commute fuuuuuuuuun. Ugh!

Sally said...

That is a beautiful ornament Carol.

Anonymous said...

I have a soft spot for this Christmas Hearts design. Did it myself years ago. Like it a lot on the lighter coloured material. Maria S.

Susan said...

Very pretty ornament, Carol!

I'm sorry that you are still suffering through the icy cold winter. I hope spring comes soon to NH!

Julianne said...


The ornament is really lovely and finished so perfectly.

I've got 8 round ornaments to finish. I have a round thin disk of wood that looks like it may be the right size. I just need to find seven more of them and I'll be in business.

Jeanne said...

Your ornaments are, as always, beautiful Carol. You have been the cause of me adding several to my list in the past couple of years but I don't get them done as fast as you! Hope spring starts soon for you, for us in teh Southwest this is the best time of the whole year.

Felicity said...

Very nice. I always love the things you stitch!

Sharon said...

Beautiful stitching AND finish!