Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Valerie

Today is Valerie's birthday, and she emailed me this morning to let me know that she received my wee little gift for her... I hope you like it Valerie, and have a wonderful birthday!

Halloween Night Floss Ring Tag

Holly House Designs

32 ct Natural Pearl Linen, Weeks Dye Works Floss

Goal Review Time:
September Goals:
1. Finish Halloween Fairy - yes
2. Finish Acorn Sampler - yes
3. Finished SBEBB Shepherd’s Bush Exchange and mail by 9/5 - yes, and Margaret has received it
4. Stitch some gifts - yes, I stitched 3 gifts
5. Finish PIF and send - yes, and Sherry has received it
6. Stitch and send some new Crazy Exchanges - yes, and Pascale B. and Iris have received them
7. Continue to stitch on A Quaker Christmas - yes
8. Continue to stitch on Spring Ride SAL - no
9. Continue to stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - no
10. Stitch my block on Marie’s Neighborhood Round Robin and mail to Nicole by 10/1 - yes, and Nicole has received it
11. Stitch and send scissor pocket to Melissa for MAW Exchange by 9/15 - yes, and Melissa has received it
12. Stitch and send HoE Prairie Schooler Exchange by 9/20 - yes, and Paula has received it
13. Stitch and send SBEBB Think Pink Exchange by 9/25 - yes, and Michelle has received it
14. Stitch and send CE Autumn Exchange by 10/1 - yes, and it has been posted to ???
15. Stitch and be ready to send HoE Halloween Exchange by 10/1 - yes, and Mercy has received it
16. Stitch one or two Christmas Ornaments – also send Vonna’s Christmas Ornament Swap ornament this month - yes, I stitched one, but I cannot show it quite yet… and Vonna has received her ornament

October Goals:
1. Finish SBEBB Autumn House Exchange and send by 10/6
2. Stitch and send Halloween Exchange to Becky by 10/10
3. Stitch and send SBEBB Halloween Exchange b 10/10
4. Stitch and send Mattress Pincushion to Andrea for MAW Exchange by 10/14
5. Stitch and send HoE Mattress Pincushion Exchange by 10/15
6. Stitch and send SBEBB Pumpkin Patch Exchange by 10/27
7. Stitch and send new CE Exchange
8. Stitch some gifts
9. Stitch and send CE return exchange to Laurie
10. Start HoE Floss Ring Tag Exchange and have ready to send for 11/3
11. Continue to stitch on A Quaker Christmas
12. Start An's Neighborhood Round Robin to send by 11/15
13. Start Ulla's Halloween Round Robin and be ready to send by 11/4
14. Stitch one or two Christmas ornaments
15. Send Christmas ornament to Edgar for the Christmas Ornament Swap (ornament is already finished and now packaged up, ready to go)

Off to work on exchange stitching...


Carla said...

Lovely floss tag :)
Great job on your goals!!

Hannah said...

Woo! Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW that was alot of goals.... and you did all but 2 that is great.

Carol R said...

Pretty floss tag!

Jill said...

Well, here we go again. Since the Twins are out :( I may have to root for the Red Sox. Happy Stitching!

cathymk said...

A fabulous floss tag! Nice one Carol!

Barry said...

Happy Birthday to Valerie…. & it's a very sweet gift you have got.

autumn said...

Oh that's sweet! WHat a cute idea- it looks great!

Stephanie said...

Ah, love the sweet floss tag for Valerie. Looks like you are going to be as busy as ever - how do you do it?!?! LOL

Becky K in OK said...

What a darling floss tag. I hope Valerie had a wonderful birthday.

valerie said...

Carol, you're the sweetest! I love the floss tag...very halloween-y. :) Thank you for thinking of me on my special day.

sugardoll said...

happy b-day to your friend Valerie.

That is a cute gift, what is it? earring? Sorry, I have no ideas about finishing LOL

Lucy said...

Very very cute floss ring!

shakatak66 said...

Lovely floss tag as always - and you always do so well with your monthly goals, it's always interesting to read :)

Kim B said...

What a lovely gift!

joann in TX said...

where do you find the rings for your floss tags?

Gwen said...

The floss tag is very cute.
I am in awe of your stitching accomplishments. That I should be so productive.

Joan:I have found the rings at Walmart (stationary/school supply section) and I am sure you can find them at an office supply store (Office Max/Depot).