Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Halloween Exchange and Gifts for Friends

I received this really cute Prairie Schooler Halloween Tree ornament earlier this week from
. This was HoE's first Halloween Tree Ornament Exchange that will be running six times a year. I just love how Becky finished this with blanket stitch!!

Earlier today I finally received the good news from Katrina that the Christmas ornament I sent to her back on (I checked my receipt last night) November 1, finally arrived safe and sound in New Zealand! Whew!!!!
St. Nicholas Ornament
Prairie Schooler
36 ct Sand Edinburgh Linen, DMC Floss

And, great news from Andrea yesterday... she received an ornament I had stitched for her as well... hers arrived much quicker. Just waiting on one more overseas ornament to muddle its way through the holiday postal system now.
Holiday Spirit Ornament
Samplerbird Stitchery
Unknown Linen from Stash, CC Jelly Roll Floss and Mill Hill Beads
I am so very close now to finishing Santa's Village.  I had to take a day off to rip out a misplaced cafe table and some other parts...grrr.... truly want to get on it tonight, but still have three more ornaments to stitch. Therefore, going to take the responsible route, listen to my AudioNotch recordings for 90 mins (they are a therapy program for my tinnitus - must say I see some slight improvement and it is still early days), visit with Mike (DH) and start one of those three ornaments tonight.  Perhaps there will be a good movie to watch too.


Catherine said...

Great stitches!! Thanks for sharing!

Brigitte said...

All three ornaments look absolutely great.

Andrea said...

Ahhh, my beautful ornament. :) Thank you!
The other ornaments look lovely too. So glad Katrinas arrived, it is worrying when items don't arrive in a timely manner.

Karoline said...

They are all lovely

Kay said...

They all are lovely! Love them all!

Marie said...

Really nice ornaments. Hey, why haven't I heard of Samplerbird Stitchery??? I love that little tree ornament!