Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Ornament for Carolyn

Wow, the postal service sure was fast with this one - I think I mailed it to Carolyn on Friday... and it somehow found its way to Texas already today :-) Great - that makes me feel a little less tardy with having gotten it out ;-) I chose to do this one for her quite some time ago, so I am glad to hear that she likes it!

A Star On Top Ornament

Blue Ribbon Designs

32 ct Clay Belfast Linen, GAST Floss

I learned today that Janien has received the little exchange I sent to her a couple of weeks ago for the Crazy Exchange group. I was sad to hear through her daughter that Janien is ill. I do hope she gets better soon!

Modern Bloom Floss Ring Tag

Brittercup Designs

32 ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen, GAST Floss

Goal Review Time...
November Goals:
1. Finish Ulla’s Halloween Round Robin and mail to Edgar by 11/4 - yes, and Edgar has received it
2. Stitch and send SBEBB Harvest Time Exchange by 11/10 - yes, and Lucy has received it
3. Stitch and send An’s Neighborhood Round Robin home to her by 11/15 - yes, and it is back home now with An
4. Mail out CE Christmas Ornament Exchange by 11/15 - yes, and Caroline has received it
5. Stitch and send private Thanksgiving Exchange by 11/15 - yes, and Heather has received it
6. Send out HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange by 11/17 - yes, and Shay has received it
7. Stitch and send some gifts - yes, I stitched three gifts
8. Send Christmas Ornament Exchange (Meg’s Group) by 11/20 - yes, and Elza has received it
9. Stitch Nicole’s Neighborhood RR and send it home to her by 12/1 – if I receive it in time, as of today I do not have it yet - no, I still have not received it
10. Stitch and be able to send SBEBB Reindeer Games Exchange by 12/1 - yes, and I mailed it on 11/28
11. Have Dragon Lottery item ready to go by 12/1 - yes
12. Start Gloire du Matin SAL with Margaret - yes
13. Stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - yes
14. Attend Celebration of Needlework Fall Event on 11/8 with Cynthia Zittel and Catherine Strickler - yes
15. Start Summer Exchange for Cathy K. - yes, I have stitched the first part of the exchange
16. Stitch some Christmas Ornaments - yes, just cannot show them yet
17. Stitch and send final PIF for Chris H. - yes, I mailed it a week ago
18. Stitch and send new CE exchange - yes, and Janien has received it
19. Stitch and send Christmas Ornament to Carolyn for Christmas Ornament Swap - yes, and Carolyn has received it
20. Stitch and send SBEBB Christmas Ornament Exchange by 11/30 - yes, I sent it over a week ago, just waiting to hear it has arrived now

December Goals:
1. Continue to stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
2. Finish Gloire du Matin
3. Stitch and send SBEBB ABC Exchange by 12/31
4. Stitch and send some gifts
5. Stitch at least one Christmas Ornament for SAL
6. Stitch and send Nicole’s Neighborhood Round Robin home (if I get it this month)
7. Stitch and send return CE Exchange to Marne
8. Stitch and send Christmas Ornament to Joan for Christmas Ornament Swap
9. Stitch and send floss ring tag to Melissa C. for MAW Exchange
10. Stitch and send Vonna’s Halloween RR to Edgar
11. Finish Summer Exchange for Cathy K. and mail by 12/15

Stitched on today: Stitched a gift today **Mailed out a gift today


Irene said...

Great ornament and floss ring. I stitched this same design with the intent of making a floss ring, but I used the wrong kind of interfacing and ruined it.

Theresa said...

Your ornamnet is so beautifulbeautiful!!!!
I love the design of the floss ring tag, I think I might have to get me a copy of that pattern~

DovilÄ— said...


cathymk said...

They are both gorgeous! Lovely work as always Carol!

Sally said...

Your ornament and floss ring are beautiful Carol.

Sherry said...

Beautiful ornament and tag ring!

Anonymous said...

Cute stitching :o) I love it!

And yes, I'd love to start up the Spring Ride SAL again with you in January :o)

Carol R said...

Lovely ornament - I got the self same pattern in a RAK from Andrea! Great floss tag too.

Wendy said...

Lovely gifts that you made, Carol! I don't know how you keep up with everything!

staci said...

Lovely exchanges Carol! And I swear~~your goals are simply amazing!!!

Andrea said...

Both are wonderful gift/exchanges.

Carla said...

Beautiful gifts!!!
Great job on your goals!

Olga said...

Both are very pretty

Brenda Lou said...

That pillow is wonderful and so is your floss ring!! Beautiful work.

Connie B said...

Wow, you stay quite busy!! I love the orny and floss ring!!

Cindy F. said...

Both are so beautiful!! Great finishes!

Anne Sans Tete said...

i love the flower! can you tell me where you got it from? i've googled it but with no luck.