Monday, June 21, 2010

ABC Exchange from Suzanne

Today I received this lovely mattress pincushion from Suzanne for the HoE ABC Exchange. It is one of my favorite freebie charts, and she finished it simply perfectly. I love it so much - and truly admire anyone who makes a mattress pincushion - the counting involved for the finishing is mind boggling... and Suzanne willingly boggled her mind for me! I appreciate that :-) Thank you so much!!

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Currently Stitching: CaHORH, Family Reunion, a gift, and starting a Christmas Ornament... mailed off a gift to a far away place today too :-)


Kim B said...

What a beautiful piece!

Andrea said...

A wonderful exchange gift.

Suzanne said...

I sen you an email, but it just keeps getting bounced back.

I am really surprised that the parcel arrived so quickly. I am pleased that you like the mattress pincushion. I enjoyed stitching it for you as it was my first one ever. I have a thing for CHS designs and couldn't resist this design. Enjoy!

Susan said...

Very pretty - I love the mattress finishing - I've never tried it myself, but have admired it in other blogs.