Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello, after a few messages from old stitching blogging friends, I realized just how long I have been among the missing. I think I shall try a go at this again now. I have been stitching off and on, yet lately crochet has caught my attention. It is easier with my headaches and tinnitus, for sure. Less of a forward head posture, which causes me those symptoms to a greater degree. And I don't need to wear my cheaters for crochet either. I had two big finishes just this week...

Painted Roses Baby Blanket
Cherry Heart
Stylecraft Special DK in Duck Egg, Grass Green, Fondant, Candyfloss, Lobelia, Lavender, Wisteria, Clematis, Apricot, Citron and Aspen

And this very large afghan which was a CAL discovered on Facebook, and is called Around the Bases. For 16 weeks (mid August to this past Sunday), I would awake and open a blog for the week'S directions. This one leaves tomorrow to a friend... three more of these to finish off before the holidays... Now I am busily stitching my Christmas ornament gifts :-)


Bine said...

Yay!!! Carol!!! Great to see you are back :) I already told you how much I love your crocheting. The baby blanket is so sweet and the afghan....WOW!

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, wonderful to see you back here! I love both your finishes, I have been crocheting a lot lately too, I find it so relaxing and easy to put down and pick up again.
(also, I'm going to pop a little parcel in the mail to you later in the week!)
hugs, Katrina