Sunday, January 15, 2017

A bit of stitching

Hello!! I am happy to be here and committed to better blogging habits. I hope all are well, as I share with you some recent cross stitch and crochet.

Last night I finished Evergreen Lane on my Anniversaries of the Heart Sampler.  I am really excited that this sampler is nearing it's conclusion.  It has been a very fun stitch, but I am anxious to frame and hang it soon.  This block is dedicated to my parents' wedding,  Sadly, there was more frogging of over one stitches than I had expected :-(

I finished crocheting a blanket earlier this week.  This is The Garden Route Blanket, a free hexagon pattern on Ravelry.  I call it "my girlie blanket."  I used Stylecraft Special DK in Fondant, Sherbet, Spring Green, Apricot, Aspen, Lavender and Empire.  The hexagons are bordered and joined with Parchment.  Now for the tedious part... I still have to block it.

I broke down and joined the FB craze, and am making a Temperature Blanket for 2017.  I decided to use Geometric Lace by Cypress Textiles.  I found a pastel palette on Pinterest using Stylecraft Special DK.  My temp ranges are a little bit broad, as I did not want to get as fiddly and precise as I see some crocheters are being.  From coldest temps to warmest my blanket uses White, Parma Violet, Cloud Blue, Duck Egg, Cream, Soft Peach, Apricot and Pale Rose.  I have King Cole Top Value DK in a gray for additional corner blocks  and the border/edging.  Each hexagon takes mere minutes each day.  I think I can get this done...Am up to date so far!  Every day involves asking Alexa for the temps :-)
I was blessed once again this past Christmas to receive some truly beautiful ornaments from dear friends.  Katrina, Andrea, Karen and Marie sent these lovelies that were so gorgeous on the tree.  My fave time of year!  Thank you so much my friends, I will cherish these forever.

I also have one last ornament to share.  This is Snowflake Reindeer by Daffycat.  I stitched this for sweet Andrea on R&R Reproductions 30 ct French Vanilla linen with CC and DMC floss.  I love Daffycat's  delicate reindeer designs.

And more of our little Amelia!!  Here is my very perky, expressive and interactive little girl at 5 weeks!!
And at six weeks, just out of her first tubby!  Her grandma helped and is cuddling her here.  I have been told that she loved it :-)


Daffycat said...

Wonderful work on your Anniversary's sampler, though I don't envy you that frogging over one - blech!

I love the temperature blanket so far, you've chosen beautiful colors.

Thank you so much for stitching my reindeer! She looks fantastic!

Andrea said...

Love the colours on your Temperature Blanket. I'm looking forward to seeing the AoTH all complete. Amelia looks wide eyed and bushy tailed, ready to cause trouble no doubt!!