Monday, February 26, 2018

Gypsy Blanket Finish

This weekend I finished a long running project, and feel so happy now.  In July 2017, I started a Gypsy Blanket as a means to clear out a whole bunch of my SSDK yarn stash.  Great plan, but I still have a ton and a half of yarn left after this finish!

I was so exctied to take a photo this morning that I did not care all that much that it was 7 AM on a winter morning, and I have a north facing house, so morning sun is at a bit of a premium.  But anyhow, here it is sitting on the love seat in Mike's home office.

This is a super warm and very colorful blanket.  There are bits and pieces of lots of my projects in this blanket, including some super bright ones from Erin's graduation  Am very pleased with this super stash buster.  There is no written pattern for this.  I made 192 three round/three color squares and attached them via a super secure join as you go method from a book called Crochet (I used that pattern to make Amelia's baby blanket), added a border of two rounds of one color/one round of Midnight around those, seven rounds of granny stitch (the 7th of which is the color of the border) and added Edie Eckman's Border 93 as a finish.

(For my own records, colors used are white, aster, dark brown, cream,  bottle, midnight, cloud blue, lemon, raspberry, apricot, khaki, copper, sherbet, walnut, plum, teal, graphite, mocha, meadow, grape, turquoise, pale rose, saffron, bluebell, pomegranate, magenta, sunshine, green, claret, candyfloss, shrimp, lavender, silver, parchment, soft peach, fondant, lipstick, jaffa, bright green, citron, violet, denim, spring green, clematis, camel, aspen, wisteria, petrol, gold, stone, spice, lime, storm blue, tomato, parma violet, sage, duck egg, pistachio, cypress, lobelia, kelly green, fuchsia purple, boysenberry, empire, mushroom... 65 colors).

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Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A colourful and inviting blanket