Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Progress on Part 11

I made more progress on Part 11 of Mystery IX late tonight, after I spent the bulk of today's stitching time making another gift (from start to finish, want it to get there on time!). I really like stitching the leaves on the trees, so I look forward to finishing those up really soon. And after that, I will only have to do another outside border of flowers with the green border. Should be no problem :-)

Kathy from Canada, thanks for visiting my blog :-) Paradigm Lost is by Long Dog Samplers. You asked where to get a copy, and you can get it at many places, but it is currently on sale here (click). Enjoy!

Is anyone else who reads my blog a member of Sugar Maple Fabrics' Treat of the Month (TOTM)? If so, have you received your fabric yet? It is November 25th, and still no sight of mine... I know sometimes Mindy's fabrics are late, but figured I would ask if anyone got theirs yet... thanks :-)

Stitched on today: Started and finished a gift, worked on another gift, and Mystery IX


Isabelle said...

Wow, you're really coming to a close on that one, aren't you! Isn't it coming along great!! Congrats :) and a happy Sunday to you!

Vonna said...

Ahhhh, it is SO close...can you taste the victory?!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my ornament! You're a doll!

Anonymous said...

I've not had time to read the blogs for a few days and I find you're motoring on with this one, it's looking gorgeous Carol.

Sharon said...

It looks great Carol. How are you feeling about it now? I know at one time you were a little ambivalent about the design. Love the scissor fob for Bea.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Carol,

I'm a regular lurker :) Love to watch your progress on projects but not an actual blogger. Your faithful daily stitching and posting keeps me inspired to work on my UFO's and finish them up! You are so dedicated to your Mandala. The new one sounds tempting but I'm a bit afraid to join one, what if I don't really like the outcome? Where do I get the materials? You know, being a psychotherapist I'm sure you can analyse that:) Any advise about those questions?

I also wanted to send a message to Kathy in Canada via you. She can get Paradigm Lost at Traditional Stitches in Alberta (It's Canadian funds and no PST!)

Keep on stitching!

Wanda (in Canada)

stitcherw said...

Mystery is looking great, the colors are so pretty.