Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ulla's Pumpkins RR

With the mailing date fast approaching, last night I was able to sit down with DH in front of DVDs and stitch up Ulla's Witching for Stitching round robin. Ulla has asked for pumpkins, whether autumnal or Halloween style... so I dug around and figured I would stitch this sweet freebie that I have actually wanted to stitch for a while now...

Pumpkin Feast

Praiseworthy Stitches

32 ct Amber Linen, GAST Floss

Here is how Ulla's whole RR is looking right now. Ulla has sent two pieces of linen with four blocks on each, indicating in her note that she wants to make pillows out of them. I think hers looks very sweet so far. I put it out for DH to mail to Edgar today... but he was in a rush and totally overlooked it and the rest of my outgoing mail today, so I have to wait now until Monday to mail this out... will still get out before the deadline, though ;-)

Goal Review Time:
October Goals:
1. Finish SBEBB Autumn House Exchange and send by 10/6 - yes, and Jill has received it
2. Stitch and send Halloween Exchange to Becky by 10/10 - yes, and Becky has received it
3. Stitch and send SBEBB Halloween Exchange by 10/10 - yes, and Ulla has received it
4. Stitch and send Mattress Pincushion to Andrea for MAW Exchange by 10/14 - yes, and Andrea has received it
5. Stitch and send HoE Mattress Pincushion Exchange by 10/15 - yes, and Laura has received it
6. Stitch and send SBEBB Pumpkin Patch Exchange by 10/27 - yes, and Michelle has received it
7. Stitch and send new CE Exchange - yes, and Katrien has received it
8. Stitch some gifts - yes, I stitched one and Jill has received it
9. Stitch and send CE return exchange to Laurie - yes, and Laurie has received it
10. Start HoE Floss Ring Tag Exchange and have ready to send for 11/3 - yes, and I mailed it out on 10/28/08
11. Continue to stitch on A Quaker Christmas - yes, and I finished it
12. Start An's Neighborhood Round Robin to send by 11/15 - no, have not started quite yet
13. Start Ulla's Halloween Round Robin and be ready to send by 11/4 - yes, I finished it and DH will mail it to Edgar on Monday, 11/3
14. Stitch a Christmas ornament for SAL - yes, I stitched one

November Goals:
1. Finish Ulla’s Halloween Round Robin and mail to Edgar by 11/4
2. Stitch and send SBEBB Harvest Time Exchange by 11/10
3. Stitch and send An’s Neighborhood Round Robin home to her by 11/15
4. Mail out CE Christmas Ornament Exchange by 11/15
5. Stitch and send private Thanksgiving Exchange by 11/15
6. Send out HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange by 11/17
7. Stitch and send some gifts
8. Send Christmas Ornament Exchange (Meg’s Group) by 11/20
9. Stitch Nicole’s Neighborhood RR and send it home to her by 12/1 – if I receive it in time, as of today I do not have it yet
10. Stitch and be able to send SBEBB Reindeer Games Exchange by 12/1
11. Have Dragon Lottery item ready to go by 12/1
12. Start Glorie Du Matin SAL with Margaret
13. Stitch on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
14. Attend Celebration of Needlework Fall Event on 11/8 with Cynthia Zittel and Catherine Strickler
15. Start Summer Exchange for Cathy K.
16. Stitch some Christmas Ornaments
17. Stitch and send final PIF for Chris H.
18. Stitch and send new CE exchange
19. Stitch and send Christmas Ornament to Carolyn for Christmas Ornament Swap

Stitched on today: Started SBEBB Harvest Time Exchange


Cindy F. said...

Carol, what a fun Halloween stitch!
It's really cute!
This RR is so pretty and is really going to be incredible when finished! Your part is really great!

Lennu said...

It's such a cute pumpkin for Ulla! Your Pumpkin Patch exchanges are great too, both sent and received, I just love pumpkins :)

It was great to visit your blog again and read all the posts I've missed. Congratulations on finishing the Quaker Christmas, it's awesome!! Have a happy Sunday!

ollie1976 said...

I love the borders that she made for the squares. Another great stitching job!

Katrina said...

Love the pumpkin, what a great idea for a round robin!

Hope you have a great stitchy November :-).

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nice bit of stitching there Carol. Good luck with your November goals!

Daffycat said...

Ulla's RR looks great...I love the pumpkin you stitched!

Tammy said...

How cute is that?? Fantastic colors. And you seem like a very busy and productive woman! I need to take some lessons from you!

Julie said...

What a cute design! I like the colors of the borders too. How fun!

Sharon said...

How adorable, I love Praiseworthy Stitches.