Friday, May 15, 2009

Awesome Retired Gingher Scissors - CHEAP!!

My DH has a nice stock right now of awesome retired Gingher 4" scissors available in his store... and they are nicely priced! Did you miss out on either of these when they were out in Joann Stores last year? No need at all to miss out now!

DH sells these for $22.99 a pair, but wants to offer you a special price of $21.99 for reading about them here in my blog ;-)

Available are:

Gingher 4" Freedom Scissors

Gingher 4" Sarah Scissors

He also still has the recently retired Gingher 4" Roberta Scissors available, same price

To obtain yours, simply visit his store at: Mike and Carol's Internet Store and use the shopping cart system - simple!

Thanks - we hope someone will find a treat there that they wanted ;-)


Aussie Stitcher said...

I miss seeing your regular wip updates, have things settled down at work, or are things still crazy? You put together such lovely gift and exchange packages.

Theresa said...

Just got my very first "real" pair of scissors~~~ Ya~~~
Can't wait to see it arrive!!

Ruth M. said...

I have been looking for the freedom scissors--THANKS a bunch!!!!!! I just ordered one.


Ruth M

Myra said...

Hi Carol! I just placed an order for the freedom scissors. Now I have to get busy stitching a fob for them. :o)