Friday, March 31, 2006

Congratulations Kiwi Jo!! :-)


How well do you know your fellow stitching bloggers? Be the first to answer the following 35 questions correctly, and I will send you this pretty fabric! Kronos is a luscious berry/mulberry fabric with lavender swirled in it. It is dyed by Sugar Maple Fabrics. I had always thought Mirabilia's Fairy Moon would look outstanding on this! Anyhow, email me your answers at ***Contest "Rules": I realize that there may be more than one answer to some questions, and I will check your answers before I assume you are wrong, OK? If a lot of correct ones come in at once, I will draw for the winner... Any stitcher is eligible to take guesses, whether I know you or not! LOL

Which Stitching Blogger...

1) Teaches and/or taught at the Sorbonne? Isabelle

2) Has a family that enjoys geocaching? Von or Chris

3) Got married in October of 2005? Katrina

4) Is pursuing a master’s degree program in computer science? Nicole

5) Turned 30 years old on March 27, 2006? Dani

6) Got a job promotion in the customer service field of the airlines industry in March? Anne

7) Recently got pregnant after years of fertility trials? Karen

8) Stitched DT’s An Open Heart – and made it into a lovely tribute to her mother who passed several months ago? Karen

9) Had her computer stolen earlier this year? Barbara or Christin

10) Recently moved to a new apartment with a lovely seaside view? Vash

11) Owns her own needlework shop (both brick and mortar, and online)? Karen

12) Hangs around with lab rats? Jo **but Jo informs me she actually only hangs around with lab mice, not lab rats :-)

13) Recently attended a U2 concert? Jenn or Dani

14) Has a dog named Lily? Erin

15) Has a son named Adam? Zohrah

16) Has a BF who dresses like a fish? RosieKiwi

17) Stitched Oh, Christmas Tree for her mother, Christmas 2005? Becky

18) Gave us a yummy stew recipe for St. Patrick’s Day? Christine

19) Runs the SBQ for us every week? Renee

20) Is stitching the whole CHS alphabet series as one huge, stunning piece? Patti

21) Just traveled to London for a visit from her own homeland? Linda

22) Has a daughter named Marion? Heather

23) Has a son who is stitching L&L’s Fairy Dreams (and like a pro, I must add!!)? Lelia

24) Is stitching Jan Houtman’s gorgeous Patchwork Sampler? Annemarie

25) Is stitching Mermaids of the Deep Blue on Silkweaver’s Dew Drop (gorgeous!!)? Kathy

26) Stitched Guard This Keep (Dragon Dreams) and recently finished and framed it? Amanda

27) Speaking of Dragon Dreams, which blogger is a model stitcher for DD? Dani

28) Is taking a Jeannette Douglas class in May? Carol

29) Recently started up the very amusing coffee cup challenge amongst many of us bloggers? Kim

30) Lives in Germany AND is stitching Medieval Town Mandala? Bine

31) Knits socks as much as she cross stitches? Rachael

32) Celebrated her 30th birthday on March 28, 2006? Cindy

33) Stitched LHN’s Coffee Menu and Lavender Hill already this year? Bea

34) Has newborn kittens in the house? Rosa

35) Is stitching TW’s Woodland Faerie on fabric she dyed herself? Dawn

Here was a bit of a treat - Martina released the April passwords a day early, and it turns out that Mystery IX was quite small. I managed to start and finish it already tonight. The good news really is that it appears that the next three months will be similar, which is very fortunate since April, May and June of MTM are all huge parts. Looks like I won't necessarily fall behind on either. I had fun stitching turnips and beets tonight - LOL!!

Stitched on today: Mystery IX


Myrna said...

What fun! I hope you will post the answers with blog-links after your contest --- I know I can't even name half! It will be fun to see if I was right on any of them.

Have a great weekend!

Dianne said...

Gee, you know a lot about other stitchers! I only know about 8 or less, so I'll pass. Good idea.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I manage to get 22 names only. I am bad. I'm off to update on them again.

Unknown said...

I was in bed while everyone was having fun with this, but I did know quite a few of them :) Well done Jo.
WOW you stitched up that Chatelaine really quickly, it looks lovely.

Unknown said...

Wow! WTG Jo :) I have to go check out all the links now.

Kiwi Jo said...

That was fun Carol and a great way to learn some more about our fellow stitching bloggers. What an interesting group of people we are :)

Litla Skvís said...

Ooooh I am on there! LOL :D And so is my fellow Icelander Rósa! Cool, I feel famous! :D

Finally feeling a little better and am trying to catch up on blogs!

Jenn said...

Way to go Jo! Thanks for this Carol. It was a lot of fun.

Schokti said...

What a cool idea, Carol! Glad Jo won - I wouldn't even have come close!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

WTG Jo...I think I need to add some neat people to my blog roll.

Great job on this month's M9. Hopefully I will be able to finish mine this weekend. Great for next month too since I won't be home much on the weekends (my M9 time)

Bine said...

Congrats to Kiwi Jo for winning the contest and congrats to you for this wonderful idea!!!! I loved to try to answer the questions but I have to admit that I wasn't as good as Jo by far.... :-(
Mystery IX looks great :-)

BeckySC said...

Good-looking turnips and beets! :)

cathymk said...

M-IX is looking wonderful (that's all she set for you?? wow)
I loved the contest - now I have a few more people to add to my blog list.

Lelia said...

Fun contest! Congrats Kiwi Jo!

I'm going to enjoy browsing thru all these blogs : )

Mystery IX is beautiful. You select some awesome designs to stitch : ) Enjoy your week-end

Anne S said...

Your contest was great fun - even though by the time I got to read it, it was already answered ... you obviously had too much time on your hands teehee ;P Glad you took the time to do that, it was great!! And congrats to Jo for being the winner :D

Your veges look awesome, BTW ... talk about speeding needles! :D

Bastet said...

the turnips and beets can stay in the garden. What a surprise it must have been to find that mystery sampler piece for the month was so small and quick to finish.
i'm glad I passed on the quiz, I could only name about half while looking down through. Though I did get right the ones I thought were.

Von said...

Carol, what an amazing idea! I missed the original post, but had fun anyway. Thanks for all the links too - there are a few there I haven't looked at!

Deb said...

Carol, Loved the idea of your contest, and that Jo won makes the icing on the cake!! Great job both of you!!
Mystery IX looks beautiful. I'm starting St. Petes. So, I wish you hadn't shown me this one, too....:/
Deb in FL
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