Monday, March 06, 2006

Does it even look any different??

Here's about three and a half hours progress on my round robin square... does it look much different to you? I spent most of the time on house details - backstitching the chimney, window panes, steps, walkway and under the flowers that are under the window... then more fill in on the house... but is the progress there to see? Hmmm.... I suppose some of it is....

Annemarie, please, please don't worry about what you will stitch on my RR....whatever you choose is going to be stunning, I am absolutely certain of it! Just need a house, some type of garden and either a cat or dog... easy as pie!

Anyhow... still moving along - the countdown to spring continues in full force with warmer temps straight ahead - about two more days, I think.... yay!!

Oh, right! My cats were tagged! Well, I surely cannot fit all six here - my blog entry would be volumes long! So, here is the baby for you:

My name is Ava, and I am the baby of the family. Carol said that one of us needed to volunteer to answer this tag - I jumped right up! I was born on October 1, 2003 at Irish Star in Sandown, New Hampshire. My cat parents are Poppy and Ranger. I am a long-haired exotic persian cat, and I am a calico. Mike came to Irish Star and adopted me the day after Thanksgiving in 2003, as a Christmas gift for Carol. When I got here I found that two of my half-sisters, Lily and Anouk also lived here! We have the same cat father!!! I also have three older brothers here: Beau, Gig and Angus! It is a crowded house, but I am the princess!! (I am snuggled up to Beau in this picture that was taken only a few days after I came to live here).

Six things I like to do:
1) I guard the downstairs bathroom constantly. This is also Carol's laundry room. The washer and dryer are tucked in behind folding doors. The humans here don't know this, but there is something very special behind the dryer. They cannot see it, and the other cats do not seem to care about it, but I love it!! So, if I hear one of the humans go into the bathroom, I charge straight in from wherever I am and I make sure to rub on their feet and give them cute looks so that they keep the door in front of the dryer open just enough for me to be able to sneak in! I can hear them from anywhere! I know if they try to quietly close that door! I get there in plenty of time to make sure they don't get away with it!

2) I love to sit in the bathroom window on the fluffy window shelf that Mike bought for us cats. He put a birdfeeder in that window for us, and I just love to sit there and watch the birds all day long.

3) I am an indoor cat. Carol says it has something to do with my fur needing so much care, and she gets worried if she doesn't know where I am. There are lots of wild animals here, because we live in the woods. I know she is right, but I would love to go and investigate! But, sometimes in the warmer weather, one of the humans will let me go outside on the front steps or on the back porch to feel the breeze, smell the air and catch some sun. I have to be under very heavy supervision though! When I was a baby, I used to jump off the porch and go underneath it to looks for chipmunks (that is where they live). But I am trying really hard now to follow the rules. When I don't, Mike puts me in the house for a really long time while the other cats can go on the porch - I hate that!

4) I don't miss many meals. We always have dry crunchy food out for us to eat. But around 4:00 every day, and often later because of her work schedule, Carol opens up a small can of wet food for us to share - I love to push the other cats away from the food to get my best shot at it! Why not? I am the baby, so I deserve it!

5) There is a cat climbing tower downstairs in the family room, and Mike attached a plastic stick with a stuffed toy mouse on it to the tower. Normally, this wouldn't get my attention. But, I found that when you slap it with your paw, it squeaks! I love it!! And, while I am there... I love to bolt straight up the four story tower from the outside - I am faster than a Corvette!

6) I love to sleep in bed with Carol and Mike :-)

I would like to tag:
Jade (owner of Vash)
Violette (owner of Isabelle)
Sjors (owner of Judi)
Coonie and Plume (owners of Sylvie)
... and any other stitching blogger kitties that Carol is too tired to find right now!! LOL

Stitched on today: Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler and Gardener's Cottage


Mel in Dubai said...

I can definitely see progress, Carol! It's looking wonderful :)

Oh, and cute kitty btw :)

Heather said...

I can see a little progress. Hello princess Ava, you're a cutie :)

Kathy said...

I can def see progress on your House RR. Your Mystery looks fab too.

Hugs xxxxxx

Kim said...

I can see a lot of progress in your house. It looks great. Love the kitties out front. :) And I loved Ava's comments about life at your house. Very fun! :D

Judith said...

I see the progress and it looks great. I just love her designs.

I will let Sjors write a little story later this week. He is already sitting here and thinking about it.

Bine said...

The progress on the Neighborhood RR is great and Mystery IX is fantastic :-)

Annemarie said...

Yes, there's progress! Of course we can see it! Love the kitties.
Also loved your Ava's report of the things she likes to do. She doesn't by any chance like threaded needles, does she? And as for your RR: I'm still looking. Frantically. But I'm sure I'll find something!

Nicki said...

I can definitely see progress! And hello to Ava - I didn't realise you were owned by so many beautiful kitties!

Barbara said...

Yes, I see progress! I love the refining touches you're already adding, like to the windows. I usually wait till I'm "done" before I do that.

Your kitty is going to develop a fan club!

Von said...

Your house is coming to life, Carol! Very cute!

BeckySC said...

I LOVE your house, Carol :) It just looks better and better!
hugs to you :)

~Harsha~ said...

oh yes.. i can see the different! WTG!

Shelleen said...

Your house looks great!

Pam said...

I see progress, but I know how you feel. I stitched all day Sunday on the house for my RR and I don't feel like I accomplished much! I also have to mail on March 15th and am feeling the pressure... I just keep telling myself, pressure is good LOL

Rachael said...

YOur RR house is looking great. I can really see your progress and I love your kitty and your trellis.

Sylvie said...

Yes, I can see progress! And Ava is so cute!