Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paradigm Lost... and Goals

Still working away on the motif in the lower left corner :-) Someone asked last week how much more sampler there is to stitch.... well, this motif on the left will bring me to the bottom. What is left is all the empty space to the right - which is not so very much :-)

Does anyone else love the Quaker Seasonal Set in the new issue of The Gift of Stitching as much as I do? I think I might coordinate to get the linen and called for silks for this set. The colors are amazing!

Goal Review Time:
April Goals:
1. Work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow - yes
2. Continue Paradigm Lost SAL - yes
3. Continue Bordeaux Sampler SAL - yes
4. Continue Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace SAL - yes
5. Work on Mermaid Heaven - yes, finished the sixth of eight pages
6. Work on And A Forest Grew - yes
7. Work on 18th Century Band Sampler - yes
8. Start Monochromatic Exchange for SBEBB - no
9. Stitch some gifts - yes, I stitched 11 gifts
10. Decide on what to stitch on Barbara's Neighborhood RR - yes, and even started it
11. Work on Mermaid and the Sea - yes
12. Stitch an ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL - yes
13. Do freebie challenge again, if there is one for April on the FGBB - yes, there was one, and I stitched 4 freebies

May Goals:
1. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
2. Continue Paradigm Lost SAL
3. Continue Bordeaux Sampler SAL
4. Continue Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace SAL
5. Start Spring Ride SAL with Karen and Kathy
6. Continue to work on And A Forest Grew
7. Continue to work on 18th Century Band Sampler
8. Prepare my Neighborhood RR Group One project and have it ready to mail by June 1
9. Stitch some gifts
10. Stitch and send out Monochromatic Exchange on SBEBB
11. Stitch and send out Trip Around the World Exchange on SBEBB
12. Stitch and send out Garden Exchange on SBEBB
13. Stitch a Christmas ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL
14. If there is a freebie challenge again on FGBB, try to meet that challenge
15. Work on Barbara's Neighborhood Round Robin

I removed Mermaid Heaven from my goal list for May - tucking it away for a bit now, with a few exchanges to do this month and start a new RR, I am going to put that one on hold for a wee bit...

Stitched on today: The Mermaid and the Sea, and Paradigm Lost


Aussie Stitcher said...

Love seeing your progress on this one. It is awesome Carol.

Barbara said...

Oh, yeah, Carol, I LOVE the Quaker series from this month's TGOSM mag! I immediately printed the charts out and they are laying on my table, deciding which colors they want to be stitched in. ;)

ollie1976 said...

Another week of great progress!

Annemarie said...

Love the Quakers, too. I MUST get a subscription to this mag!

Sally said...

PL is looking fantastic Carol.

Yes I love those Quaker seasonals in GOS and I have to do them one day!

Kajsa said...

Wow this piece is huge (and gorgeous)! You are making suck good progress though.

Those Quacker Sesonals were my favorite in this issue, a real must stitch.

Anonymous said...

PL is really coming along - you'll be finished before you know it!

I love the quaker set too!

Cheryl said...

PL is a beautiful piece. Well done on your goals, you stitched 11 gifts?! That's amazing!

Dawn said...

PL is looking great!

bunnyhead said...

PL is just a masterpiece. I just posted how much I like the Quaker set too!

Lauren said...

The Quaker seasonals caught my eye right away! Oh, but there are so many other things to stitch right now...

Julie said...

Wow Carol I couldn't ever do all the stitching you manage in one month. Congrats on keeping with your April goals.
I too love the Quaker series from the magazine.

Karoline said...

PL is looking stunning Carol, great progress

Carla said...

Nice progress Carol!!!
And yes the Quaker series in this month's TGOS are beautiful!!!!

Lavender Rose said...

Carol, I really liked those Quaker Seasonals, too. What a great 4-piece-together they will make! You have alot of goals for May!! I'm cheering you on. Love your progress...you're going to get that one finished before you know it, girl!!
Hugs, Deb

JudySC said...

OH! I completely forgot to read my Gift of Stitching after I downloaded it so now I did and now I'm jumping on that Quaker seasonal bandwagon...and with my just arrived tax refund I just might be clicking over and ordering the kit for a treat... I bought Paradigm Lost after watching it grow in your SAL. Thanks for all the enabling - what a pro!

Tannia said...

Oh yes I already have a project in mind for the Quaker Seasons :)

That magazine just gets better and better!

Michelle said...

Great progress - not much more to go. The Quaker Seasons are great. You really did well to meet your goals this month - that was a lot you got done!

Joanie said...

Love your progress on all your stitching! I love the Quaker series too!

Barnabee buzzed into my house so all is well. Thanks so much!

BeckySC said...

PL is looking beautiful, Carol.

Cathy said...

Carol - you completely amaze me with everything you manage to get done. My hat goes off to you...

sugardoll said...

You are one busy lady! Wow all those goals! I never set one because i don't think i can accomplish them. I admire you =)

stitcherw said...

PL is looking wonderful, I really like the bird motif you are working on now. Congratulations on all you got done in April, you amaze me with what you accomplish.