Friday, February 01, 2008

Busy mail day :-)

I am so glad that January is over now. January has many meanings for many people, of course, and I mean no offense to anyone... but for me, January is a dark, cold, snowy, wet month that is four weeks of drudgery. Made it through another one. February is not much better, but it's brighter and I have some dear friends with February birthdays :-)

The mailman was very busy here today - I received my Scissor Fob Exchange (Hooked on Exchanging) from Ina today. What a sweet exchange it is - thank you Ina!

Ina sent me so many goodies, along with her beautifully stitched fob. I put close up photos of the fob in the exchange blog. Everything she sent is so thoughtful - including a little catnip pillow for my furbabies :-)

I also received a surprised package from my dear friend Jean. I knew Jean was sending me some GAST floss - I had no clue she was sending me this much - I am set for life with some colors now! She also hit my wish list and sent me two charts I have wanted very much - Still Waters by Plum Street Samplers, and Quackworth 2007 by Ink Circles! Oh Jean, thank you. You are such a dear. I am speechless. Mike and I also love the tea and coffee - we drink a lot of both here.
And, if that were not enough, Karin sent me a PIF - this beautifully stitched ornament from an Historic Stitches chart. Her stitching and finishing are impeccable, and she made the glorious bead atop the tassel too. Great colors! Thank you, Karin!

As for stitching today... some of what I did was Houses of Hawk Run Hollow... I have a full cow now... and a squirrel??... large mouse?.. funny looking monkey? I don't know, but my cow has a friend!

Goal Review Time:
January Goals:
1. Continue to work on Serenity -yes
2. Continue to work on A Quaker Christmas -yes
3. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -yes
4. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace -yes
5. Stitch both Scissor Fob Exchanges (I ended up with two partners...) -yes, both Ina and Sandra have received them
6. Stitch and send Frosty Friends Exchange -already stitched and mailed off on 12/24/07
7. Stitch and send Winter House Exchange by January 10 -yes, and Stephanie has received it
8. Stitch and send Winter Quaker Exchange by January 15 -yes, and Pat has received it
9. Stitch and send Lauren's NRR to Annemarie by January 15 -yes, a couple of days late, and Annemarie has received it
10. Stitch some gifts -yes, I stitched three gifts
11. Stitch at least one PIF -yes, and Robin has received it
12. Stitch and send next Hello Neighbor Group One RR to Nicole, if I get one in time to finish it... -no, I still do not have one from this group
13. Continue to stitch on Spring Ride SAL -yes
14. Stitch an ornament -yes
15. Stitch and send off SBEBB Valentine's Day Exchange by Feb 1 -yes, Carla just received it tonight, so I will post photos tomorrow
16. Stitch and send off Crazy Exchange Valentine's Day Exchange by Feb 1 -yes, and Ina has received it
17. Start a new Crazy Exchange -yes, I mailed it on 1/31/08

February Goals:
1. Continue to work on Serenity
2. Continue to work on A Quaker Christmas
3. Continue to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
4. Continue to work on Dawn, Fairy Spirit of Grace
5. Stitch and send Winter Exchange to Myrna
6. Stitch and send Biscornu Exchange (Laura’s Group) to Pixie
7. Start Judith’s Neighborhood Round Robin (due to mail 3/15/08)
8. Stitch some gifts
9. Stitch at least one PIF
10. Continue to work on Spring Ride SAL
11. Stitch an ornament
12. Stitch and send CE return exchange to Edda
13. Start SBEBB Tea Time Exchange which is due 3/8/08

I just heard from Carla that she received my SBEBB Valentine's Day Exchange for her tonight. Whew - that was a long trip to Peru! I will post photos tomorrow - there is enough in today's entry already.

Stitched on today: Finished a PIF, and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow **Mailed out a gift today


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Wow!! What amazing gifts, Carol! You always receive such a "mother lode" of things!! LOL Your HHawks looks're going to finish that one! I love checking in with you. Keep warm. I feel exactly the same as you do about Jan. February is so much sweeter! Love and hugs, Deb

Karoline said...

What a great mail day, you got some lovely gifts.

HoHRH is looking gorgeous, nice progress

Anonymous said...

Such lovely things! Enjoy Carol!

HOHRH looks fabulous! I presume you have seen the Shores... I love it.

Sally said...

You have received some gorgeous gifts Carol:)

HoHRH is looking wonderful.

Susan said...

Lovely gifts; great accomplishments for January, and great progress on HOHRH!

Katrina said...

Everything is gorgeous, what great exchanges. Karin makes the prettiest beads. Love your HoHRH too.

I think January is dreary because it is, LOL, and there is always a bit of letdown after Christmas. February is a bit better just because it's a short month :-).

Sharon said...

Carol, that was an awesome mail day! Such beautiful gifts and goodies too! Enjoy! HoHRH is moving right along-looks great!

Kajsa said...

How nice to get packages like that in the mail! Must have made your day. Houses look good, those blocks takes much longer to stitch up then I would ever imagine.

Lynn said...

The mailman must wonder when he comes to your house, lol! Such beautiful gifts too.
I feel the same way about February as you feel about January. My only consolation is that it's a shorter month!

Michelle said...

Wow - lots of amazing parcels! Karin makes such gorgeous beads. You are really moving along on HOHRH. I'd love to stitch this one.