Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thank you Myrna :-)

Aw, sweet Myrna sent me a package of wonderful gifts, "just because..." She knitted me this lovely scarf, which will surely get a lot of use... hopefully next winter - LOL! And she knitted me a dishcloth... stitched me a gorgeous fob... and sent some pretty marking pins. All in purple - fantastic! Thank you, Myrna!!

I picked up House Samplings again for a little while tonight. I didn't have much time for stitching tonight. But, one house is done, and now the border for a second one is done... just loving it :-)

Thanks for the sweet comments on the the biscornu I posted yesterday. Yes, the colors are fantastic - but all credit goes to Outi of Periphaeria Designs, as I stitched this as she charted it. Her biscornus are gorgeous!

Oh - we appear to maybe, just maybe, have a snow free week here... did I just jinx it? I see I have a purple crocus too! It was not open still when I got home today, but I will surely get a photo if I can. Any sign of spring is needed, for sure!

Stitched on today: House Samplings


Kim B said...

House Samplings looks great! And what a wonderful gift!!

Carol R said...

Great gift from Myrna.
House Samplings looking good

mainely stitching said...

Oh - that purple scarf is a color that I could just happily crawl right into! :D

Great progress on House Samplings. Very pretty design.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely surprise from Myrna!

I love watching your medium projects whizz by - House Samplings is looking great!

Fingers crossed for the weather fairies to bring Spring!

cathymk said...

What a lovely package from Myrna! Love the purple scarf!

House Samplings is looking beautiful.

Unknown said...

lovely gift you received :) your stitching is coming on nicely also

Edgar said...

HS is just great and coming along so well!! What a super present!!!

Anonymous said...

Myrna is a peach, isn't she? I have a scarf that color that I started to knit myself and then had my step-mother-in-law finish for me. It was tough to do with that yarn, so Myrna is definitely a talented knitter!

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift and your WIP looks gorgeous.

BeckySC said...

What a sweet gift from Myrna :) Enjoy!!
Loving your WIP :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for a snowless week! :D

House Samplings is looking great, and I love the purples in your gift!

Myrna said...

Hi Carol!

I'm so glad you liked everything. You have spoiled me so much this year, I couldn't resist sending you a little giftee! I knitted the scarf the day we had a fundraising Chili lunch in honor of my MIL. Everyone kept asking who is that for? And I would say, 'my friend, Carol'. they would say... I wish my name was Carol! LOL. You have had so much snow this year, I thought you might need a little something to keep you warm!

Myrna :-)

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a sweet thing for Myrna to do! I'm still finding I need a scarf in the mornings.