Thursday, September 15, 2005

Celtic Ladies SAL Night for Me :-)

Yay, it is Thursday, so I got to work on Celtic Winter tonight. I am growing very fond of her already. Of course, she got her face tonight!! She really has a lot of different grays in her dress... I am looking forward to using more blues in the border. I am only using one strand of the Petite Treasure Braid on my project - it is covering very well on this 28 ct lugana. I started using it last week with one strand without thinking even twice about it, as that is the only way I have ever used Petite Treasure Braid. Then I noticed in her directions that MLI says to use two strands. I prefer not to - I don't think I will like the look as much as I like it with one strand :-) It seems unorthodox to me to use two strands instead of one... Like many others in this SAL are reporting, it really is hard to put this project down. But, now I will put her away until next week. I will miss her, though.
Excellent news today - my 2005 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments issue arrived today!!! I got mine by renewing my annual subscription by the date they requested.... love it! I love the Brightneedle, Dragon Dreams, Shepherd's Bush, M Designs, Full Circle Designs and and Sweetheart Tree ornaments the best.... but they are all wonderful (except for one... the designer looks like she "phoned it in"... you will all understand what I mean when you see it :-) And, for those who love redwork and/or are in redwork exchanges, you will be happy to see that The Workbasket presents a lovely redwork ornament this year!!

And, my undying passion for lovely hand dyed fabrics continues with today's purchase of a fat quarter of Solitude belfast linen from Sugar Maple Fabrics. Mindy describes this one as a mix of turquoise and lilac, or close to DMC 3841 and 598. Sounds very nice! Can't wait to see it!

I also got this amazing fabric - Amethyst from Dreams with Angels fabrics. This is available on White Willow Stitching's website. No 32 ct available, which was disappointing. But I got the 28 ct thinking this might be perfect for one of my Dracolair dragons.... :-) This is my first time ordering from them - I stumbled across this as I was admiring their lovely designs.... I hope it is a good experience :-)

There has been a small disappointment with the order already though - $5.80 shipping!!! Yikes!! I can't tell where WWS is from... US or Canada?? But that is pretty high, isn't it, for shipping a fat quarter of fabric? Anyhow, here is their link - wait until you see the pretty hand dyeds!!

Silkweaver has its 2005 Stitchers Showcase open now and is taking entries through 12/31/05.... I just entered my Fairy Flora, Petal Fairy, Miracle Butterfly and Celtic Band Sampler. It's fun, but I am a person who simply does not win things, so I have zero expectations here! LOL!!!!

A small ebay deal tonight - for $2 I was able to add to my TW collection, and I finally got Woodland Fairie - I don't know why I didn't already have this one - love that little mouse.

I enjoyed watching Fever Pitch tonight - the romantic comedy was amusing, but I really loved watching all the Red Sox scenes and mementos in the film. It lifted my spirits - the movie gives a positive message about the team. I needed that as they just are not playing all that well right now, and they really need to be. Another loss tonight... but this is 2005, not 2004. Will they rebound? Anyhow.... I watched the Special Boston Red Sox alternate ending - it is silly that we had to pay a few dollars more for this edition just to see a few seconds here and there of action from last season during the ending. I thought they would at least alter the story line a little for the extra money, but nope. Oh well, still an A+++ in my book!

Stitched on today: 17th Century Irish Garden for a while at work, and Celtic Winter


Bastet said...

Carol the fabric gets ordered from Canada travels (WWS orders them for you and doesn't stock them) to you.
It is a pretty fabric though, and a few others don't look half bad either.

karensff said...

oooooh, all those ornaments look lovely. You are going to be busy on the run up to Christmas.

Gill said...

Good progress on your CW! When I did Celtic Christmas, I only used one strand of PB01 in the border, it looks fine I think!

Anonymous said...

She's looking sooo good. I can't wait to start mine now. Will have to work hard on this robin this weekend and get it out of the way. The colours look really good against the blue fabric don't they?

KarenV said...

You've made a great start on Celtic Winter, Carol! :) I've never used more than one strand of Treasure Braid - I think two would be very bulky.

I can't wait until I get my JCS ornament issue - it sounds like it's another good one!

Isabelle said...

You've made great progress on Celtic Winter. How do you do it?

I can't wait to get the new JCS... SO many great designs.
Jo offered to send it to me as soon as she gets her hands on it! Isn't it sweet? :D

Are you going to stitch some?

Hugs and have a great day!

Bastet said...

Celtic Winter is coming along wonderfully!

Bea said...

Carol, the Celtic lady is turning out lovely!!! I'd like to enter something for the Showcase of Silkweaver but I'll not have enough time, I think. I hope you'll win because you have all beautiful entries!!!

Christine Doyle said...

CW is looking great, Carol! I look forward to next week. And - you evil woman! You had to post that link! Those designs are just lovely... I guess that is an incentive to pay of my credit card! :D

Let me know when you have a free spot to stitch up Woodland faerie - perhaps we can do a SAL (not right away, though!)

Lelia said...

CW coming along. Thanks for sharing your progress. I really enjoyed paging thru this ornament magazine. Thought it had some good ones! My c/o was that some photos are cut off. Enjoy your week-end.

Jenna said...

Celtic Winter is off to a running start, Carol. Good job! :)

Beautiful fabrics, as usual. You must have quite a wonderful collection in your stash. I'm really hoping for your thoughts on my post today regarding what fabric to use for Mira's Fairy Moon!

Gill said...

Hi Carol - thanks for your concern about me! I'm fine, just really busy - got a big family party coming up this weekend at our home & I'm having to do a lot of work around the house to get ready for it, there hasn't been much time for stitching or internet-ing, but I did pop on and read a few blogs this morning. I'll update mine after the weekend.

zoeandcooper said...

Carol- She is looking beautiful! I am enjoying watching others stitch her face since I am working on her skirt. Keep up the good work!

Kathy said...

Wow Carol she is looking fab, I sure have some catching up to do next week

Hugs xxxxx