Friday, September 16, 2005

Figuring out my rotation again.... crunch time :-)

It is Friday - worked on Convent's Herbal Garden for a bit. No major progress, just couldn't focus a whole lot.... This garden calls for Petite Treasure Braid too - specifically one strand. I just can't get used to MLI's instructions to use two - LOL! (I had to use Photobucket tonight, so sorry - you can't click to enlarge today's photos.... hopefully Blogger photos will work again tomorrow).

I picked up some treats for myself tonight... feeling bluesy and so I finally got Waiting for Neptune by Heaven and Earth Designs - been wanting this for a while now! I also ordered a fat quarter of Mithril 32 ct lugana by Country Stitch, hopefully for Mermaids of the Deep Blue - like many stitchers, I am still trying to find the perfect fabric for that one! And, I got two skeins of white Anchor Marlitt, a pack of size 28 Piecemakers needles and a skein of Mediterranean Waterlilies for Dragon of the Deeps. I decided to try out ABC Stitch Therapy for these. They had the best deal that I could find for Country Stitch Kiwi Illusions fabric....

I received my fat quarter of R&R 40 ct. Creme Brulee today for Garden Spots Sampler, and Jo and I have decided to start this SAL on Tuesday (well, if her silks come in by then, actually). In that same order, I received the fat quarter of SMF Sun Dappled Glade which will be for a Dracolair dragon. And, I got the SMF Murky Depths and Lakeside Linens Mocha today too!

Red Sox 3, Athletics 2 - tied 2-2 most of the evening... bottom of the tenth, bases are loaded with Red Sox, Manny Ramirez at the plate... and the Oakland pitcher hit him with the pitch, walking in the winning run for the Red Sox. Strange, how often does that ever happen??

Looks like I have a full time stitching schedule now :-) Starting on Sunday, my new rotation is:
Mondays - Earth Angel
Tuesdays - Garden Spots Sampler
Wednesdays - Legends of the Dragons
Thursdays - Celtic Winter
Fridays - Convent's Herbal Garden
Saturdays - Mermaid Heaven
Sundays - An Open Heart
At work - 17th Century Irish Garden

That leaves Little Wings, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, Angel of Love and Girl with Cat without assigned days - but I promise to myself to stitch them when I feel like I want to - I don't want to be that regimented! LOL! And, what to do when Medieval Town Mandala starts in two weeks? Yikes, is there an 8th day in the week yet? I better go sit down and figure this one out! My best initial idea is to accelerate getting Earth Angel done now.... and use Mondays for MTM?

Stitched on today: Convent's Herbal Garden


BeckySC said...

Carol, I can't say it enough how beeutiful this is! I can't wait to see it finished! WOW!!

CW is looking wonderful too-GREAT progress :)

(((((((((hugs to chase away the bluesies)))))

Kiwi Jo said...

I think that given the rate you stitch you might only have to stitch every other Tuesday on Garden Spot so you don't get too far ahead of me :) My silks arrived yesterday and I've just put a photo of the fabric and silks on my blog. Hope you are having a good day.

BeckySC said...

I am pretty sure it was your blog (and if I searched I am sure I would find it) and you that said you like Queen Stitches??? Can you help me with Queen Stitches?? My latest WIP has a BUNCH in it and I have no luck with them :) ANY help you can give me would be so appreciated. I have pulled out my encyclopedia of stitches...but still need help :)

many hugs :)

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, more lovely stash, and I see you've ordered your piece for Mermaids of the Deep Blue. I'm still waiting for my pattern to come in but already I can sense its going to one I'll want to start straight away, lol. I'm thinking of choosing a Kiwi Illusions too. Great new rotation and if you can figure out where to fit in 8th day, can you let me in on the secret, hee hee! enjoy the rest of your weekend.

zoeandcooper said...

Wow, that is a long list of projects to work on. It is hard when you have so many gorgeous things to work on isn't it!

Your Convent Garden is looking beautiful. I love those colors, even with only one strand of

Erin said...

hello! Just browsing through your blog and drooling over your lovely stitching... I too have been hunting for the "perfect" fabric for the new Mira mermaid pattern. I grabbed a 32-ct. Solo over at Silkweaver's yesterday...there is a pic in my blog. I'm hoping it looks like the picture does (on my monitor, anyway!) when it arrives...