Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Earth Angel

I was wondering today how long it has been since I stitched on Earth Angel, especially since I knew I would be stitching on her tonight. I checked my blog and wow, I haven't stitched on her since August 16th. I corrected that tonight and gave her some time on her wings :-) She still has a little way to go, of course, but will probably be my next finish :-)

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words about Miracle Butterfly - they are so appreciated :-) I love watching people's Happy Dances too :-) Someone has asked what goes into my rotation to replace it.... this is the slot I have opened up for Chatelaine's Medieval Town Mandala which starts October 1st.... in the meantime I realized today that since Miracle Butterfly is now finished, I can catch up on some of the more neglected projects for a few days here and there - Little Wings, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Girl with Cat perhaps.... :-)

I got some fabric on ebay today that I have wanted for a while - a fat quarter of Sugar Maple Fabric's Sun Dappled Glade 28 ct Jubilee. The mailman delivered the fat quarter of Putty Belfast I got on ebay recently - this is one of my top five or so favorite standard fabrics - just love the color.

I also spent time today figuring out what those beads that came in yesterday are for - I am so glad I blog such details here when I order, since so many details otherwise fall out of my brain... rapidly! Turns out they are for Woodland Fairie, as were the Kreiniks in that package - I noticed that I recently got the DMC too, and have had the fabric for a while now... good thinking, well done to me.... guess I made up a kit without paying much attention to myself... :-)

My brother emailed me some new pictures of Nobska, their new black lab puppy, tonight. She is growing really fast! I haven't had a chance to drive down and see her yet. I figured I would share one of her pics.... cute puppies are always a good thing!!

It was a huge New DVD Release Tuesday today - two movies we have been waiting for - Fever Pitch (I got the Boston Red Sox Fans Collectors Edition, The Curse Reversed - of course, no surprise there right??) and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Stitched on today: Earth Angel


zoeandcooper said...

Earth Angel looks great. I think you had just posted your last progress pic when I first stumbled to your blog. Glad to see her back. I am also looking forward to seeing your Chatelaine start soon. You have inspired me to join Mystery IX for next year:)

Bastet said...

Earth Angel again! Yea! A glutton for punishment are we. (the white one her wings after all the white on the dress for Miracle Butterfly) ;) Looks like if she stays in rotation she shouldn't be that far along till you finish. white-blindness not withstanding.... :)

Bea said...

Hi Carol,
I'm back and my PR will be back soon!!! I'm really happy for your Miracle Butterfly and I can't wait for seeing your next PR pattern!! And the Celtic arrived...

Sylvie said...

Earth Angel looks great!

I just love the puppy, she's so cute!!!

bunnyhead said...

That SM fabric looks really beautiful. Do you have a project in mind for it?

BeckySC said...

She is looking beautiful, Carol :)
Glad I kept my dancing shoes out....they will be needed soon :)

hugs :)

Katrina said...

Hi Carol, I haven't stopped by here for a few days but wow, I can see you have been busy!! Miracle Butterfly is just gorgeous, congrats on the finish. Your postie must love you, with all the stash parcels coming in this week, lol. I'm waiting on one myself - some charts I ordered from Needlercraft Corner. Should be here any day now :)

Jenna said...

Looking good on Earth Angel! And Hitchhiker's Guide is coming home with us tonight. Terry thought it was an exception display of willpower that he didn't run out and buy it yesterday. :)